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Class: Knight

Experience: 67848

Level: 151

Health: 11718

Max Damage: 4769

Gold: 33770514

Kills: 229

Deaths: 1164

Quests: 130

Chests: 629

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Fine Kris of The Jackal Dagger C 8469 Normal 52592
Warriors Light Leather Bracers of The Mammoth Arms C 9883 Magical 53344
Powered Morning Star of The Wolf[G] Mace C 1972 Rare 53581
Gloomy Symbol of Quickness Offhand B 19593 Normal 54897
Weird Enchanted Silk Skirt of Enlightenment Legs E 1274 Rare 55125
Offhand Rapier Offhand E 1442 Magical 57341
Bronze Short Bow of The Jackal Bow D 2756 Magical 62269
Weird Scale Bevor of Accuracy Chest F 100 Normal 63192
Mysterious Orb of The Wolf Offhand B 20563 Normal 63371
Azure Pickaxe of Quickness Axe D 2942 Normal 64991
Strange Hard Leather Boots of Excellence Feet F 100 Rare 65608
Meteoric Wand of Quickness Wand C 11942 Rare 66712
Illuminated Book of The Fox Offhand B 18921 Normal 68863
Strange Enchanted Wool Robe of Frost Chest F 100 Normal 69537
Freezing Broadsword of The Colossus Sword C 9110 Magical 69730
Weird Linen Gloves of Burning Hands F 100 Rare 71678
Gloomy Book of Skill Offhand B 20881 Normal 71821
Strange Half-Plate Brigandine of Precision Chest F 100 Normal 73346
Weird Enchanted Silk Hood of Brilliance Head E 731 Magical 73603
Fools Light Leather Pants of Skill Legs F 100 Normal 75300
King's Light Leather Cap of The Sun Head A 42658 Epic 75697
Steel Adze of Fire Axe E 1415 Normal 75777
Static Broad Axe of Strength Axe D 2956 Magical 75802
Warriors Scale Tassets of The Squid Legs B 22650 Rare 75949
Sharp Staff of Strength Staff D 6892 Normal 76944
Weird Wool Vambraces of The Jackal Arms F 100 Normal 77122
Eery Book of Ages Offhand A 47940 Rare 78444
Fine War Staff of Skill Staff C 7764 Magical 78875
Fools Silk Gloves of Maiming Hands F 100 Rare 80420
Illuminated Book of Strength Offhand B 24640 Magical 83922
Strange Chain Gloves of Swiftness Hands +E 300000 Normal 84089
Offhand Falchion Offhand E 1340 Epic 84114
King's Enchanted Linen Mantle of Perfection Chest A 50853 Epic 84606
Septic Short Bow of Excellence Bow C 8113 Rare 84757
Strange Hard Leather Vambraces of Transcendence Arms F 100 Rare 85122
Fools Wool Vambraces of Slaying Arms F 100 Rare 85123
Offhand Tomahawk Offhand +E 300000 Rare 85313
Eery Orb of Accuracy Offhand A 41043 Rare 85377
Glorious Enchanted Silk Skirt of The Wolf Legs B 21143 Rare 85812
Holy Small Shield of The Mammoth Offhand B 26898 Epic 85947
Gloomy Book of Balance Offhand A 54166 Epic 87485
Knight's Kite Shield of The Colossus Offhand A 45285 Rare 87517
Lord's Scale Boots of The Leech Feet B 28225 Epic 87518
Grinding Heavy Crossbow of Balance Crossbow B 23826 Epic 88167
King's Scale Boots of The Whale Feet A 52636 Epic 88328
Illuminated Book of The Fox Offhand +B 18813000 Normal 88437
Iron Bardiche of The Jackal Polearm D 6827 Magical 88813
Soldier's Padded Leather Gloves of The Mammoth Hands +B 8768000 Normal 89605
Blessed Light Leather Pants of Skill Legs C 8657 Rare 90474
Blessed Full Plate Close Helmet of Skill Head B 22682 Rare 90599
Illuminated Book of Warding Offhand Ω 1464365 91236
Knight's Kite Shield of The Mammoth Offhand A 47021 Rare 91276
Strange Half-Plate Bracers of Ages Arms E 684 Rare 91555
Iron Hatchet of Quickness Axe D 1936 Normal 91662
Foul Half Pike of Balance Spear Ω 1584395 92038
Mysterious Orb of The Wolf Offhand +B 21709000 Normal 92521
Glorious Full Plate Bascinet of The Mind Head A 41298 Rare 92552
Weird Enchanted Silk Mittens of Performance Hands F 100 Magical 92583
Weird Splint Cuisses of Brilliance Legs E 1329 Rare 92656
Knight's Scale Helmet of Skill Head C 13279 Rare 92884
Foul Great Axe of Ages Axe C 11257 Rare 92886
Fools Silk Mittens of Excellence Hands F 100 Magical 94448
Azure Cutlass of Dexterity Sword D 6990 Normal 95211
Soldier's Half-Plate Tassets of The Mind Legs B 23230 Rare 95693
Knight's Enchanted Silk Mantle of Maiming Chest B 21867 Rare 96407
Commander's Padded Leather Vambraces of The Mind Arms C 13021 Rare 96428
Illuminated Orb of The Fox Offhand Ω 1569680 97071
Cleric's Symbol of Accuracy Offhand A 49826 Rare 97397
Wooden Kite Shield of The Jackal Offhand +B 20752000 Normal 97398
Fools Enchanted Linen Skirt of Winter Legs F 100 Rare 98183
Soldier's Enchanted Silk Robe of The Colossus Chest C 11256 Magical 98472
Commander's Enchanted Silk Skirt of Skill Legs C 11840 Rare 98830
Guardians Enchanted Linen Shoulder Guard of The Sun Shoulders A 46172 Epic 99525
Weird Light Leather Gloves of Winter Hands F 100 Rare 100734
Commander's Enchanted Wool Robe of Frost Chest C 8819 Rare 101768
Soldier's Padded Leather Cap of Excellence Head C 9670 Rare 103084