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It Is Ben

Class: Paladin

Experience: 57261

Level: 141

Health: 13100

Max Damage: 4214

Gold: 20410224

Kills: 209

Deaths: 763

Quests: 111

Chests: 458

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Weird Chain Mail of Accuracy Hands E 10 Normal 4358
Strange Full Plate of Winter Head E 10 Magical 4680
Soldier's Full Plate Sabatons of The Wolf Feet B 20972 Magical 4852
Commander's Hide of The Mammoth Shoulders D 5500 Magical 4365
Jagged War Staff of The Wolf[G] Staff C 1587 Normal 8553
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Jagged Bardiche of Fire Polearm E 1000 Normal 5127
Pitchfork Spear E 0 Normal 0
Fools Scale Mail of The Mammoth Feet E 10 Normal 4401
Weird Scale Pauldrons of The Tiger Shoulders E 680 Normal 4145
Strange Full Plate Vambraces of Dexterity[G] Arms F 20 Normal 8533
Weird Full Plate Bevor of Swiftness Chest C 9149 Magical 9229
Bronze War Staff of The Jackal Staff C 10327 Magical 9232
Strange Long War Bow of Accuracy Bow F 100 Normal 10296
Septic Rapier of The Jackal Sword D 5500 Rare 4643
Septic Scepter of Accuracy Wand B 22720 Rare 14114
Weird Half Pike of Accuracy Spear F 100 Normal 17520
Soldier's Scale Plackart of Burning Chest C 11911 Magical 17957
Commander's Linen Shoulder Guard of Dexterity Shoulders C 7975 Magical 22072
Soldier's Chain Gloves of The Wolf Hands C 12414 Normal 22150
Fine Scepter of The Jackal Wand B 19703 Normal 22279
Weird Light Leather Vambraces of Burning Arms F 100 Magical 23549
Platinum Half Pike of The Mind Spear C 9949 Magical 23592
Soldier's Half-Plate Bracers of Excellence Arms B 20874 Magical 24248
Jagged Adze of Might Axe E 634 Normal 24384
Strange Half-Plate Bracers of The Wolf Arms F 100 Magical 26204
Maiden's Stiletto of The Tiger Dagger C 8350 Magical 29185
Warrior's Short Bow of Performance Bow D 6836 Magical 29711
Soldier's Enchanted Wool Robe of Strength Chest C 8926 Normal 30309
Fools Enchanted Silk Mittens of Frost Hands F 100 Normal 30310
Fools Half-Plate Tassets of the Giant Legs F 100 Rare 30804
Bronze Pike of Precision Spear D 7173 Rare 30879
Vicious Cutlass of The Wolf Sword C 10292 Rare 32677
Warriors Hard Leather Body Armour of Fire Chest C 11324 Rare 32751
Fools Splint Pauldrons of Might Shoulders +E 1794374 Normal 32752
Blessed Enchanted Silk Slippers of Maiming Feet C 11941 Rare 33878
Blessed Kite Shield of The Mind Offhand A 41304 Rare 34020
Hard Leather Enchanted Quiver of Quickness Offhand +B 22652643 Normal 34155
Fool's Light Crossbow of Skill Crossbow F 100 Normal 34646
Blessed Enchanted Linen Mantle of The Colossus Chest B 21495 Rare 35612
Weird Pike of Performance Spear +E 3153731 Magical 35677
Soldier's Dagger of Pestilence Dagger C 11420 Rare 36122
Godly Full Plate Tassets of the Giant Legs A 84922 Epic 40170
Fools Half-Plate Sabatons of Accuracy Feet +E 2759559 Normal 41570
Fools Linen Shoulder Guard of Strength Shoulders F 100 Normal 41886
Strange Enchanted Silk Hood of Dexterity Head +E 2000180 Normal 42930
Blazing Composite Bow of The Jackal Bow C 10481 Rare 44570
Sparking Short Bow of Dexterity Bow D 2979 Rare 47852
Warrior's Glaive of Might Polearm +C 5332722 Magical 48186
Guardians Splint Vambraces of Maiming Arms B 21761 Rare 48788
Wooden Tower Shield of Swiftness Offhand A 41070 Magical 48810
Fools Linen Gloves of Ages Hands F 100 Rare 48881
Foul Half Pike of Slaying Spear C 13159 Epic 49164
Soldier's Linen Slippers of Winter Feet C 8761 Magical 49752
Vicious Bardiche of The Leech Polearm Ω 1569655 50042
Burning Two-Handed Sword of Brilliance Sword +B 11983741 Magical 50232
Charged Tomahawk of The Jackal Axe D 2636 Rare 50333
Jagged Hunting Bow of Strength Bow D 2120 Normal 50437
Maiden's Pickaxe of The Jackal Axe D 2666 Rare 51095
Commander's Linen Mittens of Performance Hands C 11861 Rare 52614
Deadly Scepter of The Squid Wand B 25620 Rare 52634
Warriors Stutted Leather Hat of Dexterity Head C 11763 Rare 53995
Soldier's Padded Leahter Body Armour of Brilliance Chest C 11138 Rare 54050
Sharp Light Crossbow of Brilliance Crossbow C 9204 Rare 54523
Holy Padded Leather Sandals of Warding Feet A 40825 Epic 54702
Warrior's Flail of Might Mace C 10122 Normal 54775
Wolf Skin Small Quiver of The Colossus Offhand B 21264 Magical 54776
Soldier's Half Pike of The Mammoth Spear C 9915 Rare 55199
Silver War Staff of Quickness Staff C 10174 Magical 55378
Vicious Qiang of Burning Spear C 11328 Rare 55920
Wooden Tower Shield of Maiming Offhand A 46536 Magical 56136
Strange Half-Plate Great Helm of Accuracy Head F 100 Normal 56407
King's Sabre of Slaughter Sword B 27879 Epic 57052
Warriors Enchanted Wool Vambraces of Precision Arms C 9105 Magical 57346