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Joshua Ravenclaw

Class: Peasant

Experience: 15917

Level: 100

Health: 0

Max Damage: 0

Gold: 33328042

Kills: 136

Deaths: 2026

Quests: 126

Chests: 876

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Fools Full Plate Vambraces of The Tiger Arms F 100 Normal 7279
Steel Scepter of Dexterity Wand B 21496 Normal 8822
Strange Padded Leather Bracers of Accuracy Arms F 100 Rare 15397
Chilling Heavy Crossbow of Dexterity Crossbow C 7707 Magical 15605
Strange Mace of Skill Mace F 100 Normal 15691
Strange Halberd of Fire Polearm F 100 Normal 15756
Weird Enchanted Wool Skirt of The Jackal Legs F 100 Magical 16752
Weird Splint Pauldrons of Precision Shoulders F 100 Normal 17198
Platinum Light Crossbow of The Jackal Crossbow C 8574 Magical 20006
Gold Glaive of Brilliance Polearm C 9989 Magical 20228
Blessed Splint Vambraces of Swiftness Arms B 21670 Magical 21012
Weird Scepter of The Jackal Wand C 10416 Normal 26133
Warrior's Kris of Swiftness Dagger C 10330 Normal 36909
Fool's Short Battle Bow of The Mind Bow F 100 Magical 42457
Eery Book of Performance Offhand A 47645 Magical 47895
Glorious Full Plate Vambraces of Dexterity Arms B 26322 Rare 47920
Strange Wool Shoulder Guard of Enlightenment Shoulders F 100 Rare 49140
Mysterious Book of The Colossus Offhand B 30296 Magical 50530
Iron Shield of Slaying Offhand Ω 1526326 56428
Merciless Siege Crossbow of The Sun Crossbow A 52461 Epic 56429
Blessed Enchanted Wool Hood of the Giant Head +B 10562400 Rare 56518
Weird Half-Plate Great Helm of Burning Head D 2643 Rare 56906
Vicious Wand of Skill Wand C 11632 Rare 57209
Knight's Shield of The Jackal Offhand B 29777 Rare 57506
Wooden Tower Shield of Might Offhand A 84337 Rare 57574
Fools Scale Bracers of Fire Arms F 100 Normal 58683
Guardians Half-Plate Pauldrons of The Mind Shoulders B 27008 Rare 58757
Sorcerer's Symbol of Dexterity Offhand Ω 1400620 59444
Glorious Wool Shoulder Guard of Ages Shoulders B 23257 Epic 59895
Godly Splint Gloves of The Leech Hands A 81586 Epic 59976
Visionary War Staff of The Mind Staff B 20779 Rare 60351
Commander's Silk Shoulder Guard of Maiming Shoulders C 10512 Magical 60364
Chilling Morning Star of Burning Mace C 9980 Rare 61556
Glorious Full Plate Tassets of The Whale Legs S 91370 Epic 61569
Vicious Yari of Transcendence Spear C 13165 Rare 61577
Bronze Scepter of Precision Wand B 22335 Rare 62889
Vicious Scepter of the Giant Wand B 27289 Rare 63223
Strange Enchanted Wool Vambraces of Brilliance Arms F 100 Rare 63310
Illuminated Symbol of Brilliance Offhand A 43062 Rare 63389
Guardians Silk Gloves of The Colossus Hands +B 20731000 Rare 63662
Volcanic Great Axe of Precision Axe +D 608700 Magical 63811
Strange Half-Plate Bevor of Precision Chest +E 300000 Normal 63827
Mysterious Book of Swiftness Offhand B 20742 Normal 63970
Static Mace of Maiming Mace C 10087 Magical 64636
Fine Adze of the Giant Axe D 2103 Rare 64724
Visionary Siege Bow of The Colossus Bow B 20229 Rare 64849
Fool's Mace of Skill Mace F 100 Normal 66038
Fools Wool Vambraces of The Wolf Arms +E 300000 Normal 66902
Charged Long War Bow of Quickness Bow C 11006 Rare 68181
Blessed Enchanted Linen Shoulder Guard of The Mammoth Shoulders C 10367 Rare 69192
Leather Small Quiver of Pestilence Offhand C 11195 Rare 69707
