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Class: Peasant

Experience: 16946

Level: 101

Health: 0

Max Damage: 0

Gold: 19721254

Kills: 134

Deaths: 1133

Quests: 126

Chests: 546

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Volcanic Qiang of The Mammoth Spear C 9782 Rare 63690
Powered Siege Crossbow of The Squid Crossbow C 12087 Magical 63926
Offhand Broad Axe Offhand E 1499 Normal 67792
Soldier's Half-Plate Sabatons of The Jackal Feet C 12096 Magical 72834
Blessed Full Plate Sabatons of The Fox Feet B 23086 Magical 72835
Weird Bardiche of Dexterity Polearm F 100 Normal 72913
Weird Scale Cuirass of The Wolf Chest F 100 Normal 73476
Weird Half-Plate Tassets of Quickness Legs D 2060 Magical 76091
Weird Scimitar of Dexterity Sword F 100 Normal 77181
Fool's Light Crossbow of The Mammoth Crossbow F 100 Normal 77506
Illuminated Orb of Fire Offhand B 19919 Normal 78873
Strange Scale Sabatons of Swiftness Feet F 100 Normal 78957
Studded Leather Large Quiver of Might Offhand C 11697 Magical 80397
Weird Half-Plate Bracers of The Wolf Arms D 2159 Rare 81421
Warriors Silk Shoulder Guard of Precision Shoulders C 9751 Magical 81783
Warriors Full Plate Pauldrons of Strength Shoulders B 24292 Magical 84385
Lapis Battle Axe of Accuracy Axe +D 1069600 Rare 84676
Knight's Splint Cuisses of Skill Legs B 19747 Rare 84677
Fine Heavy Crossbow of The Wolf Crossbow C 8571 Magical 85071
Steel Katar of Slaying Dagger C 9849 Rare 86710
Fools Enchanted Wool Slippers of The Tiger Feet +E 300000 Normal 86891
Leather Enchanted Quiver of Accuracy Offhand C 12440 Normal 86921
Sapphire Shortsword of Transcendence Sword Ω 1271036 86922
Lord's Silk Gloves of The Leech Hands B 28445 Epic 87743
Blessed Enchanted Silk Vambraces of The Wolf Arms C 12380 Rare 90185
Strange Half-Plate Vambraces of Transcendence Arms F 100 Rare 90210
Godly Great Tower Shield of Pestilence Offhand Ω 807047 Epic 90667
Sorcerer's Orb of the Giant Offhand A 49631 Rare 90722
Sharp Katar of Ages Dagger B 20380 Rare 91241
Holy Book of The Jackal Offhand A 49207 Rare 92402
Strange Silk Skirt of The Mammoth Legs F 100 Normal 92403
Hard Leather Small Quiver of Fire Offhand +C 6403600 Normal 93566
Blessed Scale Pauldrons of Brilliance Shoulders B 24733 Rare 95664
Glorious Enchanted Wool Mittens of Enlightenment Hands B 24329 Epic 95807
Fiery Great Axe of Strength Axe D 2811 Magical 96601
Commander's Full Plate Vambraces of The Jackal Arms B 27009 Rare 97335
Strange Scale Sabatons of Enlightenment Feet F 100 Rare 97345
Steel Shield of Frost Offhand +B 12001500 Normal 97554
Gold Dirk of Strength Dagger C 8618 Rare 98254
Eery Symbol of The Mammoth Offhand +A 72880000 Rare 98409
Gloomy Book of Swiftness Offhand A 42102 Rare 98431
Knight's Light Leather Pants of The Sun Legs A 41492 Epic 98602
Sparking Heavy Crossbow of Might Crossbow C 8971 Rare 98631
Strange Full Plate Vambraces of Dexterity Arms F 100 Rare 98763
Weird Hard Leather Helmet of the Giant Head F 100 Rare 99234
Warriors Padded Leather Pants of The Tiger Legs C 10910 Rare 99356
Soldier's Full Plate Cuisses of the Giant Legs B 25085 Rare 100010
Iron War Staff of Frost Staff +C 4792200 Normal 101175
Weird Hard Leather Pants of Quickness Legs F 100 Magical 101365
Fools Enchanted Wool Skirt of Ages Legs F 100 Rare 101897
Ferocious Wand of Ages Wand A 44337 Epic 103214