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Megapoketmonsters (Jay) ShyBee

Class: Arcane Archer

Experience: 65871

Level: 149

Health: 6390

Max Damage: 4485

Gold: 44432563

Kills: 270

Deaths: 1736

Quests: 152

Chests: 820

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Fools Full Plate Boots of The Wolf[G] Feet F 20 Normal 7771
Silver Katana of Maiming[G] Sword D 1461 Magical 7772
Strange Enchanted Wool Mittens of Strength[G] Hands F 20 Rare 68359
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Fools Padded Leather of Precision Feet E 10 Magical 4547
Shimmering Short Bow of Excellence Bow E 3500 Rare 4851
Azure Combat Staff of The Wolf Staff D 4500 Rare 4924
Azure Long Bow of Dexterity Bow E 1500 Normal 5089
Soldier's Chain Mail of Fire Arms D 3500 Normal 5459
Iron Yari of Dexterity Spear E 2000 Normal 3324
Soldier's Silk of The Squid Legs D 7500 Epic 3938
Sharp Half Pike of The Mammoth Spear C 8383 Rare 5843
Weird Splint Sabatons of Maiming Feet F 100 Magical 6651
Commander's Half-Plate Cuisses of Performance Legs B 23083 Magical 6961
Soldier's Silk Vambraces of The Mammoth Arms C 9325 Normal 6980
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Glacial Siege Crossbow of The Mammoth[G] Crossbow D 1103 Rare 7766
Fools Splint Bracers of Might Arms F 100 Magical 7773
Fiery Katar of Frost Dagger C 9032 Magical 8610
Deadly Kris of The Jackal Dagger C 10286 Magical 10340
Warriors Scale Bevor of The Colossus Chest B 20949 Magical 11604
Static Pickaxe of Skill Axe D 2839 Magical 12698
Silver Light Crossbow of The Squid Crossbow C 9060 Magical 15661
Fools Full Plate Vambraces of The Tiger Arms F 100 Normal 18277
Shocking Staff of The Sun Staff A 42758 Epic 18501
Fools Full Plate Cuirass of Swiftness Chest F 100 Magical 26096
Blessed Half-Plate Gauntlets of The Mind Hands B 27337 Magical 32098
Weird Splint Cuirass of Accuracy Chest F 100 Normal 42435
Azure Stiletto of Quickness Dagger C 7652 Normal 43151
Burning Kris of The Fox Dagger C 9086 Magical 45350
Illuminated Book of Quickness Offhand B 29306 Magical 47837
Weird Full Plate Great Helm of Maiming Head D 6366 Rare 48600
Mysterious Orb of Transcendence Offhand B 28039 Rare 48606
Eery Symbol of Strength[G] Offhand A 7864 Magical 48988
Fools Enchanted Silk Skirt of Might[G] Legs F 20 Magical 48990
Weird Wand of Pestilence[G] Wand D 564 Magical 48991
Maiden's Half Pike of Fire[G] Spear D 1355 Rare 48992
Eery Orb of The Squid[G] Offhand A 8000 Magical 48993
Weird Silk Mittens of The Jackal[G] Hands F 20 Normal 48994
Iron Siege Crossbow of Accuracy Crossbow C 8156 Normal 51418
Grinding Poleaxe of Skill Polearm C 9447 Rare 52206
Visionary Mace of The Jackal Mace C 9856 Rare 52527
Soldier's Full Plate Brigandine of The Mammoth Chest B 20815 Rare 53272
Iron Shield of The Jackal Offhand C 13063 Normal 53576
Warrior's Combat Staff of Might[G] Staff C 1734 Normal 54074
Blessed Enchanted Silk Slippers of Frost Feet C 10838 Rare 54787
Sparking Broad Axe of Maiming Axe D 2646 Magical 56030
Smoldering Great Axe of Accuracy Axe D 2598 Rare 56938
Bronze Scepter of Strength Wand +B 20971000 Normal 57681
Weird Enchanted Linen Vambraces of The Jackal Arms F 100 Normal 68151
Fools Light Leather Cap of The Colossus[G] Head F 20 Magical 68358
