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Class: Archmage

Experience: 98659

Level: 180

Health: 7469

Max Damage: 9900

Gold: 48781000

Kills: 314

Deaths: 1802

Quests: 145

Chests: 850

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Fools Light Leather of Slaying Feet E 10 Rare 4412
Warriors Hard Leather of The Colossus Head D 5500 Magical 4531
Commander's Splint Tassets of Winter Legs B 21080 Magical 4928
Fools Enchanted Wool Robe of Accuracy Chest F 100 Magical 10897
Slayer's Wand of The Whale Wand A 43374 Epic 12749
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Soldier's Light Crossbow of Transcendence Crossbow D 5500 Rare 4780
Weird Full Plate of The Wolf Feet E 1000 Normal 4853
Pitchfork Spear E 0 Normal 0
Warrior's Hunting Bow of Burning Bow E 3000 Magical 4627
Fine Dirk of The Squid Dagger E 2500 Magical 5504
Jagged War Staff of Pestilence Staff E 2000 Rare 3725
Blessed Full Plate of The Tiger Legs C 7500 Magical 5148
Fools Hard Leather Gloves of Dexterity Hands F 100 Magical 6842
Fools Light Leather Hat of Maiming Head F 100 Magical 7935
Weird Wand of The Tiger Wand D 1886 Normal 10632
Deadly Qiang of The Tiger Spear C 10206 Magical 10823
Weird Half-Plate Helmet of The Fox Head E 689 Magical 11471
Smoldering Staff of Might Staff C 7906 Magical 12595
Maiden's Combat Staff of Brilliance Staff D 5500 Epic 5386
Bronze Stiletto of The Tiger[G] Dagger D 1465 Normal 12772
Weird Halberd of The Tiger Polearm E 1298 Normal 13256
Septic Scepter of The Mammoth[G] Wand B 4907 Magical 13264
Warrior's Morning Star of Fire Mace C 7656 Normal 19341
Azure Siege Crossbow of Might Crossbow C 9199 Rare 19780
Strange Enchanted Wool Vambraces of Skill Arms F 100 Normal 20078
Knight's Scale Pauldrons of Thorns Shoulders B 28627 Rare 20953
Strange Padded Leather Gloves of The Squid Hands F 100 Magical 21480
Commander's Light Leather Pauldrons of Brilliance Shoulders C 10188 Rare 21628
Steel Light Crossbow of Fire Crossbow D 2768 Normal 25182
Strange Hard Leather Pauldrons of Strength Shoulders F 100 Normal 25906
Soldier's Enchanted Wool Slippers of The Wolf Feet C 10470 Normal 30204
Powered Siege Crossbow of Fire Crossbow C 10399 Magical 32676
Weird Splint Bracers of Precision[G] Arms E 146 Rare 35475
Illuminated Symbol of The Jackal[G] Offhand C 2262 Magical 35477
Chilling Poleaxe of Performance[G] Polearm C 1946 Rare 35499
Slayer's Siege Crossbow of The Fox[G] Crossbow C 2439 Rare 35500
Gold Great Axe of Frost Axe D 2009 Magical 42201
Eery Orb of The Colossus Offhand A 48784 Rare 46033
Vicious Pickaxe of Maiming Axe D 7442 Rare 47707
Blessed Enchanted Wool Mantle of Maiming Chest C 12698 Magical 48515
Strange Scale Cuisses of Might Legs F 100 Normal 49876
Weird Wool Gloves of The Jackal Hands F 100 Normal 50159
Fools Padded Leahter Body Armour of The Wolf[G] Chest F 20 Magical 51993
Weird Half-Plate Helmet of The Mammoth[G] Head E 140 Rare 51994
Powered Two-Handed Sword of Dexterity[G] Sword D 1287 Rare 51995
Fools Splint Sabatons of Dexterity[G] Feet F 20 Magical 51996
Steel Halberd of The Mammoth[G] Polearm C 1544 Normal 51997
Blessed Full Plate Boots of Slaying[G] Feet B 4863 Rare 51998
Platinum Morning Star of Dexterity[G] Mace C 1752 Magical 51999
Blessed Padded Leather Sandals of Performance[G] Feet D 1496 Magical 52000
Wooden Kite Shield of The Fox[G] Offhand B 3906 Normal 52001
Hard Leather Enchanted Quiver of Skill[G] Offhand C 2580 Normal 52002
Illuminated Book of Dexterity Offhand +B 20304000 Normal 54861
Master's Full Plate Pauldrons of Balance Shoulders Ω 1440756 55407
Commander's Splint Helmet of Quickness Head C 12499 Rare 56137
Commander's Hard Leather Pauldrons of Pestilence Shoulders B 22345 Rare 56736
Guardians Half-Plate Close Helmet of The Leech Head A 40727 Epic 56839
Demonic Symbol of Burning Offhand +A 86222300 Rare 61601
Fools Scale Gloves of Precision Hands F 100 Magical 61707
