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Class: Archmage

Experience: 40564

Level: 125

Health: 7315

Max Damage: 6710

Gold: 25279808

Kills: 168

Deaths: 1002

Quests: 108

Chests: 514

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Strange Full Plate Vambraces of Maiming Arms F 100 Magical 58933
Blessed Enchanted Silk Skirt of The Tiger Legs C 11278 Magical 59083
Guardians Padded Leather Boots of Frost Feet C 10446 Rare 60833
Warriors Padded Leather Hat of Quickness Head C 10914 Magical 60988
Soldier's Silk Gloves of Excellence Hands C 9652 Rare 61996
Lapis Combat Staff of Performance Staff C 11140 Magical 63745
Soldier's Hard Leather Pauldrons of Strength Shoulders C 9849 Normal 66665
Glorious Wool Robe of The Sun Chest Ω 1294876 70801
Leather Small Quiver of Precision Offhand C 8979 Rare 71432
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Mysterious Orb of Might[G] Offhand D 1989 Magical 59149
Blessed Enchanted Silk Skirt of Performance Legs C 11771 Magical 76529
Guardians Hard Leather Pants of Slaughter Legs Ω 1379127 78956
Soldier's Enchanted Silk Skirt of The Squid Legs C 11938 Rare 79622
Foul Staff of The Wolf Staff C 11462 Rare 79858
Mysterious Orb of Dexterity Offhand B 25092 Rare 80037
Sparking Hunting Bow of Pestilence Bow C 9638 Magical 80957
Strange Hard Leather Vambraces of The Mind Arms F 100 Rare 81280
Commander's Padded Leather Pauldrons of The Squid Shoulders C 13121 Rare 84297
Blazing Sabre of Brilliance Sword C 9662 Rare 84361
Knight's Half-Plate Bracers of Skill Arms B 23622 Rare 84585
Fools Enchanted Wool Slippers of Fire Feet F 100 Rare 85532
Offhand Great Axe Offhand Ω 1485636 85675
Weird Half-Plate Sabatons of Accuracy Feet +E 300000 Normal 86427
Iron Poleaxe of Strength Polearm D 7280 Rare 86633
Blessed Enchanted Wool Mittens of Performance Hands C 11753 Magical 87816
Lapis Great Bow of Precision Bow C 11410 Magical 87885
Commander's Enchanted Silk Mittens of The Wolf Hands C 11870 Magical 87886
Holy Kite Shield of The Jackal Offhand Ω 1384255 88043
Commander's Shield of the Giant Offhand B 25369 Rare 88048
Holy Symbol of The Tiger Offhand A 48701 Rare 89826
Wooden Great Tower Shield of The Fox Offhand A 43882 Magical 90093
Holy Book of Performance Offhand +A 70864000 Magical 90094
Sorcerer's Symbol of The Squid Offhand A 47757 Rare 90936
Godly Hard Leather Vambraces of the Giant Arms A 44166 Epic 91133
Glorious Silk Gloves of Swiftness Hands B 21107 Rare 91879
Fools Full Plate Cuirass of The Colossus Chest F 100 Magical 92099
Warrior's Morning Star of Accuracy Mace C 7571 Magical 92179
Iron Kite Shield of The Jackal Offhand B 22737 Epic 92862
Fools Half-Plate Cuirass of Thorns Chest F 100 Rare 93256
Steel Great Tower Shield of The Mind Offhand +A 72993600 Magical 94595
Holy Splint Tassets of the Giant Legs A 37609 Epic 95546
Weird Scale Gloves of The Mammoth Hands +E 300000 Normal 95755
Foul Yari of Might Spear C 11857 Rare 96222
Knight's Linen Skirt of The Wolf Legs C 10401 Rare 96596
Soldier's Half-Plate Vambraces of The Jackal Arms B 20721 Rare 96950
Strange Silk Hood of Skill Head +E 300000 Normal 97175
Offhand Dagger Offhand E 1321 Rare 97371
Brutal Long Battle Bow of Fire Bow C 11836 Rare 98249
Holy Padded Leather Boots of Slaughter Feet B 28545 Epic 98439
Flaming Mace of Fire Mace C 9713 Rare 98868
Soldier's Enchanted Silk Vambraces of Precision Arms +C 6367200 Normal 99007
Wolf Skin Enchanted Quiver of Enlightenment Offhand A 39119 Rare 99526
Foul Katar of Frost Dagger C 10118 Rare 99550
Strange Padded Leather Sandals of Accuracy Feet +E 300000 Normal 100090
Shimmering Short War Bow of Frost Bow C 9304 Rare 100348
Charged Qiang of The Colossus Spear C 10919 Magical 101661
Visionary Poleaxe of The Whale Axe Ω 1485634 102378
Weird Full Plate Helmet of Winter Head E 1382 Rare 102686
Master's Scale Brigandine of Perfection Chest Ω 1387291 102697