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Class: Archmage

Experience: 50145

Level: 134

Health: 6765

Max Damage: 7128

Gold: 29825934

Kills: 250

Deaths: 1389

Quests: 143

Chests: 718

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Commander's Enchanted Wool Skirt of Slaying Legs C 12295 Rare 4863
Soldier's Full Plate Barbute of Strength Head C 12454 Magical 5068
Soldier's Light Leather Sandals of Skill[G] Feet 4 528 Magical 11905
Knight's Half-Plate Bevor of The Fox Chest B 27928 Rare 11981
Blessed Scale Bracers of Precision[G] Arms B 4392 Magical 16074
Volcanic Wand of Brilliance Wand C 13296 Magical 20429
Blessed Studded Leather Gloves of Brilliance Hands B 24692 Magical 17071
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Pitchfork Spear E 0 Normal 0
Soldier's Light Leather Sandals of Swiftness Feet D 7018 Normal 6553
Strange Hard Leather Vambraces of Might[G] Arms F 20 Normal 13122
Jagged Morning Star of The Tiger[G] Mace D 1120 Normal 13127
Glacial Claymore of The Mammoth Sword C 9949 Magical 14691
Sharp Siege Crossbow of The Colossus Crossbow C 12414 Magical 15947
Strange Wool Mittens of Frost[G] Hands F 20 Normal 16073
Glorious Enchanted Linen Vambraces of the Giant[G] Arms B 4045 Rare 11889
Weird Padded Leather Vambraces of The Mammoth Arms F 100 Magical 16791
King's Chain Shoulder Guard of Perfection Shoulders A 52140 Epic 18852
Soldier's Great Bow of Excellence Bow C 12894 Magical 20976
Jagged Long War Bow of The Mammoth Bow C 8707 Rare 21113
Volcanic Mace of Winter Mace C 8219 Magical 21216
Commander's Light Leather Vambraces of Frost Arms C 8045 Magical 21778
Strange Long War Bow of The Fox Bow E 676 Magical 25143
Fools Half-Plate Helmet of Swiftness Head F 100 Normal 31208
Weird Splint Pauldrons of The Wolf Shoulders F 100 Normal 34898
Powered Staff of Slaughter Staff E 5000 Epic 4168
Sharp Katar of Dexterity Dagger C 7798 Normal 44725
Silver Composite Bow of Brilliance Bow C 11658 Rare 46426
Soldier's Light Leather Pauldrons of The Jackal Shoulders C 7632 Rare 47162
Glacial Wand of The Fox Wand C 11042 Magical 47953
Blessed Scale Vambraces of The Mammoth Arms B 22371 Rare 48099
Illuminated Symbol of The Mammoth Offhand B 30398 Rare 48148
Fools Splint Brigandine of The Mind Chest F 100 Rare 48566
Fools Studded Leather Pants of Precision Legs F 100 Magical 48932
Blessed Enchanted Linen Vambraces of Performance Arms C 10831 Rare 49297
King's Morning Star of Warding Mace A 43414 Epic 49354
Warriors Linen Gloves of Accuracy Hands C 7895 Rare 50035
Ferocious Spear of Perfection Spear A 45926 Epic 50044
Bronze Dirk of Strength Dagger +C 5228836 Normal 50127
Offhand Great Sword Offhand Ω 1404541 51480
Fools Full Plate Cuisses of The Squid Legs F 100 Rare 52257
Gloomy Book of Skill Offhand +A 42001896 Magical 52310
Powered Heavy Crossbow of The Fox Crossbow +C 6375600 Magical 54434
Deadly Mace of Strength Mace +C 3308000 Normal 55174
Knight's Half-Plate Cuisses of Transcendence Legs B 26711 Epic 56605
Septic Glaive of Thorns Polearm C 12513 Rare 57106
Strange Stutted Leather Hat of The Fox Head F 100 Rare 57337
