Last Updated: 30/01/2016 21:58:08 UTC/GMT

Libelldra Das Pyromane

Class: Assassin

Experience: 37214

Level: 122

Health: 5152

Max Damage: 6688

Gold: 17041887

Kills: 180

Deaths: 692

Quests: 129

Chests: 403

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Guardians Silk Skirt of The Mammoth[G] Legs C 2320 Rare 11003
Sapphire Pike of The Leech Spear B 28428 Epic 8748
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Iron Siege Crossbow of Skill[G] Crossbow C 1679 Normal 7457
Soldier's Studded Leather Gloves of Excellence Hands C 12107 Magical 8996
Strange Full Plate Cuisses of Frost Legs F 100 Normal 9153
Deadly War Staff of Swiftness Staff C 11748 Normal 10407
Strange Morning Star of The Mammoth Mace F 100 Magical 10408
Fool's Siege Crossbow of Accuracy[G] Crossbow F 20 Normal 10465
Iron Halberd of The Wolf[G] Polearm C 1637 Normal 11001
Glacial Spear of The Tiger[G] Spear C 1780 Magical 7456
Soldier's Enchanted Silk Skirt of Might[G] Legs C 2068 Magical 11016
Strange Splint Cuisses of Quickness[G] Legs F 20 Magical 11028
Commander's Splint Gloves of Precision[G] Hands D 1675 Magical 11044
Jagged Claymore of Precision[G] Sword D 527 Normal 11123
Blazing Poleaxe of The Jackal[G] Polearm C 2000 Magical 11022
Soldier's Wool Robe of Skill[G] Chest D 1109 Normal 11127
Strange Dirk of The Tiger[G] Dagger F 20 Magical 11124
Weird Mace of Excellence[G] Mace E 138 Magical 11131
Pure Pickaxe of Swiftness[G] Axe C 1730 Rare 11128
Fools Enchanted Silk Skirt of Precision[G] Legs F 20 Normal 11137
Shimmering Rapier of Winter[G] Sword C 1742 Rare 11139
Strange Padded Leather Pauldrons of The Jackal[G] Shoulders F 20 Normal 11141
Shocking Yari of Quickness[G] Spear D 1042 Rare 11156
Fool's Wand of The Wolf[G] Wand F 20 Normal 11612
Visionary War Staff of Transcendence[G] Staff D 1611 Rare 11624
Fine Scimitar of Strength[G] Sword D 556 Normal 11626
Fools Scale Tassets of The Jackal[G] Legs F 20 Normal 11627
Brutal Morning Star of Maiming[G] Mace D 1181 Rare 11628
Fools Wool Vambraces of Dexterity Arms F 100 Normal 12610
Weird Enchanted Wool Vambraces of Quickness Arms F 100 Magical 13368
Septic Short Battle Bow of The Fox[G] Bow C 1996 Magical 14555
Soldier's Wool Gloves of The Mammoth[G] Hands C 1538 Magical 14556
Glorious Half-Plate Bevor of Accuracy[G] Chest D 2142 Rare 14557
Commander's Enchanted Linen Shoulder Guard of Fire Shoulders C 9121 Magical 14737
Iron Combat Staff of Fire Staff D 6891 Normal 15556
Weird Chain Vambraces of Skill Arms F 100 Normal 16308
Warrior's Flail of The Tiger Mace C 11032 Normal 16845
Soldier's Enchanted Linen Skirt of Accuracy Legs C 8158 Magical 17764
Weird Padded Leather Hat of The Wolf Head F 100 Normal 17984
Strange Studded Leather Bracers of Might Arms F 100 Normal 19904
Strange Scale Sabatons of The Fox Feet F 100 Normal 21482
Strange Scale Gloves of The Jackal Hands F 100 Normal 21499
Weird Silk Skirt of Precision Legs F 100 Normal 23150
Iron Broad Axe of Accuracy Axe E 1498 Normal 29363
Hard Leather Small Quiver of The Colossus Offhand C 12516 Epic 34059
Fools Studded Leather Pants of Excellence Legs F 100 Rare 35671
Foul Yari of Winter Spear C 12501 Rare 36080
Fools Padded Leather Sandals of Frost Feet +E 2444491 Magical 39904
Guardians Silk Skirt of Transcendence Legs B 20302 Epic 42655
Weird Hard Leather Pauldrons of Might Shoulders F 100 Magical 43256
Bronze Staff of Performance Staff D 6819 Magical 43422
Ranger's Enchanted Quiver of Swiftness Offhand Ω 1303739 45912
Fiery Scepter of Skill Wand B 26820 Rare 45915
Hunter's Enchanted Quiver of the Giant Offhand A 44280 Rare 46381
Strange Padded Leather Pants of Skill Legs +E 2355378 Normal 47603
Holy Great Tower Shield of Maiming Offhand Ω 866603 Epic 48265
Sparking Long Bow of The Mammoth Bow D 7197 Rare 49159
Guardians Enchanted Linen Slippers of Maiming Feet C 11441 Rare 49738
Blessed Light Leather Sandals of Brilliance Feet C 9985 Rare 50101
Blessed Half-Plate Pauldrons of Accuracy Shoulders B 21214 Rare 50442
Soldier's Silk Gloves of Precision Hands C 8719 Rare 51533
Offhand Tomahawk Offhand E 1349 Magical 52439
Soldier's Padded Leather Sandals of The Wolf Feet C 8401 Rare 53012
Blessed Light Leather Bracers of Excellence Arms C 10319 Rare 53016
Iron Kite Shield of Dexterity Offhand B 21005 Rare 54322
Blessed Chain Hauberk of Pestilence Chest B 23549 Rare 54780
Strange Scepter of Dexterity Wand D 2705 Magical 56787
Fine Great Sword of The Mammoth Sword C 9899 Rare 56907
Merciless Katar of the Giant Dagger B 23914 Epic 57252
Meteoric Half Pike of Slaying Spear C 10304 Epic 57716
Offhand Dagger Offhand E 1311 Rare 57717