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Blind By Light

Class: Battlemage

Experience: 103156

Level: 181

Health: 10276

Max Damage: 5936

Gold: 59828045

Kills: 328

Deaths: 1582

Quests: 152

Chests: 793

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Strange Light Leather of Strength Feet E 10 Normal 5323
Commander's Studded Leather Vambraces of Skill Arms C 11285 Magical 4364
Smoldering Kris of Brilliance Dagger C 12267 Rare 12447
Holy Half-Plate Cuisses of the Giant Legs A 47296 Epic 15201
Illuminated Book of Might Offhand Ω 1554034 68473
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Pitchfork Spear E 0 Normal 0
Soldier's Light Leather of Might Arms E 2000 Normal 5488
Strange Full Plate Bracers of The Mammoth Arms F 100 Normal 7183
Platinum Flail of The Squid Mace D 4000 Magical 4749
Steel Short War Bow of Strength Bow C 8677 Normal 8499
Chilling Heavy Crossbow of The Mammoth Crossbow C 10414 Magical 9304
Vicious Short Bow of The Squid[G] Bow C 2036 Rare 9505
Burning Dagger of Thorns Dagger C 10270 Rare 7417
Strange Combat Staff of Quickness Staff F 100 Magical 15772
Fiery Glaive of The Wolf Polearm C 9690 Magical 16076
Jagged Claymore of Frost Sword D 2656 Normal 16913
Weird Scale Cuisses of The Colossus Legs E 1481 Magical 19373
Weird Pickaxe of Strength Axe F 100 Normal 20661
Lord's Yari of The Whale Spear A 48871 Epic 20972
Strange Stutted Leather Hat of Fire Head F 100 Normal 25667
Fools Hard Leather Pants of Dexterity[G] Legs F 20 Normal 6024
Freezing Bardiche of The Tiger Polearm C 7881 Magical 32161
Master's Half-Plate Pauldrons of Transcendence Shoulders B 28085 Epic 42872
Guardians Wool Mantle of Fire Chest C 11657 Rare 43667
Illuminated Symbol of the Giant Offhand B 28898 Rare 45776
Vicious Pike of Ages Spear B 24655 Rare 47357
Warriors Enchanted Silk Skirt of Accuracy Legs C 10879 Magical 47625
Soldier's Full Plate Cuirass of The Mammoth Chest B 20171 Normal 49571
Deadly Heavy Crossbow of The Wolf Crossbow C 9086 Rare 50445
Glorious Full Plate Gauntlets of The Squid Hands A 41150 Rare 51040
Guardians Light Leather Cap of Fire Head C 10066 Rare 52813
Fools Wool Shoulder Guard of Strength Shoulders F 100 Normal 53042
Knight's Light Leather Pauldrons of Slaughter Shoulders Ω 1289803 53308
Fool's Scepter of Quickness Wand +E 300000 Normal 53746
Freezing Kris of The Jackal Dagger C 9045 Rare 53856
Prismatic Kris of Strength Dagger C 11940 Rare 53858
Guardians Full Plate Tassets of Maiming Legs A 38655 Rare 56155
Foul Claymore of Enlightenment Sword B 22572 Epic 57364
Fools Scale Sabatons of Strength Feet F 100 Normal 57389
Offhand Shortsword [G] Offhand E 129 Rare 61398
Knight's Hard Leather Hat of Might Head C 11275 Rare 61477
Steel Voulge of Precision Polearm +C 3590000 Normal 61486
Holy Book of The Jackal Offhand A 44441 Magical 61555
Soldier's Heavy Crossbow of Fire Crossbow C 9638 Rare 61557
Gloomy Orb of Strength Offhand B 28133 Rare 61986
Bronze Staff of Swiftness Staff D 6448 Magical 62695
Iron Great Tower Shield of Pestilence Offhand A 45515 Magical 62789
