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Class: Ranger

Experience: 100001

Level: 180

Health: 9912

Max Damage: 8400

Gold: 58066874

Kills: 367

Deaths: 1630

Quests: 163

Chests: 816

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Fools Light Leather of The Fox Head E 10 Normal 3341
Commander's Hard Leather of Brilliance Legs D 5500 Magical 3924
Freezing Scimitar of The Colossus Sword E 3000 Magical 4963
Holy Half-Plate Gauntlets of Enlightenment Hands A 45928 Epic 14463
Soldier's Linen of the Giant Feet E 5000 Rare 5384
Soldier's Wool Vambraces of Quickness Arms C 8593 Normal 9658
Blessed Padded Leather of Transcendence Chest D 7000 Rare 4607
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Commander's Splint Mail of Brilliance Legs D 6000 Magical 4299
Steel Broad Axe of The Mammoth Axe E 1500 Normal 4512
Soldier's Wool of Swiftness Hands D 2500 Normal 5125
Bronze Qiang of Quickness Spear E 2500 Magical 3925
Gold Voulge of Frost Polearm C 8256 Magical 4799
Sparking Glaive of The Mammoth Polearm C 7525 Magical 5282
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Gold War Staff of The Jackal Staff C 10372 Magical 8094
Fools Hard Leather Boots of The Fox Feet F 100 Rare 9047
Maiden's Short Battle Bow of Might Bow C 7940 Magical 9109
Fools Full Plate Great Helm of Accuracy Head F 100 Normal 9559
Silver Mace of Brilliance Mace C 9836 Magical 9707
Fools Linen Slippers of The Mammoth Feet F 100 Magical 11933
Steel Wand of The Wolf Wand D 3000 Magical 4434
Soldier's Dagger of Maiming Dagger D 4000 Magical 4578
Warrior's Short Battle Bow of Thorns Bow C 12130 Rare 9786
Weird Hard Leather Gloves of Pestilence Hands E 1274 Magical 8529
Burning Composite Bow of The Mammoth Bow C 10289 Magical 16459
Weird Battle Axe of Skill Axe F 100 Normal 17931
Ferocious Katar of Balance Dagger A 40353 Epic 18261
Charged Voulge of Fire Polearm C 8432 Magical 18991
Deadly War Staff of Dexterity Staff C 8927 Normal 19241
Strange Hard Leather Cervelliere of The Jackal Head F 100 Normal 19954
Soldier's Half-Plate Bevor of The Mind Chest B 28034 Magical 19980
Soldier's Linen Skirt of Burning Legs C 7882 Magical 20682
Commander's Wool Mittens of Dexterity Hands C 9019 Rare 20710
Commander's Half-Plate Sabatons of Skill Feet C 12804 Magical 21112
Fools Scale Boots of Slaying Feet F 100 Rare 21495
Weird Studded Leather Bracers of Maiming Arms F 100 Magical 22528
Soldier's Splint Vambraces of Quickness Arms C 12324 Normal 24235
Fools Linen Gloves of Might Hands F 100 Normal 30988
Steel Light Crossbow of The Tiger Crossbow D 6768 Normal 31004
Guardians Light Leather Bracers of Slaying Arms C 11890 Epic 34689
Demonic Book of Might Offhand A 46518 Rare 34690
Powered Morning Star of Excellence Mace C 10047 Rare 35551
Soldier's Padded Leather Bracers of Skill Arms +C 7286592 Rare 35611
Azure Rapier of The Tiger Sword C 8467 Magical 42024
Jagged Battle Axe of Frost Axe +E 2615289 Normal 42128
Blessed Half-Plate Bascinet of Dexterity Head B 20414 Rare 42659
Visionary Half Pike of Fire Spear C 7718 Rare 44302
Iron Voulge of The Fox Polearm C 8095 Rare 44667
Grinding Pike of Fire Spear C 8824 Rare 44955
Powered Glaive of The Jackal Polearm C 7637 Rare 47518
Soldier's Splint Boots of Burning Feet C 10145 Rare 47899
Iron Tower Shield of Brilliance Offhand A 89623 Rare 48103
Weird Enchanted Wool Mittens of Skill Hands F 100 Normal 49011
Fools Linen Mittens of Performance Hands F 100 Magical 50216
Fools Hard Leather Cervelliere of Burning Head F 100 Rare 50302
Soldier's Wool Shoulder Guard of Fire Shoulders D 7079 Magical 50428
Fools Half-Plate Vambraces of The Mind Arms F 100 Rare 53754
Jagged Scepter of Slaying Wand B 21569 Rare 54176
