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Class: Knight

Experience: 64277

Level: 148

Health: 11772

Max Damage: 5472

Gold: 29682857

Kills: 226

Deaths: 1036

Quests: 132

Chests: 563

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Iron Sabre of Skill Sword D 2689 Normal 58910
Fools Padded Leather Boots of Might Feet F 100 Rare 59109
Gloomy Symbol of Strength Offhand B 18986 Normal 59229
Strange Splint Brigandine of The Fox Chest F 100 Normal 61311
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Warriors Padded Leather Hat of Quickness Head C 10914 Magical 61308
Blessed Scale Boots of The Mind Feet C 11792 Magical 62617
Warriors Enchanted Linen Shoulder Guard of Accuracy Shoulders C 9815 Magical 62657
Fiery Wand of Enlightenment Wand B 21810 Rare 63457
Deadly Half Pike of The Tiger Spear C 8648 Rare 63866
Blazing Dagger of Precision Dagger D 7218 Magical 66338
Weird Hatchet of Swiftness Axe F 100 Normal 66381
Weird Staff of The Mammoth Staff E 698 Normal 67211
Septic Voulge of Frost Polearm C 8750 Magical 69938
Soldier's Enchanted Wool Mittens of The Mind Hands C 10200 Magical 71399
Strange Wool Mantle of The Mammoth Chest F 100 Normal 71535
Fool's Tomahawk of Strength Axe F 100 Normal 71870
Strange Splint Helmet of The Mind Head F 100 Magical 72286
Offhand Katar Offhand D 2229 Rare 72407
Fool's Siege Crossbow of Excellence Crossbow F 100 Rare 72762
Fools Full Plate Tassets of Accuracy Legs F 100 Normal 75237
Merlin's Orb of Maiming Offhand S 83993 Epic 75504
Weird War Staff of the Giant Staff D 2114 Rare 76530
Charged Yari of Strength Spear C 7882 Magical 77392
Illuminated Book of Strength Offhand B 20608 Normal 77411
Iron Combat Staff of The Wolf Staff C 8622 Normal 77695
Gold Half Pike of Dexterity Spear D 7238 Magical 78397
Fine Staff of The Wolf Staff D 7007 Normal 78503
Soldier's Splint Pauldrons of Fire Shoulders C 9796 Normal 78723
Warrior's Flail of Precision Mace C 9711 Normal 78983
Weird Enchanted Wool Mantle of Precision Chest F 100 Normal 79453
Warriors Scale Boots of The Colossus Feet C 11985 Rare 81806
Glorious Full Plate Boots of The Wolf Feet B 24662 Rare 83849
Weird Hard Leather Hat of Swiftness Head F 100 Normal 84275
Soldier's Half-Plate Helmet of Dexterity Head C 10115 Magical 84649
Gloomy Book of Swiftness Offhand +B 19740000 Normal 85172
Glorious Half-Plate Boots of The Colossus Feet B 26507 Rare 85705
Cleric's Book of Accuracy Offhand A 50286 Rare 85959
Commander's Enchanted Wool Slippers of The Colossus Feet C 12224 Rare 86238
Visionary Glaive of Skill Polearm C 8879 Rare 86455
Charged Scepter of The Fox Wand B 26142 Rare 86485
Weird Scale Cuirass of Precision Chest +E 300000 Magical 86487
Commander's Full Plate Tassets of Transcendence Legs A 37683 Rare 86510
Fools Linen Shoulder Guard of Thorns Shoulders F 100 Rare 86598
Deadly Flail of Pestilence Mace +B 12111300 Magical 87257
Holy Orb of Ages Offhand A 78667 Rare 87482
Iron Falchion of The Tiger Sword +C 3375500 Normal 87483
Strange Full Plate Bracers of Excellence Arms F 100 Rare 88562
Weird Full Plate Gauntlets of The Jackal Hands D 2958 Rare 88952
Gold Kris of Quickness Dagger C 9320 Rare 89106
Weird Silk Mittens of The Mammoth Hands +E 300000 Magical 89573
Hard Leather Large Quiver of Strength Offhand C 11798 Magical 90532
Azure Katar of Accuracy Dagger C 7637 Magical 90572
Godly Full Plate Cuisses of Slaughter Legs S 89476 Epic 91589
Brutal Light Crossbow of the Giant Crossbow Ω 1330395 91789
Eery Book of Maiming Offhand A 40461 Rare 92098
Gold Light Crossbow of Precision Crossbow D 6988 Magical 93338
Strange Wool Shoulder Guard of Excellence Shoulders F 100 Rare 93488
Soldier's Light Leather Gloves of Brilliance Hands C 10736 Rare 93741
Glorious Full Plate Vambraces of Excellence Arms A 42082 Rare 94664
Warriors Enchanted Silk Shoulder Guard of Strength Shoulders C 11711 Rare 94919
Slayer's Short Battle Bow of Might Bow C 9838 Rare 95326
Soldier's Chain Shoulder Guard of Excellence Shoulders C 11854 Rare 95784
Demonic Orb of Strength Offhand A 46117 Magical 95811
Warriors Scale Helmet of Maiming Head C 11799 Rare 96300
Soldier's Tower Shield of The Colossus Offhand A 47483 Magical 96622
Gold Scepter of Precision Wand B 21902 Magical 96917
Maiden's Pike of Performance Spear C 9953 Rare 97140
Weird Hard Leather Boots of Swiftness Feet +E 300000 Normal 97141
Soldier's Enchanted Silk Skirt of Quickness Legs C 11650 Magical 97334
Fiery Glaive of Skill Polearm C 7760 Magical 97841
Mysterious Symbol of The Mammoth Offhand +B 21775000 Normal 98982
Weird Dagger of The Jackal Dagger E 747 Rare 98983
Sorcerer's Orb of Pestilence Offhand A 54759 Rare 99158
Fiery Mace of The Jackal Mace C 8793 Rare 100296
Godly Hard Leather Sandals of Ages Feet A 42500 Epic 100635
Holy Light Leather Hat of Slaughter Head B 28069 Epic 101168
Strange Enchanted Wool Skirt of The Mammoth Legs +E 300000 Normal 101533
Studded Leather Enchanted Quiver of The Mind Offhand B 26094 Magical 101563
Weird Hard Leather Hat of Maiming Head F 100 Rare 102233
Fools Full Plate Plackart of Frost Chest +E 300000 Rare 102557
Offhand Great Axe Offhand D 2605 Rare 102663
Gold Scepter of Winter Wand B 25264 Magical 102804