Lord's Enchanted Silk Hood of The Leech Head B 26894 Epic 57421
Strange Half-Plate Tassets of Accuracy Legs F 100 Normal 57422
Lord's Combat Staff of The Leech Staff B 28716 Epic 57649
Soldier's Half-Plate Boots of Frost[G] Feet C 2337 Normal 85060
Warriors Enchanted Linen Robe of Dexterity Chest C 8921 Rare 85467
Weird Chain Vambraces of The Fox Arms F 100 Magical 86034
Guardians Padded Leather Gloves of The Wolf Hands B 21675 Rare 86460
Chilling Claymore of Skill Sword C 7540 Magical 86570
Glorious Hard Leather Boots of Slaughter Feet B 28743 Epic 86790
Illuminated Symbol of Performance Offhand B 26751 Rare 87259
Guardians Small Shield of Fire Offhand C 11422 Rare 87489
Guardians Scale Sabatons of Swiftness Feet B 19506 Rare 87631
Warriors Linen Slippers of Burning Feet C 10233 Rare 87745
Leather Large Quiver of Strength Offhand +C 6694800 Normal 87983
Strange Splint Vambraces of Accuracy Arms F 100 Magical 88423
Meteoric Glaive of the Giant Polearm C 9640 Rare 88539
Silver Short War Bow of Fire Bow C 10435 Rare 89037
Illuminated Book of Precision Offhand B 28058 Rare 89323
Guardians Enchanted Silk Skirt of Warding Legs B 27161 Epic 89633
King's Wool Skirt of Ages Legs B 24577 Epic 89731
Brutal War Staff of Slaying Staff Ω 1612620 89958
Studded Leather Large Quiver of The Jackal Offhand B 20918 Rare 90006
Soldier's Tower Shield of The Squid Offhand A 80596 Rare 90063
Cobalt Long Bow of Ages Bow B 21224 Rare 90064
Sharp Mace of The Mammoth Mace C 7517 Normal 90357
Demonic Orb of Frost Offhand A 43267 Rare 90384
Blessed Enchanted Linen Mittens of Performance Hands +B 9144000 Magical 91240
Azure Battle Axe of Strength Axe +D 620100 Normal 91878
Jagged Stiletto of Excellence Dagger D 2606 Magical 92192
Fool's Glaive of Quickness Polearm F 100 Rare 92489
Knight's Flail of Quickness Mace B 21731 Rare 94889
Visionary Siege Crossbow of Ages Crossbow Ω 1698383 95275
Leather Small Quiver of Frost Offhand C 7662 Rare 95276
Cleric's Book of Brilliance Offhand A 51713 Rare 95777
Glorious Great Tower Shield of The Mammoth Offhand A 76862 Rare 96530
Fools Enchanted Linen Vambraces of The Mammoth Arms F 100 Rare 96572
Blessed Light Leather Hat of Might Head C 8966 Rare 96894
Warrior's Long Bow of Accuracy Bow D 2572 Rare 96895
Warriors Light Leather Boots of Accuracy Feet C 8905 Rare 97066
Jagged Spear of Frost Spear +D 666900 Normal 97977
Deadly Long War Bow of Skill Bow C 8802 Normal 98044
Visionary Wand of Slaughter Wand B 23459 Epic 98599
Strange Hard Leather Cap of Accuracy Head F 100 Normal 98928
Offhand Battle Axe Offhand D 2110 Rare 99290
Guardians Enchanted Linen Robe of The Jackal Chest C 11471 Rare 100385
Holy Symbol of The Wolf Offhand A 43281 Rare 100412
Glorious Half-Plate Barbute of The Colossus Head B 24777 Rare 101315
Holy Symbol of Swiftness Offhand A 44252 Rare 101421
Master's Light Leather Helmet of The Sun Head A 45193 Epic 101506
Bronze Pike of Strength Spear +C 3132000 Normal 101800
Warriors Enchanted Wool Mantle of Frost Chest C 11353 Rare 101912
Godly Large Quiver of Performance Offhand A 47395 Epic 102380
Wolf Skin Small Quiver of The Fox Offhand B 21906 Magical 102387