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Class: King's Guard

Experience: 98717

Level: 180

Health: 12780

Max Damage: 4900

Gold: 40870492

Kills: 306

Deaths: 1062

Quests: 132

Chests: 598

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Soldier's Padded Leather of Swiftness Legs D 2500 Normal 4075
Fools Hard Leather Body Armour of The Mammoth Chest F 100 Magical 4902
Weird Half-Plate Pauldrons of Maiming[G] Shoulders E 281 Magical 10776
Soldier's Studded Leather Cap of Fire[G] Head C 2054 Normal 10816
Soldier's Full Plate Vambraces of The Colossus Arms B 27478 Rare 32683
Glorious Enchanted Linen Mittens of Warding Hands B 30865 Epic 32681
Foul Broadsword of Strength Sword C 10239 Rare 32682
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Sharp Stiletto of Swiftness Dagger E 2000 Normal 4489
Lapis Great Axe of Precision Axe D 2989 Rare 8317
Fools Chain Bracers of Frost Arms F 100 Normal 10303
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Septic Combat Staff of Brilliance[G] Staff D 1080 Rare 10759
Lapis Battle Axe of The Colossus[G] Axe C 1769 Rare 10770
Warrior's Flail of Quickness[G] Mace C 2296 Normal 10774
Strange Linen Shoulder Guard of The Jackal[G] Shoulders F 20 Normal 10781
Steel Stiletto of Skill[G] Dagger D 583 Rare 10784
Iron Poleaxe of Brilliance[G] Polearm C 1923 Magical 10785
Jagged Combat Staff of The Mammoth[G] Staff D 1497 Normal 10789
Maiden's Glaive of Burning[G] Polearm C 1562 Magical 10803
Warrior's Qiang of Precision[G] Spear C 1788 Normal 10807
Strange Splint Boots of Might[G] Feet F 20 Normal 10810
Fine War Staff of The Mammoth[G] Staff C 1896 Normal 10811
Bronze Broad Axe of Fire[G] Axe E 270 Normal 10812
Knight's Wool Shoulder Guard of Winter[G] Shoulders D 1051 Rare 10813
Weird Enchanted Linen Skirt of The Fox[G] Legs F 20 Normal 10820
Iron Poleaxe of Fire[G] Polearm D 1405 Normal 10822
Weird Half-Plate Boots of The Fox[G] Feet E 135 Normal 10834
Warrior's Longsword of The Wolf[G] Sword C 1936 Rare 10836
Fool's Scepter of the Giant[G] Wand F 20 Rare 11755
Iron Kris of Precision Dagger D 7285 Normal 15824
Strange Silk Shoulder Guard of Frost Shoulders F 100 Normal 16528
Fools Linen Vambraces of Dexterity Arms F 100 Normal 16659
Strange Wool Mittens of The Mammoth Hands F 100 Magical 16792
Platinum Katana of Fire Sword D 7003 Magical 17605
Shocking Long Battle Bow of Frost Bow C 11643 Rare 18792
Fool's Dirk of Precision Dagger F 100 Normal 20278
Weird Splint Barbute of The Fox Head F 100 Rare 20879
Weird Enchanted Wool Slippers of Strength Feet F 100 Normal 20880
Weird Hard Leather Pauldrons of The Mammoth Shoulders F 100 Magical 26647
Shimmering Hunting Bow of Maiming Bow C 7583 Rare 30363
Weird Light Leather Hat of Might Head F 100 Normal 31409
Sparking Wand of Accuracy Wand C 9652 Rare 32406
Glorious Chain Mail of Excellence Arms C 11000 Rare 4071
Cobalt Pickaxe of Might Axe D 6642 Rare 8009
Prismatic Poleaxe of Thorns Polearm B 24560 Rare 34426
Illuminated Book of The Mammoth Offhand B 29505 Rare 35610
Azure Stiletto of Strength Dagger D 6805 Normal 35937
Bronze Dagger of Frost Dagger D 2764 Magical 36700
Meteoric Half Pike of Ages Spear B 22271 Rare 40803
Ranger's Small Quiver of Quickness Offhand B 22651 Rare 42642