Bronze Heavy Crossbow of Swiftness Crossbow +C 4696200 Normal 62912
Maiden's Great Bow of Strength Bow C 10474 Magical 63049
Gloomy Orb of The Mammoth Offhand A 44505 Magical 63578
Strange Staff of The Tiger Staff F 100 Normal 63583
Gloomy Orb of The Fox Offhand Ω 1367084 63584
Smoldering Poleaxe of Ages Axe C 10809 Rare 63822
Commander's Splint Cuisses of Maiming Legs B 21148 Rare 63875
Blessed Half-Plate Tassets of Strength Legs B 22014 Rare 63901
Sparking Heavy Crossbow of The Mind Crossbow C 10390 Rare 64297
Sharp Staff of Skill Staff D 7283 Rare 65152
Fine Short Battle Bow of Fire Bow D 6631 Magical 66074
Demonic Book of Maiming Offhand A 40207 Magical 66333
Gloomy Book of The Squid Offhand A 47744 Rare 66695
Offhand Kris Offhand D 2031 Magical 66832
Sparking War Staff of Thorns Staff B 20068 Rare 67153
Soldier's Enchanted Linen Mantle of Quickness Chest C 10115 Rare 67259
Soldier's Enchanted Linen Shoulder Guard of The Wolf Shoulders C 9569 Normal 9661
Deadly Spear of Brilliance Spear C 10229 Rare 68834
Glorious Chain Shoulder Guard of The Colossus Shoulders B 25897 Rare 70064
Guardians Enchanted Silk Shoulder Guard of Transcendence Shoulders B 24229 Epic 71067
Fools Chain Shoulder Guard of Fire Shoulders F 100 Rare 71074
Offhand Great Axe Offhand D 2956 Magical 71373
Holy Full Plate Gauntlets of Perfection Hands S 93585 Epic 71669
Strange Wool Shoulder Guard of Might Shoulders F 100 Normal 71729
Lapis Dagger of Excellence Dagger C 9422 Magical 71954
Bronze Falchion of Precision Sword D 2902 Rare 72562
Knight's Enchanted Wool Slippers of The Whale Feet A 46229 Epic 72782
Wooden Small Shield of the Giant Offhand C 8707 Rare 74856
Foul Hatchet of the Giant Axe Ω 1435460 75809
Commander's Light Leather Sandals of The Tiger Feet C 8766 Rare 76288
Steel Great Tower Shield of Dexterity Offhand A 78364 Rare 76615
Weird Scale Helmet of The Tiger Head F 100 Rare 78596
Lord's Linen Robe of The Sun Chest A 42929 Epic 79205
Foul Heavy Crossbow of Warding Crossbow B 27739 Epic 81982
Hunter's Small Quiver of The Mind Offhand B 27775 Epic 82007
Blessed Half-Plate Helmet of Excellence Head B 19469 Magical 83852
Strange Full Plate Pauldrons of Skill Shoulders F 100 Normal 85981
Godly Great Tower Shield of Might Offhand Ω 882972 Epic 86402
Offhand Dagger Offhand E 1426 Rare 86865
Steel Light Crossbow of Frost Crossbow D 2987 Normal 88296
Bronze Kris of Winter Dagger C 8322 Magical 91031
Weird Enchanted Silk Mittens of Strength Hands +E 300000 Normal 91818
Strange Splint Tassets of Pestilence Legs F 100 Magical 93540
Soldier's Short Battle Bow of The Tiger Bow C 11409 Magical 94308
Azure Light Crossbow of The Mind Crossbow C 9942 Rare 95301
Steel Small Shield of Burning Offhand C 10611 Magical 95389
Meteoric Broadsword of Swiftness Sword C 9854 Rare 95940
Soldier's Full Plate Tassets of Fire Legs B 25980 Rare 97199
Weird Padded Leather Boots of Dexterity Feet +E 300000 Normal 97333
Weird Combat Staff of Winter Staff E 1478 Magical 97369
Fools Scale Barbute of The Jackal Head F 100 Normal 97610
Leather Enchanted Quiver of Strength Offhand +B 12037500 Normal 97670