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Class: Peasant

Experience: 15355

Level: 100

Health: 0

Max Damage: 0

Gold: 12871169

Kills: 202

Deaths: 836

Quests: 153

Chests: 407

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Fools Hard Leather of The Wolf Arms E 10 Normal 4081
Freezing Broadsword of Swiftness Sword E 3000 Magical 4390
Fool's Long Battle Bow of The Tiger Bow E 10 Normal 4436
Weird Dagger of Accuracy Dagger E 10 Normal 4492
Fools Half-Plate of Accuracy Chest E 10 Normal 3306
Static Combat Staff of Performance Staff D 4500 Magical 3307
Warriors Light Leather Pauldrons of The Wolf Shoulders C 9750 Magical 4820
Warrior's Falchion of The Jackal Sword C 8186 Magical 4879
Jagged Mace of Might Mace D 2175 Normal 4881
Strange Wool Shoulder Guard of Frost Shoulders F 100 Normal 7200
Iron Stiletto of The Jackal Dagger D 6865 Normal 7294
Fool's Wand of Winter Wand F 100 Rare 7539
Soldier's Enchanted Wool Mittens of The Mind Hands C 10047 Magical 8316
Soldier's Claymore of Swiftness Sword C 10967 Rare 8768
Warriors Light Leather Boots of Precision Feet C 8631 Magical 10343
Weird Hard Leather Body Armour of Dexterity Chest F 100 Normal 11332
Weird Light Leather Body Armour of The Wolf Chest F 100 Normal 11561
Knight's Mace of The Sun Mace A 40124 Epic 18228
Commander's Enchanted Silk Hood of Accuracy Head C 11184 Rare 19403
Glacial Wand of Fire Wand C 9230 Magical 20393
Strange Hard Leather Sandals of Quickness Feet F 100 Normal 20816
Powered Morning Star of The Mammoth Mace C 9738 Magical 21600
Warriors Scale Barbute of The Colossus Head B 19492 Magical 23012
Azure Yari of The Fox Spear C 10050 Normal 27106
Commander's Enchanted Wool Shoulder Guard of Swiftness Shoulders C 11663 Rare 34133
Smoldering Kris of Winter Dagger C 11295 Rare 34577
Soldier's Hard Leather Pauldrons of Dexterity Shoulders +C 7583013 Magical 35183
Strange War Staff of The Tiger Staff E 660 Rare 36443
Cobalt Heavy Crossbow of Pestilence Crossbow B 20851 Rare 42436
Glorious Splint Bevor of Perfection Chest Ω 1515649 42849
Foul Great Axe of Transcendence Axe C 10127 Epic 43263
Bronze Katana of Swiftness Sword D 7248 Normal 43452
Soldier's Silk Shoulder Guard of Precision Shoulders +C 6348729 Normal 43488
Wizard's Orb of Ages Offhand A 81109 Rare 45121
Commander's Wool Mittens of The Fox Hands C 11485 Rare 45752
Fools Enchanted Silk Vambraces of The Jackal Arms F 100 Normal 46997
Powered Qiang of Pestilence Spear C 11715 Rare 47469
Mysterious Symbol of Maiming Offhand Ω 1389944 48037
Sorcerer's Orb of Excellence Offhand A 47555 Rare 48108
Glorious Stutted Leather Hat of Swiftness Head B 21867 Rare 48184
Gloomy Symbol of Perfection Offhand S 90371 Epic 48743
Glorious Wool Mantle of the Giant Chest B 20274 Rare 48972
Holy Enchanted Silk Skirt of Balance Legs A 45329 Epic 48976
Platinum Morning Star of the Giant Mace C 10156 Rare 49741
Prismatic Great Sword of Transcendence Sword B 20670 Rare 50686
Strange Silk Robe of Strength Chest +E 2092874 Normal 51432
Flaming Combat Staff of Ages Staff B 26193 Epic 51763
Soldier's Chain Shoulder Guard of Fire Shoulders C 9317 Normal 53295
Master's Great Tower Shield of Perfection Offhand Ω 970777 Epic 53536
Knight's Enchanted Wool Vambraces of Performance Arms C 12467 Rare 54150
Warriors Studded Leather Helmet of Swiftness Head C 11370 Magical 54430
Knight's Half-Plate Gauntlets of Maiming Hands B 27425 Rare 54710
Freezing Wand of Frost Wand C 9022 Rare 54786
Blessed Tower Shield of Enlightenment Offhand A 88773 Rare 55394
Soldier's Splint Boots of Might Feet C 8247 Magical 55997
Hunter's Enchanted Quiver of Quickness Offhand A 46420 Epic 56779
Guardians Great Tower Shield of Accuracy Offhand A 84261 Rare 57134
Cobalt Scepter of The Wolf Wand B 26666 Rare 57417