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Class: Duelist

Experience: 98194

Level: 180

Health: 9632

Max Damage: 6150

Gold: 54122487

Kills: 310

Deaths: 1708

Quests: 131

Chests: 939

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Fools Hard Leather of The Colossus Feet E 10 Magical 5324
Knight's Half-Plate of The Squid Shoulders C 12500 Epic 4881
Fools Enchanted Wool Robe of The Wolf Chest F 100 Normal 8262
Toxic Katar of The Leech Dagger B 24603 Epic 9381
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Weird Short Bow of Winter Bow E 10 Magical 3991
Commander's Hide of The Jackal Shoulders D 7500 Rare 4074
Fiery Stiletto of Accuracy Dagger D 5500 Rare 4423
Slayer's Short Bow of Quickness Bow E 5000 Rare 4445
Fool's Stiletto of Quickness Dagger E 10 Magical 4446
Blessed Half-Plate of The Squid Shoulders C 6500 Magical 4584
Fool's Spear of Fire Spear E 10 Rare 4724
Vicious Wand of Skill Wand D 6500 Rare 4753
Iron Staff of Dexterity Staff E 1500 Normal 5222
Strange Spear of Maiming Spear E 10 Magical 5325
Powered Short War Bow of The Colossus Bow D 4000 Magical 3709
Iron Stiletto of Swiftness Dagger D 6474 Magical 4878
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Iron Combat Staff of The Colossus Staff C 10159 Rare 8280
Fool's Great Sword of Skill Sword E 10 Magical 4149
Weird Yari of Precision Spear E 625 Magical 8353
Blazing Pike of Skill Spear C 8866 Magical 8842
Azure Short Battle Bow of The Fox Bow C 9093 Normal 9108
Charged Kris of the Giant Dagger C 9351 Rare 9319
Lapis Poleaxe of Fire Polearm C 9801 Magical 10038
Steel Poleaxe of The Squid Axe D 2703 Magical 10587
Deadly Heavy Crossbow of Skill Crossbow C 8580 Normal 12103
Soldier's Hard Leather Sandals of The Wolf Feet C 9815 Normal 12348
Weird Hard Leather Boots of Dexterity Feet F 100 Magical 12745
Soldier's Enchanted Silk Mittens of Swiftness Hands C 11363 Normal 12894
Iron Qiang of Accuracy Spear D 7457 Normal 12916
Silver Half Pike of Performance Spear C 8161 Rare 13025
Steel Poleaxe of Swiftness Axe D 2139 Normal 13519
Iron Scimitar of Might Sword D 2798 Normal 13733
Fools Hard Leather Body Armour of Fire Chest F 100 Normal 15118
Bronze Qiang of Fire Spear D 6305 Normal 16403
Commander's Enchanted Linen Vambraces of Swiftness Arms C 11777 Magical 16590
Strange Enchanted Linen Vambraces of Skill Arms F 100 Normal 17905
Freezing Wand of Strength Wand C 9935 Magical 17959
Fine Poleaxe of Pestilence Polearm E 3000 Rare 4772
Septic Staff of Swiftness Staff C 10377 Magical 19500
Fools Full Plate Vambraces of Frost Arms F 100 Normal 19716
Grinding Katar of Skill Dagger C 10386 Rare 20444
Warriors Half-Plate Bracers of The Mind Arms B 25582 Magical 23265
Lord's Chain Shoulder Guard of Slaying Shoulders B 26174 Epic 25019
Burning Battle Axe of Frost Axe D 1887 Rare 25053
Jagged Heavy Crossbow of Pestilence Crossbow C 8393 Rare 25231
Fool's War Staff of Might Staff F 100 Normal 25687
Knight's Full Plate Cuirass of Thorns Chest A 43661 Rare 26733
Sapphire Siege Bow of the Giant Bow B 24163 Epic 26828
Soldier's Mace of Maiming Mace C 9848 Magical 26844
Sapphire Bastard Sword of Slaying Sword O 1697277 27450
Chilling Longsword of the Giant Sword +C 8077784 Rare 27811
Strange Splint Cuisses of The Tiger Legs F 100 Magical 29153
Commander's Light Leather Pauldrons of Maiming Shoulders C 9139 Rare 29211
Master's Hard Leather Sandals of Slaughter Feet B 26035 Epic 29382
Strange Enchanted Silk Shoulder Guard of Pestilence Shoulders F 100 Magical 30000
Platinum Broad Axe of Performance Axe D 2881 Magical 30001
Strange Chain Shoulder Guard of Accuracy Shoulders F 100 Rare 31133
Warrior's Stiletto of Maiming Dagger +C 6492217 Magical 31513
Blessed Enchanted Linen Hood of Maiming Head +B 11860989 Magical 34471
Sparking Heavy Crossbow of Pestilence Crossbow C 10502 Rare 34966
Gloomy Orb of The Fox Offhand +A 63594598 Magical 36802
Glorious Wool Vambraces of Slaying Arms B 19236 Rare 41431
Blessed Hard Leather Pants of The Wolf Legs C 13309 Rare 42158
Leather Small Quiver of Might Offhand +C 6862065 Normal 44481
Cobalt War Staff of Thorns Staff B 22517 Epic 47164
Blessed Full Plate Cuirass of Transcendence Chest B 30623 Rare 47427
Mysterious Orb of The Wolf Offhand B 27616 Rare 47428
Pure Half Pike of The Jackal Spear C 12788 Rare 47534
Meteoric Long Bow of Frost Bow D 6995 Rare 47577
