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Class: Peasant

Experience: 18303

Level: 103

Health: 0

Max Damage: 0

Gold: 42235991

Kills: 130

Deaths: 2018

Quests: 115

Chests: 935

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Weird Voulge of Might Polearm E 653 Normal 7065
Strange Wool Vambraces of Skill Arms F 100 Normal 7401
Slayer's Qiang of Slaughter Spear B 20792 Epic 7923
Vicious Siege Crossbow of The Tiger Crossbow C 12513 Rare 8728
Azure Qiang of The Jackal Spear C 9259 Normal 14099
Fools Chain Vambraces of The Tiger Arms F 100 Normal 14599
Azure Siege Crossbow of The Jackal Crossbow C 11937 Normal 14923
Fools Full Plate Pauldrons of The Tiger Shoulders F 100 Normal 15132
Fools Enchanted Linen Mittens of Performance Hands F 100 Magical 15328
Blessed Enchanted Wool Vambraces of The Tiger Arms C 11410 Magical 16346
Soldier's Scale Vambraces of Dexterity Arms C 10575 Magical 16860
Fine Mace of Maiming Mace D 7061 Rare 19784
Jagged Combat Staff of The Jackal Staff D 6318 Normal 20125
Volcanic Qiang of The Mammoth Spear C 8984 Magical 20215
Soldier's Splint Cuirass of Fire Chest C 10797 Rare 21755
Weird Enchanted Linen Hood of Performance Head F 100 Magical 22228
Shimmering Scepter of Skill Wand B 21085 Magical 28015
Warriors Splint Gloves of The Fox Hands B 22309 Magical 29411
Fine Scepter of Might Wand B 19968 Normal 29846
Soldier's Scale Bracers of Fire Arms C 12187 Rare 39354
Demonic Book of Winter Offhand A 41442 Magical 48102
Vicious Wand of The Mind Wand B 22186 Rare 49221
Brutal Heavy Crossbow of the Giant Crossbow Ω 1624559 49548
Soldier's Halberd of Skill Polearm C 8854 Rare 49675
Iron Tower Shield of Skill Offhand A 40475 Magical 50136
Lord's Half-Plate Great Helm of The Leech Head Ω 1525874 50418
Strange Light Leather Helmet of Skill Head +E 3039282 Normal 50826
Silver Light Crossbow of Performance Crossbow C 7572 Rare 51666
Soldier's Studded Leather Bracers of Swiftness Arms C 10140 Rare 52098
Commander's Scale Brigandine of Skill Chest C 10954 Rare 52432
Fools Half-Plate Barbute of Brilliance Head +E 300000 Magical 52593
Lord's Light Crossbow of The Sun Crossbow A 49704 Epic 53550
Master's Splint Cuisses of The Sun Legs A 48472 Epic 53802
Soldier's Padded Leather Bracers of Skill Arms +C 5311200 Normal 54114
Leather Enchanted Quiver of Thorns Offhand B 23142 Epic 54413
Weird Light Leather Vambraces of The Fox Arms F 100 Magical 54528
Commander's Enchanted Linen Shoulder Guard of Transcendence Shoulders C 11609 Rare 54594
Knight's Enchanted Wool Skirt of The Leech Legs B 23842 Epic 55126
Holy Scale Plackart of Enlightenment Chest A 40033 Epic 55688
Demonic Orb of Pestilence Offhand A 46357 Rare 56132
Brutal Scepter of Enlightenment Wand A 46291 Rare 57679
Offhand Cutlass Offhand E 1499 Rare 58518
Warriors Scale Pauldrons of The Wolf Shoulders B 19611 Rare 58997
Iron Composite Bow of Slaying Bow C 8946 Rare 59051
Fine Poleaxe of The Mammoth Axe D 2049 Normal 59515
Blessed Hard Leather Cap of the Giant Head C 12997 Rare 60067
Weird Scale Vambraces of The Squid Arms E 1300 Rare 60281
Shocking War Staff of The Colossus Staff B 23115 Rare 60632
Warriors Wool Mittens of Fire Hands C 9269 Rare 61305
King's War Staff of Slaying Staff Ω 1491735 61382
Cobalt Yari of Warding Spear B 29057 Epic 61383
King's Scale Barbute of Slaughter Head B 27468 Epic 61493
Steel War Staff of Performance Staff C 8963 Rare 61508
Freezing Bardiche of Burning Polearm C 7536 Rare 61997
Commander's Splint Boots of The Colossus Feet C 12543 Magical 62468
Strange Enchanted Wool Mittens of Might Hands +E 300000 Magical 62574
Blessed Silk Slippers of Enlightenment Feet B 22300 Rare 62867
Pure Long Battle Bow of Transcendence Bow B 21079 Rare 62948
Godly Enchanted Wool Slippers of Transcendence Feet Ω 1331538 63241
Offhand Stiletto Offhand +E 300000 Magical 63259
Strange Dagger of The Jackal Dagger F 100 Rare 63282
Glorious Linen Shoulder Guard of The Mammoth Shoulders C 13156 Rare 63353
Archer's Large Quiver of Winter Offhand B 28426 Rare 63477
Illuminated Orb of Might Offhand B 26872 Rare 63672
Merciless Short War Bow of Slaughter Bow B 31012 Epic 63685
Offhand Katar Offhand D 2087 Magical 63721
Pure Adze of Enlightenment Axe C 11667 Rare 63933
Gloomy Symbol of The Fox Offhand B 20227 Normal 64024
Commander's Linen Vambraces of The Wolf Arms C 9138 Rare 64074
Smoldering Light Crossbow of Ages Crossbow B 22189 Rare 64717