Fools Enchanted Silk Shoulder Guard of The Jackal Shoulders F 100 Normal 68381
Holy Book of The Colossus Offhand A 47564 Rare 68735
Knight's Padded Leather Pauldrons of Excellence Shoulders C 12639 Rare 70069
Eery Orb of The Mammoth Offhand A 44459 Epic 70072
Offhand Dirk Offhand D 2206 Epic 70657
Strange Long Bow of Winter Bow F 100 Magical 70826
Steel Small Shield of The Squid Offhand C 12524 Rare 71263
Fiery Staff of Swiftness Staff C 9562 Rare 71292
Sparking Mace of Quickness Mace C 8279 Magical 71423
Freezing Staff of Frost Staff D 6628 Rare 72557
Sorcerer's Symbol of Quickness Offhand A 49861 Rare 72760
Fools Light Leather Sandals of Frost Feet F 100 Magical 72940
Fools Splint Plackart of Swiftness Chest F 100 Magical 75047
Deadly Wand of Skill Wand +C 6152300 Normal 75378
Fools Light Leather Sandals of The Fox Feet +E 300000 Magical 75528
Grinding Morning Star of Balance Mace B 23673 Epic 75647
Holy Book of Enlightenment Offhand A 51930 Rare 76064
Knight's Silk Mittens of Pestilence Hands B 19507 Rare 76174
Azure Dagger of The Fox Dagger C 8924 Magical 78763
Maiden's Heavy Crossbow of Transcendence Crossbow C 11506 Rare 80429
Glorious Splint Vambraces of Might Arms B 23768 Rare 80698
Freezing Heavy Crossbow of The Wolf Crossbow C 8903 Rare 80763
Strange Great Sword of The Squid Sword E 1267 Rare 81417
Blessed Kite Shield of Quickness Offhand B 31324 Magical 82046
Soldier's Padded Leather Pants of Pestilence Legs C 11029 Rare 85560
Blessed Enchanted Wool Vambraces of The Wolf Arms C 10752 Magical 86456
Meteoric Siege Bow of Brilliance Bow B 19175 Rare 86977
Demonic Book of Quickness Offhand A 48491 Rare 87093
Warrior's Mace of Slaying Mace C 9725 Rare 87334
Warriors Enchanted Silk Skirt of Might Legs C 11079 Rare 89352
Strange Half-Plate Vambraces of The Wolf Arms F 100 Magical 89440
Divine Mace of The Whale Mace A 52179 Epic 90475
Iron Great Tower Shield of The Jackal Offhand Ω 806897 Epic 90659
Soldier's Half-Plate Bevor of Dexterity Chest B 21381 Magical 90911
Iron Combat Staff of Dexterity Staff D 7483 Rare 91154
Powered Flail of Swiftness Mace C 10866 Rare 91684
Soldier's Linen Slippers of Thorns Feet C 10979 Rare 91763
Grinding War Staff of Balance Staff B 25819 Epic 91876
Weird Light Leather Hat of Precision Head +E 300000 Normal 92130
Weird Half-Plate Sabatons of Quickness Feet E 746 Rare 92690
Static Katar of Burning Dagger C 11378 Magical 93012
Soldier's Padded Leahter Body Armour of The Tiger Chest C 8987 Rare 93707
Weird Full Plate Barbute of The Mammoth Head +E 300000 Normal 94523
Offhand Hatchet Offhand E 648 Rare 94969
Charged Siege Bow of Slaying Bow C 11328 Rare 97044
Bronze Hatchet of Precision Axe +E 300000 Normal 97637
Glorious Silk Skirt of Swiftness Legs B 20389 Rare 98040
Holy Symbol of The Wolf Offhand A 50980 Rare 98436
Holy Symbol of Winter Offhand A 45522 Magical 98491
Holy Studded Leather Vambraces of The Sun Arms A 82873 Epic 98794
Soldier's Half-Plate Cuisses of The Wolf Legs B 21392 Rare 99012
Glorious Hard Leather Body Armour of The Fox Chest B 23804 Rare 99308
Strange Full Plate Boots of Excellence Feet F 100 Magical 99983
Fool's Combat Staff of Swiftness Staff F 100 Magical 100065
Powered Pike of the Giant Spear C 10310 Rare 102375