Mysterious Symbol of Swiftness Offhand +B 22098000 Normal 55251
Jagged Dirk of The Wolf Dagger D 6590 Normal 56612
Mysterious Book of Dexterity Offhand B 20543 Normal 57426
Azure Bastard Sword of The Wolf Sword +C 4600800 Normal 57603
Offhand Broadsword Offhand E 1491 Rare 58689
Iron Glaive of The Colossus Polearm C 8755 Rare 59081
Chilling Bardiche of Thorns Polearm C 11391 Rare 59676
Fools Splint Sabatons of Fire Feet F 100 Rare 60092
Lord's Silk Vambraces of Ages Arms B 28380 Epic 60093
Massive Long Battle Bow of The Leech Bow B 27929 Epic 60148
Soldier's Scale Cuirass of Precision Chest +C 6615000 Magical 60149
Chromatic Heavy Crossbow of Ages Crossbow Ω 1614512 60631
Bronze Combat Staff of Burning Staff +C 4965600 Magical 60791
Glorious Chain Gloves of Thorns Hands B 26831 Epic 60854
Guardians Wool Shoulder Guard of Balance Shoulders B 26479 Epic 61562
Ranger's Enchanted Quiver of The Mammoth Offhand B 30542 Rare 61570
Commander's Full Plate Plackart of Maiming Chest B 27828 Rare 63185
Offhand Battle Axe Offhand D 2162 Magical 63981
Weird Enchanted Wool Shoulder Guard of The Mammoth Shoulders F 100 Normal 64645
Eery Orb of The Tiger Offhand A 45525 Rare 66153
Weird Padded Leather Boots of The Mind Feet F 100 Rare 66310
Meteoric Dagger of Brilliance Dagger C 11111 Rare 66953
Commander's Half-Plate Helmet of The Squid Head B 24591 Magical 69009
Azure Dirk of Accuracy Dagger C 8519 Normal 69656
Warriors Scale Sabatons of Ages Feet B 24736 Rare 70037
Holy Enchanted Silk Hood of Balance Head A 42789 Epic 70442
Holy Studded Leather Helmet of The Leech Head Ω 1378737 70581
Static Dagger of Accuracy Dagger C 8135 Rare 71265
Fools Enchanted Silk Skirt of Slaying Legs F 100 Rare 71738
Fool's Siege Crossbow of Accuracy Crossbow +E 300000 Normal 72583
Meteoric Spear of Excellence Spear C 8887 Rare 72965
Glorious Scale Tassets of Swiftness Legs B 27177 Rare 72996
King's Voulge of Balance Polearm A 45622 Epic 73750
Glacial Long Battle Bow of Pestilence Bow C 10882 Rare 74025
Fine Poleaxe of The Mind Polearm C 10362 Magical 74645
Strange Hard Leather Helmet of Might Head F 100 Normal 74919
Weird Chan Skirt of The Mammoth Legs +E 300000 Normal 75500
Strange Half-Plate Great Helm of Frost Head F 100 Rare 75845
Mysterious Book of The Colossus Offhand B 26311 Rare 78190
Fools Enchanted Wool Skirt of Might Legs F 100 Rare 79056
Offhand Tomahawk Offhand E 1311 Epic 81255
Mysterious Book of Strength Offhand B 23872 Magical 81257
Fine Great Sword of The Wolf Sword +C 6664700 Normal 81449
Strange Padded Leather Bracers of Strength Arms F 100 Normal 82939
Demonic Symbol of Performance Offhand A 45150 Rare 82940
Fools Wool Shoulder Guard of Thorns Shoulders F 100 Rare 84728
Jagged Heavy Crossbow of Quickness Crossbow D 6536 Rare 86141
Weird Scale Brigandine of The Jackal Chest +E 300000 Normal 88045
Commander's Linen Shoulder Guard of The Colossus Shoulders +B 8381600 Magical 88786
Fools Full Plate Pauldrons of The Colossus Shoulders +E 300000 Magical 90444
Mysterious Orb of Strength Offhand +B 22054000 Normal 91209
Sorcerer's Symbol of Maiming Offhand A 46236 Rare 92530
Glorious Padded Leather Sandals of Ages Feet B 24459 Rare 93309
Maiden's Morning Star of The Mammoth Mace C 10055 Magical 93538
Gloomy Symbol of Fire Offhand +B 19193000 Normal 97195
Chilling Siege Crossbow of the Giant Crossbow C 11228 Rare 97641
Ferocious Scepter of Slaughter Wand A 50589 Epic 97956
Warriors Hard Leather Sandals of Performance Feet C 11939 Rare 98570
Weird Linen Shoulder Guard of Quickness Shoulders F 100 Magical 101014
Lord's Studded Leather Helmet of Slaying Head B 26884 Epic 101097
Iron Wand of The Mammoth Wand +C 6633900 Normal 102560