Godly Light Leather Pants of Perfection Legs A 54512 Epic 64995
Charged Heavy Crossbow of Brilliance Crossbow C 10320 Rare 65130
Knight's Hard Leather Pauldrons of Strength Shoulders C 12658 Rare 65588
Maiden's War Staff of Swiftness Staff C 10705 Magical 66040
Weird Light Leather Body Armour of Might Chest F 100 Rare 67233
Prismatic Flail of Fire Mace C 12580 Rare 67596
Deadly Bardiche of Swiftness Polearm C 7742 Magical 69759
Bronze Scepter of Fire Wand B 20958 Rare 69832
Master's Studded Leather Helmet of Balance Head A 39436 Epic 71485
Charged Battle Axe of Maiming Axe D 2887 Magical 72009
Lord's Combat Staff of The Whale Staff A 48766 Epic 73255
Fiery Light Crossbow of Precision Crossbow +C 4738800 Magical 73917
Slayer's Light Crossbow of The Whale Crossbow A 40904 Epic 74140
Mysterious Symbol of Dexterity Offhand +B 21982000 Normal 74649
Offhand Poleaxe Offhand D 1875 Rare 76205
Brutal Spear of The Squid Spear C 12067 Rare 77965
Strange Scale Cuisses of The Colossus Legs F 100 Rare 78286
Weird Half-Plate Gauntlets of Quickness Hands +D 631200 Magical 78559
Strange Chain Shoulder Guard of The Colossus Shoulders F 100 Magical 78905
Visionary Dirk of Maiming Dagger C 10707 Rare 80478
Smoldering Combat Staff of Thorns Staff B 18825 Rare 80820
Shocking Heavy Crossbow of Transcendence Crossbow B 19864 Epic 81954
Illuminated Book of Performance Offhand B 27798 Magical 83194
Lord's Splint Bevor of Warding Chest Ω 1366253 83343
Bronze Scepter of Pestilence Wand B 23583 Rare 83386
Eery Book of Performance Offhand A 47698 Magical 83901
Illuminated Book of Pestilence Offhand A 44441 Rare 84623
Knight's Padded Leahter Body Armour of Thorns Chest B 21914 Epic 85133
Strange Linen Slippers of Frost Feet +E 300000 Magical 85168
Weird Chain Bracers of Fire Arms F 100 Rare 85170
Master's Enchanted Silk Mittens of The Sun Hands Ω 1554625 85494
Weird Enchanted Wool Slippers of Skill Feet F 100 Rare 85635
Eery Book of Strength Offhand +A 60196500 Magical 85681
Mysterious Symbol of The Jackal Offhand +B 18867000 Normal 85780
Blessed Chain Bracers of Ages Arms B 28617 Rare 85802
Fools Light Leather Pants of Excellence Legs F 100 Magical 86889
Fools Scale Vambraces of The Fox Arms +E 300000 Normal 87319
Knight's War Staff of The Sun Staff A 52869 Epic 87840
Brutal Wand of Slaying Wand B 24331 Epic 87940
Mysterious Symbol of The Jackal Offhand +B 22357000 Normal 88267
Strange Half Pike of Fire Spear F 100 Rare 88268
Blessed Small Shield of The Fox Offhand B 20505 Magical 88788
Sharp Wand of Might Wand C 9701 Magical 89036
Cleric's Book of Excellence Offhand A 45975 Rare 90658
Blazing Heavy Crossbow of Precision Crossbow C 8925 Magical 90823
Soldier's Splint Helmet of Ages Head B 23885 Rare 90824
Weird Tomahawk of Precision Axe F 100 Magical 91527
Soldier's Enchanted Silk Mittens of Pestilence Hands C 12549 Rare 91981
Knight's Padded Leather Sandals of the Giant Feet C 10756 Epic 92240
Static Combat Staff of The Mind Staff C 12963 Rare 93253
Blessed Enchanted Wool Robe of The Wolf Chest C 10566 Rare 93662
Blessed Half-Plate Bascinet of Ages Head B 27838 Rare 94277
Illuminated Symbol of Brilliance Offhand A 40316 Magical 94412
Glorious Splint Vambraces of Accuracy Arms B 24247 Rare 95278
Warriors Linen Hood of Strength Head C 8408 Magical 95595
Fools Half-Plate Helmet of The Mammoth Head +E 300000 Normal 95663
Pure Stiletto of Frost Dagger C 11436 Rare 95720
Illuminated Orb of The Mind Offhand A 44557 Rare 95838
Soldier's Silk Mantle of Might Chest +C 4514400 Normal 96326
Steel Mace of Swiftness Mace +C 3710000 Normal 96678
Knight's Combat Staff of The Fox Staff B 18798 Rare 96866
Strange Linen Robe of The Fox Chest +E 300000 Normal 97164
Silver Mace of Precision Mace D 7398 Magical 97703
Fools Splint Pauldrons of Brilliance Shoulders F 100 Rare 97862
Knight's Great Tower Shield of The Colossus Offhand A 87036 Rare 97904
Strange Silk Mittens of Frost Hands +E 300000 Normal 98256
Commander's Full Plate Sabatons of Performance Feet B 23007 Rare 99215
Blazing Stiletto of Enlightenment Dagger C 11960 Rare 99876
Blessed Hard Leather Sandals of The Mammoth Feet C 11028 Rare 101012
Wooden Great Tower Shield of Skill Offhand A 83541 Rare 101401
Weird Scale Plackart of The Tiger Chest +E 300000 Normal 101504
Powered Flail of Brilliance Mace C 12497 Rare 102133
Charged Long War Bow of Burning Bow C 10744 Rare 102499
Deadly Mace of Ages Mace C 12538 Rare 102725