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Class: Pyromancer

Experience: 99000

Level: 180

Health: 10524

Max Damage: 8000

Gold: 60193790

Kills: 342

Deaths: 1693

Quests: 164

Chests: 823

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Mysterious Symbol of The Jackal Offhand +B 21614483 Normal 51443
Soldier's Full Plate Boots of The Wolf Feet +B 23561393 Normal 48970
Divine Battle Axe of Balance Axe B 23243 Epic 57243
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Fools Splint Mail of The Mammoth Hands E 10 Normal 4141
Blessed Hard Leather of The Tiger Hands D 5500 Magical 4441
Azure Glaive of The Squid Polearm E 4000 Rare 4442
Soldier's Light Leather of Might Hands E 2000 Normal 4457
Soldier's Padded Leather of Strength Legs D 2500 Normal 4458
Soldier's Light Leather of Skill Shoulders E 3500 Magical 4552
Soldier's Half-Plate of The Wolf Shoulders D 7000 Rare 4840
Commander's Full Plate of Frost Feet C 7500 Magical 4842
Iron Heavy Crossbow of The Jackal Crossbow E 3000 Rare 4909
Fool's Wand of Fire Wand E 10 Normal 5077
Fools Scale Mail of Precision Arms E 10 Normal 5150
Fools Half-Plate of The Tiger Chest E 10 Normal 3102
Strange Scale Mail of Performance Legs E 10 Magical 3227
Fools Hard Leather of The Tiger Chest E 10 Normal 3694
Fools Padded Leather Pauldrons of The Jackal Shoulders F 100 Magical 4587
Charged Scepter of Dexterity Wand B 22433 Rare 6584
Fools Enchanted Linen Slippers of The Squid Feet F 100 Rare 6650
Fools Enchanted Silk Mantle of Fire Chest F 100 Normal 7332
Soldier's Hard Leather Boots of The Mammoth Feet C 10228 Normal 11059
Maiden's Great Axe of Maiming Axe D 2746 Magical 12841
Soldier's Half Pike of Excellence Spear C 9047 Magical 12895
Warrior's Katana of Quickness Sword C 8862 Normal 14771
Weird Padded Leather Sandals of Quickness Feet F 100 Normal 15559
Deadly Poleaxe of Strength Polearm C 7919 Normal 19937
Grinding Wand of Transcendence Wand B 20048 Rare 23469
Sharp War Staff of The Colossus Staff C 12675 Magical 25682
Fools Chan Skirt of The Mammoth Legs F 100 Magical 27091
Soldier's Half-Plate Barbute of Frost Head C 10864 Rare 31398
Strange Flail of Maiming Mace E 703 Magical 34057
Steel Composite Bow of The Fox Bow C 8965 Normal 34137
Fools Splint Bracers of Strength Arms F 100 Normal 34923
Offhand Great Axe Offhand D 2968 Rare 48572
Weird Scale Pauldrons of The Mind Shoulders E 1321 Rare 48946
Freezing Flail of The Colossus Mace C 13380 Rare 50377
Weird Padded Leather Pauldrons of The Wolf Shoulders F 100 Rare 51494
Steel Katar of Quickness Dagger C 8856 Normal 52345
Commander's Half-Plate Sabatons of Swiftness Feet B 21618 Magical 52599
Meteoric Staff of Skill Staff C 7811 Rare 54071
Maiden's Flail of The Squid Mace C 13303 Rare 54433
Fools Splint Boots of The Squid Feet F 100 Magical 54644
Knight's Full Plate Pauldrons of Frost Shoulders B 23888 Rare 55522
Pure Flail of Warding Mace A 38606 Epic 57244
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Soldier's Full Plate Bevor of The Mind Chest A 46267 Rare 60123
Commander's Small Shield of Winter Offhand B 22067 Rare 60914
Warrior's Hatchet of The Mammoth Axe D 2533 Rare 61300
Holy Half-Plate Tassets of Ages Legs A 53715 Epic 61497
Ranger's Small Quiver of Fire Offhand B 20200 Rare 62691
Guardians Stutted Leather Hat of Thorns Head B 26826 Rare 63297
Chilling Half Pike of Might Spear D 6662 Rare 63395
Static Long Battle Bow of Dexterity Bow C 9157 Magical 63427
Blessed Kite Shield of The Tiger Offhand B 30848 Magical 63544
Knight's Full Plate Brigandine of Winter Chest B 25047 Rare 63754
Fools Silk Shoulder Guard of Skill Shoulders +E 300000 Normal 64723
Sharp Long Battle Bow of The Jackal Bow +C 6456800 Normal 65493
Fools Silk Mittens of Fire Hands F 100 Rare 66047
Vicious Flail of Perfection Mace A 44368 Epic 67407
Offhand Dirk Offhand D 1877 Rare 67562
Ranger's Small Quiver of Thorns Offhand B 28795 Rare 69042
Deadly Wand of Dexterity Wand C 9107 Normal 70605
Steel Composite Bow of The Fox Bow C 7840 Magical 71592
Studded Leather Enchanted Quiver of The Fox Offhand B 23452 Rare 72199
Soldier's Studded Leather Pants of Thorns Legs B 20884 Rare 73121
Fools Half-Plate Great Helm of Precision Head +E 300000 Normal 73448
Fine Staff of The Squid Staff C 8857 Rare 74243
Illuminated Symbol of Frost Offhand B 25142 Magical 74945
Wizard's Symbol of Quickness Offhand A 48144 Epic 75868
Weird Enchanted Silk Shoulder Guard of Performance Shoulders F 100 Magical 77183
Prismatic Qiang of Transcendence Spear B 19029 Epic 77832
Foul Long Battle Bow of Accuracy Bow C 10203 Rare 78130
Holy Shield of Pestilence Offhand A 48278 Epic 79334
Commander's Padded Leather Boots of The Mind Feet C 11935 Magical 79494
Cleric's Orb of The Squid Offhand A 48967 Rare 79849
Deadly Mace of Precision Mace D 7189 Normal 81730
Chromatic Wand of The Whale Wand Ω 1689881 83066
Godly Enchanted Linen Skirt of Perfection Legs Ω 1536391 84354
Fiery Pickaxe of Dexterity Axe D 2814 Magical 85556
Guardians Scale Pauldrons of Swiftness Shoulders B 23531 Rare 87125
Fine Stiletto of The Tiger Dagger D 7461 Magical 87371
Holy Hard Leather Gloves of The Sun Hands S 82482 Epic 88323
Hard Leather Small Quiver of Brilliance Offhand C 11642 Epic 89206
Strange Enchanted Silk Mittens of Excellence Hands F 100 Rare 90698
Weird Full Plate Sabatons of The Tiger Feet E 1359 Magical 90971
Cobalt Qiang of Slaughter Spear B 22780 Epic 91839
Eery Book of The Tiger Offhand A 46277 Rare 95127
Eery Orb of Ages Offhand A 48151 Rare 95640
Azure Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy Crossbow C 8323 Rare 99035
Strange Linen Vambraces of Transcendence Arms F 100 Rare 99357
Commander's Light Leather Helmet of The Mind Head C 10773 Rare 101063
Platinum Great Sword of The Wolf Sword C 11298 Rare 102048