Mysterious Symbol of Precision Offhand B 26380 Rare 43255
Fool's Two-Handed Sword of Performance Sword F 100 Rare 44552
Soldier's Half-Plate Boots of The Tiger Feet C 12394 Magical 47508
Strange Enchanted Linen Slippers of Thorns Feet F 100 Rare 47527
Knight's Enchanted Wool Slippers of The Colossus Feet B 20433 Rare 48188
Glorious Full Plate Sabatons of The Colossus Feet B 26957 Rare 48740
Strange Linen Skirt of Excellence Legs F 100 Rare 49102
Sorcerer's Symbol of Thorns Offhand Ω 1766073 49589
Soldier's Enchanted Linen Shoulder Guard of The Mind Shoulders C 10434 Magical 49674
Gloomy Symbol of The Colossus Offhand A 46371 Magical 49754
Hard Leather Enchanted Quiver of Quickness Offhand B 20971 Normal 50240
Offhand Poleaxe Offhand D 1975 Magical 50315
Strange Scale Vambraces of Swiftness Arms +E 1867676 Rare 50403
Sharp Katar of Precision Dagger C 8541 Normal 51614
Fools Full Plate Plackart of Excellence Chest F 100 Magical 52341
Smoldering Kris of The Mind Dagger C 11707 Magical 53270
Sharp Heavy Crossbow of The Fox Crossbow C 9229 Rare 54475
Blessed Full Plate Pauldrons of Winter Shoulders B 23121 Magical 54913
Offhand Dagger Offhand E 1483 Rare 54916
Blessed Splint Pauldrons of the Giant Shoulders C 13129 Rare 54990
Fools Silk Slippers of The Fox Feet F 100 Normal 55930
Blessed Padded Leather Pauldrons of The Squid Shoulders C 12806 Rare 56072
Soldier's Studded Leather Pants of The Wolf Legs +B 8336800 Rare 57018
Sharp Hatchet of The Tiger Axe +D 1189200 Normal 57238
King's Scale Barbute of Enlightenment Head B 27192 Epic 57438
Soldier's Full Plate Tassets of The Mind Legs B 26531 Magical 57645
Soldier's Enchanted Wool Vambraces of Quickness Arms C 10275 Magical 92691
Deadly Great Bow of Strength Bow C 10483 Magical 94271
Steel Voulge of The Mammoth Polearm +C 5144400 Normal 94272
Static Poleaxe of Performance Polearm C 10556 Rare 94304
Weird Chain Hauberk of The Jackal Chest +E 300000 Normal 94413
Shimmering Mace of The Jackal Mace C 8048 Rare 94670
Charged Stiletto of Swiftness Dagger C 7582 Rare 94719
Guardians Wool Slippers of Winter Feet C 11373 Rare 94721
Blessed Splint Cuirass of Performance Chest B 21636 Magical 94779
Soldier's Enchanted Linen Shoulder Guard of Winter Shoulders C 10237 Rare 95984
Knight's Full Plate Barbute of Skill Head B 22155 Rare 96433
Warriors Enchanted Linen Mantle of Fire Chest C 10771 Rare 96765
Visionary Glaive of the Giant Polearm C 10391 Epic 96919
Knight's Padded Leather Vambraces of Enlightenment Arms B 21605 Rare 96973
Studded Leather Enchanted Quiver of Accuracy Offhand B 23327 Rare 97047
Commander's Enchanted Linen Shoulder Guard of Swiftness Shoulders C 10542 Rare 97130
Glacial Siege Crossbow of The Mind Crossbow C 12452 Rare 97248
Lord's Chain Bracers of the Giant Arms Ω 1632012 97310
Cobalt Cutlass of The Colossus Sword C 13191 Rare 97311
Septic Long Bow of The Jackal Bow C 7850 Magical 98068
Glacial Scepter of Transcendence Wand B 26414 Rare 98901
Guardians Light Leather Pants of Winter Legs C 10199 Rare 99066
Grinding Katar of Pestilence Dagger +B 11825100 Rare 100236
Sapphire Scepter of Ages Wand A 47124 Epic 101249
Static Wand of Precision Wand C 11360 Rare 101716
Illuminated Orb of Might Offhand B 27172 Epic 102261