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Class: King's Guard

Experience: 75183

Level: 158

Health: 12240

Max Damage: 4592

Gold: 35304758

Kills: 248

Deaths: 1050

Quests: 133

Chests: 568

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Commander's Half-Plate Cuisses of Strength Legs B 22023 Rare 53861
Deadly Pike of The Mammoth Spear C 9570 Rare 53862
Offhand Katana Offhand E 1378 Magical 53883
Commander's Full Plate Pauldrons of Skill[G] Shoulders C 2445 Magical 59366
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Leather Enchanted Quiver of The Jackal Offhand B 20348 Normal 54497
Soldier's Linen Skirt of Strength Legs D 7461 Magical 55170
Eery Symbol of The Squid Offhand A 45134 Magical 56027
Soldier's Chain Shoulder Guard of The Fox Shoulders C 11274 Magical 57254
Soldier's Linen Vambraces of The Fox Arms C 8096 Normal 57610
Fool's Wand of Brilliance Wand F 100 Magical 59075
Warriors Enchanted Linen Shoulder Guard of Ages Shoulders B 22531 Rare 59365
Deadly Mace of Quickness Mace C 8804 Normal 62456
Hard Leather Enchanted Quiver of Maiming Offhand B 22365 Magical 63166
Strange Hard Leather Vambraces of Accuracy Arms F 100 Rare 63263
Warriors Wool Gloves of The Mammoth Hands C 10166 Magical 63382
Commander's Splint Pauldrons of The Fox Shoulders C 12371 Magical 63569
Sharp Yari of The Fox Spear C 10289 Magical 63687
Strange Wool Shoulder Guard of Skill Shoulders F 100 Normal 63709
Fool's Katar of Frost Dagger F 100 Normal 66557
Offhand Stiletto Offhand E 1394 Normal 67618
Illuminated Book of Precision Offhand B 28735 Magical 68116
Fine Two-Handed Sword of The Jackal Sword C 8739 Normal 69621
Weird Light Leather Pants of The Squid Legs F 100 Magical 70364
Weird Chain Shoulder Guard of Swiftness Shoulders F 100 Rare 70365
Commander's Scale Plackart of Fire Chest C 11139 Magical 71016
Gloomy Book of The Tiger Offhand A 43426 Rare 71344
Iron Light Crossbow of The Mammoth Crossbow D 7103 Normal 71875
Cleric's Symbol of The Tiger Offhand A 48213 Rare 72116
Fools Enchanted Silk Hood of Strength Head F 100 Normal 72675
Burning Heavy Crossbow of Frost Crossbow C 7907 Magical 72970
Fools Enchanted Silk Skirt of Fire Legs F 100 Normal 73666
Powered Voulge of Might Polearm C 7579 Magical 74770
Lord's Hard Leather Bracers of Slaughter Arms Ω 1375685 77297
Fools Light Leather Gloves of The Colossus Hands F 100 Magical 77641
Steel Kite Shield of Dexterity Offhand B 20888 Rare 77897
Lapis Short Battle Bow of Skill Bow C 10029 Rare 78658
Strange Hard Leather Pauldrons of The Mammoth Shoulders F 100 Rare 78959
Hard Leather Small Quiver of The Colossus Offhand C 11401 Rare 81446
Fine Glaive of The Jackal Polearm +C 3613500 Normal 82944
Fool's Staff of Accuracy Staff F 100 Rare 84171
Vicious Siege Bow of The Leech Bow Ω 1631169 84218
Strange Light Leather Boots of Slaying Feet F 100 Rare 84979
Brutal Half Pike of Excellence Spear C 10598 Rare 86232
Guardians Great Tower Shield of The Squid Offhand A 78787 Rare 86635
Weird Hard Leather Gloves of Maiming Hands E 684 Rare 86654
Meteoric Pike of Pestilence Spear C 13307 Rare 86791
Fools Linen Skirt of Frost Legs +E 300000 Normal 87179
Glorious Splint Pauldrons of Balance Shoulders A 40214 Epic 87260
Offhand Broad Axe Offhand +E 300000 Normal 88135
Platinum Scepter of Thorns Wand B 30003 Rare 88590
Warrior's Sabre of The Fox Sword +C 5023200 Normal 88627
Hard Leather Large Quiver of Frost Offhand +B 8775200 Normal 90215
Demonic Book of Performance Offhand A 40676 Magical 90390
Knight's Full Plate Plackart of Balance Chest A 47852 Epic 90441
Sharp Qiang of Excellence Spear C 9853 Rare 90968
Demonic Symbol of Thorns Offhand A 49465 Rare 91183
Fine Mace of Frost Mace D 2984 Rare 91357
Mysterious Orb of Fire Offhand B 24821 Rare 91439
Visionary Flail of Slaying Mace +B 19373000 Rare 91441
Strange Enchanted Wool Mantle of Thorns Chest F 100 Rare 91817
Bronze Light Crossbow of Accuracy Crossbow +D 1051600 Normal 92313
King's Pickaxe of Slaughter Axe B 22219 Epic 93066
Fools Linen Mittens of The Fox Hands F 100 Rare 93486
Warriors Linen Shoulder Guard of The Tiger Shoulders C 9915 Rare 93562
Strange Wool Slippers of The Mammoth Feet F 100 Normal 94442
Guardians Studded Leather Bracers of Balance Arms B 28704 Epic 94545
Jagged Claymore of The Mind Sword C 8939 Rare 95775
Offhand Stiletto Offhand E 1410 Epic 96648
Commander's Padded Leather Sandals of Pestilence Feet +B 8225600 Magical 96677
Knight's Staff of the Giant Staff C 11719 Rare 96736
Smoldering Combat Staff of The Tiger Staff C 11017 Rare 97172
Weird Scale Pauldrons of Accuracy Shoulders +E 300000 Normal 97370
Knight's Stutted Leather Hat of Thorns Head B 24658 Rare 97951
Cobalt Long Bow of Brilliance Bow C 11771 Rare 100384
Demonic Orb of The Tiger Offhand +A 72246400 Magical 101126
Fools Padded Leather Pants of Skill Legs +E 300000 Normal 102441
Knight's Linen Shoulder Guard of Dexterity Shoulders C 9367 Rare 103054