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Class: Apex Archer

Experience: 16502

Level: 101

Health: 5904

Max Damage: 11462

Gold: 3052577

Kills: 153

Deaths: 599

Quests: 146

Chests: 325

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Soldier's Hard Leather Pants of Accuracy[G] Legs C 1799 Normal 56090
Eery Orb of The Jackal Offhand A 43288 Magical 44494
Knight's Half-Plate Sabatons of Dexterity[G] Feet B 3830 Rare 56121
Massive Short Bow of Ages Bow Ω 1201910 52460
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Soldier's Scale Vambraces of The Mammoth Arms C 12799 Normal 12760
Deadly Great Bow of Quickness Bow C 10463 Normal 15672
Blessed Linen Gloves of Thorns Hands C 11920 Rare 17763
Guardians Full Plate Bracers of The Wolf Arms A 37981 Rare 20073
Blessed Scale Boots of The Fox Feet C 10776 Magical 33000
Warriors Silk Shoulder Guard of The Squid Shoulders C 12627 Magical 43211
Warriors Splint Gloves of Pestilence Hands B 26349 Magical 44483
Warriors Full Plate Bevor of Frost Chest A 40432 Magical 45826
Static Wand of Skill Wand C 11491 Rare 50504
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Commander's Chain Boots of Winter[G] Feet C 2217 Magical 56082
Weird Scale Pauldrons of The Jackal[G] Shoulders E 135 Normal 56083
Strange Battle Axe of Swiftness[G] Axe F 20 Normal 56084
Weird Chain Shoulder Guard of Dexterity[G] Shoulders F 20 Normal 56085
Fool's Siege Bow of Maiming[G] Bow F 20 Magical 56086
Weird Enchanted Silk Slippers of The Mammoth[G] Feet F 20 Normal 56087
Gloomy Book of Fire[G] Offhand D 1680 Normal 56088
Soldier's Glaive of The Jackal[G] Polearm C 2066 Magical 56089
Azure Siege Bow of Quickness[G] Bow C 2056 Normal 56091
Burning Long Battle Bow of Accuracy[G] Bow D 1015 Magical 56093
Warrior's Stiletto of Pestilence[G] Dagger C 1946 Magical 56114
Commander's Enchanted Wool Skirt of Frost[G] Legs D 1411 Magical 56115
Warriors Studded Leather Vambraces of The Mammoth[G] Arms C 2465 Magical 56116
Fools Light Leather Gloves of Fire[G] Hands F 20 Normal 56117
Blessed Light Leather Pants of The Colossus[G] Legs C 2146 Rare 56118
Hard Leather Small Quiver of Dexterity[G] Offhand C 2007 Normal 56119
Leather Enchanted Quiver of Frost[G] Offhand C 2681 Normal 56120
Strange Silk Mittens of Might Hands F 100 Normal 56767
Commander's Silk Shoulder Guard of The Tiger Shoulders C 10902 Magical 56893
Soldier's Enchanted Linen Skirt of The Jackal Legs +C 6847400 Normal 56894
Glorious Scale Tassets of Excellence Legs B 28002 Rare 56899
Strange Half-Plate Sabatons of The Squid Feet F 100 Magical 57391