Holy Silk Skirt of The Whale Legs A 79222 Epic 69829
Offhand Scimitar Offhand E 1288 Magical 70912
Strange Stutted Leather Hat of Quickness Head +E 300000 Magical 71178
Fools Scale Pauldrons of Brilliance Shoulders F 100 Magical 71898
Strange Half-Plate Bracers of Skill Arms F 100 Magical 72011
Chilling Cutlass of Accuracy Sword D 6799 Magical 73394
Shimmering Qiang of The Tiger Spear C 9794 Rare 74051
Soldier's Hard Leather Helmet of Skill Head C 10280 Rare 74082
Glorious Silk Robe of Precision Chest C 12261 Rare 74149
Burning Scepter of Frost Wand B 23959 Magical 76039
Strange Wand of Precision Wand F 100 Normal 77532
Visionary Flail of The Mammoth Mace C 11336 Rare 78931
Silver Flail of Winter Mace +B 9244000 Magical 79536
Sharp Staff of The Wolf Staff C 8091 Magical 80426
Gold Mace of Pestilence Mace C 9675 Magical 81700
Guardians Half-Plate Boots of Precision Feet B 20830 Rare 81859
Vicious Scepter of the Giant Wand B 25766 Epic 82947
Glorious Enchanted Wool Vambraces of Winter Arms B 22485 Rare 83828
Merciless Pickaxe of Perfection Axe B 28171 Epic 84727
Grinding War Staff of the Giant Staff C 12489 Rare 85678
Weird Flail of Skill Mace E 1386 Magical 85779
Blessed Wool Mantle of Brilliance Chest C 12112 Rare 86706
Fools Light Leather Boots of The Tiger Feet F 100 Normal 87041
Commander's Enchanted Linen Hood of Accuracy Head C 9044 Rare 87335
Guardians Kite Shield of Strength Offhand B 25502 Rare 87508
Blessed Full Plate Bracers of Performance Arms B 31196 Magical 88733
Demonic Orb of Dexterity Offhand A 44871 Magical 88897
Strange Mace of The Fox Mace +E 300000 Normal 88917
Strange Splint Boots of Dexterity Feet +E 300000 Normal 89105
Lapis Combat Staff of Accuracy Staff C 8761 Rare 89672
Lord's Long War Bow of The Sun Bow A 55526 Epic 90012
Soldier's Wool Shoulder Guard of The Squid Shoulders C 10333 Rare 90327
Powered Morning Star of Frost Mace +C 4872000 Rare 90689
Weird Staff of Might Staff +E 300000 Normal 90828
Offhand Bastard Sword Offhand E 1496 Rare 91495
Fools Enchanted Linen Robe of Slaying Chest F 100 Rare 91877
Hunter's Large Quiver of the Giant Offhand Ω 1490062 92100
Weird Scale Helmet of The Mammoth Head F 100 Normal 92101
Soldier's Silk Mantle of Might Chest +C 5033400 Normal 92280
Commander's Kite Shield of Warding Offhand A 52333 Epic 93541
Soldier's Full Plate Bracers of The Mammoth Arms B 26121 Rare 94359
Warriors Linen Robe of Swiftness Chest C 9938 Rare 95061
Blessed Tower Shield of Maiming Offhand A 47962 Magical 95543
Bronze Short Battle Bow of Dexterity Bow +C 3507000 Normal 95839
Strange Light Leather Boots of The Mind Feet F 100 Magical 96195
Silver Katar of Performance Dagger C 9354 Rare 97043
Strange Splint Vambraces of Brilliance Arms F 100 Rare 97102
Gloomy Symbol of Skill Offhand +B 19024000 Normal 97168
Offhand Poleaxe Offhand D 1964 Rare 98523
Glorious Full Plate Great Helm of Slaying Head A 46010 Rare 98596
Warriors Full Plate Brigandine of Swiftness Chest B 26052 Magical 98894
Bronze Short Bow of The Fox Bow D 2857 Rare 99009
Deadly War Staff of Accuracy Staff +C 6396600 Normal 100939
Savage Combat Staff of Balance Staff B 27299 Epic 100959
Strange Long War Bow of The Wolf Bow E 700 Rare 101718
Fools Splint Tassets of Might Legs +E 300000 Rare 102683
Sparking Stiletto of Accuracy Dagger D 6691 Rare 103186