Warriors Splint Gloves of Slaying Hands B 25123 Rare 48912
Azure Staff of Frost Staff +C 5590617 Normal 48981
Shimmering Siege Crossbow of Performance Crossbow C 10377 Magical 49572
Fools Studded Leather Vambraces of Fire Arms F 100 Magical 53426
Commander's Light Leather Cap of The Colossus Head +B 8492000 Rare 53748
Wizard's Book of Quickness Offhand A 49811 Rare 54238
Strange Full Plate Sabatons of Fire Feet F 100 Rare 54474
Jagged Staff of Dexterity Staff D 2108 Normal 54860
Fools Wool Robe of The Tiger Chest F 100 Normal 55018
Grinding Short Bow of The Whale Bow B 28848 Epic 55027
Strange Linen Mantle of Ages Chest F 100 Rare 55155
Hard Leather Small Quiver of Might Offhand +C 7291900 Normal 57008
Godly Tower Shield of The Colossus Offhand Ω 434547 Epic 57211
Steel Long Battle Bow of Fire Bow D 6666 Normal 58566
Blessed Splint Boots of Burning Feet C 11877 Rare 58758
Offhand Katana Offhand E 1252 Rare 59421
Warriors Full Plate Boots of Dexterity Feet B 21488 Rare 59571
Strange Enchanted Silk Mittens of Might Hands +E 300000 Normal 59633
Silver Qiang of The Tiger Spear C 10357 Rare 60120
Soldier's Full Plate Gauntlets of Quickness Hands B 26778 Magical 60901
Offhand Scimitar Offhand E 1283 Magical 62252
Lord's Enchanted Wool Mittens of Ages Hands B 28008 Epic 62276
Glorious Padded Leather Sandals of The Jackal Feet C 13428 Rare 62661
Master's Half-Plate Tassets of Warding Legs A 46085 Epic 62700
Mysterious Book of Dexterity Offhand B 26543 Rare 62822
Leather Small Quiver of Frost Offhand +C 5140200 Normal 63170
Commander's Full Plate Cuisses of the Giant Legs B 27078 Rare 63357
Strange Scale Helmet of The Fox Head F 100 Magical 63360
Bronze Short Battle Bow of Excellence Bow C 8480 Rare 63668
Glorious Shield of The Tiger Offhand B 28671 Rare 63677
Weird Scepter of Might Wand +C 4840200 Magical 63750
Divine Great Axe of Balance Axe Ω 1495717 64574
Blessed Scale Cuisses of Swiftness Legs B 19886 Rare 66031
Strange Padded Leather Pants of Dexterity Legs F 100 Rare 66328
Knight's Chain Gloves of Enlightenment Hands B 25561 Rare 66490
Commander's Studded Leather Pants of Skill Legs C 10600 Magical 67181
Flaming Great Bow of Brilliance Bow B 23841 Rare 67511
Weird Linen Mantle of The Tiger Chest +E 300000 Normal 70313
Soldier's Scale Pauldrons of Enlightenment Shoulders B 21872 Rare 70555
Visionary Spear of the Giant Spear Ω 1343474 70950
Knight's Light Leather Bracers of The Jackal Arms C 11043 Rare 71587
Commander's Enchanted Silk Skirt of Fire Legs C 11421 Magical 72377
Bronze Light Crossbow of The Colossus Crossbow C 7619 Magical 72677
Glacial Staff of The Mind Staff C 9651 Rare 73173
Weird Enchanted Linen Shoulder Guard of The Wolf Shoulders F 100 Rare 73429
Knight's Hard Leather Pants of Skill Legs C 11834 Rare 73923
Strange Scale Vambraces of The Tiger Arms +E 300000 Magical 73955
Brutal Poleaxe of Maiming Polearm C 11284 Rare 74462
Hunter's Large Quiver of Pestilence Offhand A 43648 Rare 76586
King's Scale Barbute of The Sun Head Ω 1484839 77004
Illuminated Orb of Quickness Offhand +B 20237000 Normal 77154
Strange Great Sword of Winter Sword E 743 Magical 78872
Studded Leather Large Quiver of Burning Offhand B 19315 Rare 79269
Soldier's Padded Leather Sandals of The Fox Feet C 8242 Rare 80013
Warriors Full Plate Vambraces of Skill Arms B 24057 Rare 81830
Strange Battle Axe of The Wolf Axe +E 300000 Normal 84555
Shocking Siege Crossbow of The Whale Crossbow A 51605 Epic 84730
Guardians Enchanted Wool Shoulder Guard of The Sun Shoulders A 42297 Epic 86599
Strange Full Plate Brigandine of Might Chest F 100 Rare 87206
Maiden's Yari of Dexterity Spear C 7574 Magical 87364
Gloomy Book of Burning Offhand A 41406 Rare 90266
Leather Enchanted Quiver of The Mammoth Offhand B 22205 Normal 90913
Sharp Short Battle Bow of The Tiger Bow +C 6214600 Normal 91660
Freezing Light Crossbow of Maiming Crossbow C 8084 Rare 91815
Demonic Symbol of Dexterity Offhand +A 73742400 Epic 93011
Wooden Kite Shield of Brilliance Offhand B 21592 Magical 93487
Chilling Yari of The Tiger Spear C 10419 Magical 94568
Visionary Pickaxe of The Wolf Axe D 6292 Rare 95160
Wolf Skin Large Quiver of Quickness Offhand B 22942 Rare 97735
Azure Claymore of Performance Sword C 8913 Magical 97842
Ranger's Small Quiver of Skill Offhand B 20526 Rare 101366
Weird Chain Shoulder Guard of Dexterity Shoulders F 100 Magical 102503