Ranger's Small Quiver of Brilliance Offhand B 24888 Rare 62261
Guardians Silk Mittens of Enlightenment Hands B 21333 Rare 62281
Knight's Heavy Crossbow of the Giant Crossbow B 19258 Epic 62452
Powered Wand of The Jackal Wand C 11276 Rare 62558
Offhand Broad Axe Offhand E 1424 Magical 62582
Lapis Short Battle Bow of The Jackal Bow C 10921 Rare 63190
Meteoric Light Crossbow of The Colossus Crossbow C 10131 Rare 63323
Wolf Skin Enchanted Quiver of Quickness Offhand B 25879 Magical 63639
Blessed Chain Bracers of Swiftness Arms B 22107 Rare 63867
Chromatic Great Sword of Balance Sword Ω 1579408 63889
Soldier's Chain Bracers of Performance Arms C 12005 Rare 64013
Offhand Sabre Offhand E 1321 Rare 64627
Cobalt War Staff of The Wolf Staff B 19092 Rare 66327
Knight's Wand of Balance Wand A 38275 Epic 66428
Cruel Voulge of Thorns Polearm B 28445 Epic 66666
Knight's Linen Shoulder Guard of Frost Shoulders C 9227 Rare 68174
Lord's Scale Plackart of Perfection Chest A 47337 Epic 68223
Warrior's Stiletto of Precision Dagger D 7375 Rare 69893
Wolf Skin Enchanted Quiver of Fire Offhand B 25412 Rare 70748
Holy Book of Winter Offhand A 47633 Epic 70773
Platinum Light Crossbow of Skill Crossbow +C 3566000 Rare 71793
Warrior's Combat Staff of Slaying Staff C 10601 Rare 71794
Ranger's Large Quiver of Transcendence Offhand B 27205 Rare 71868
Strange Scale Boots of Skill Feet F 100 Rare 72161
Glorious Scale Cuirass of Perfection Chest A 46277 Epic 72369
Sapphire Tomahawk of Slaying Axe Ω 1396978 72401
Warriors Studded Leather Bracers of The Fox Arms C 12176 Rare 73041
Lord's Enchanted Wool Shoulder Guard of Ages Shoulders B 25557 Epic 73292
Cleric's Book of Skill Offhand Ω 1462382 73321
Glorious Full Plate Barbute of The Leech Head Ω 1425166 73777
Fine Combat Staff of The Tiger Staff C 7810 Magical 74305
Strange Splint Tassets of Accuracy Legs +E 300000 Normal 75726
Sharp Light Crossbow of Precision Crossbow +C 3282000 Normal 75727
Slayer's Morning Star of Ages Mace B 24059 Rare 76702
Weird Padded Leather Vambraces of Might Arms +E 300000 Normal 77047
Freezing Composite Bow of Frost Bow C 8556 Rare 78553
Brutal Glaive of Winter Polearm C 10031 Rare 78556
Septic Morning Star of The Mind Mace C 13410 Magical 78656
Eery Orb of Precision Offhand A 44659 Magical 79586
Guardians Light Leather Vambraces of Pestilence Arms C 12175 Rare 80095
King's Linen Mittens of The Sun Hands A 51517 Epic 80096
Godly Full Plate Great Helm of The Whale Head SSS 231699 Epic 80793
Jagged Hatchet of The Mammoth Axe E 1485 Normal 83138
Weird Enchanted Silk Shoulder Guard of The Mammoth Shoulders F 100 Rare 83394
Soldier's Full Plate Great Helm of The Jackal Head B 26541 Magical 83902
Soldier's Full Plate Great Helm of Enlightenment Head A 43040 Rare 84040
Mysterious Orb of The Fox Offhand B 26144 Rare 85173
Offhand Rapier Offhand E 1431 Epic 85404
Shimmering Half Pike of Skill Spear D 6948 Rare 85720
Weird Flail of Fire Mace +E 300000 Normal 85721
Weird Scale Plackart of Strength Chest +E 300000 Normal 86400
Mysterious Symbol of The Wolf Offhand B 25989 Magical 87545
Warrior's Staff of The Tiger Staff +C 4571400 Normal 87782
Steel Wand of Skill Wand +C 4892400 Normal 89144
Visionary Mace of The Sun Mace B 30093 Epic 89477
Jagged Flail of Swiftness Mace C 7521 Rare 90096
Sparking Battle Axe of Slaying Axe +C 3618000 Rare 90239
Iron Shield of Winter Offhand C 12063 Magical 92630
Glorious Full Plate Cuirass of Quickness Chest A 39045 Rare 92931
Soldier's Stutted Leather Hat of Skill Head +C 7032900 Normal 92932
Blessed Full Plate Boots of Frost Feet B 19655 Rare 93223
Smoldering Battle Axe of The Mind Axe C 8990 Magical 93226
Holy Orb of Excellence Offhand A 43581 Rare 94215
Offhand Katar Offhand D 1943 Rare 95488
Hard Leather Large Quiver of Might Offhand +B 8672000 Normal 95567
Holy Orb of Skill Offhand A 43770 Magical 95624
Soldier's Studded Leather Vambraces of Frost Arms +C 6386100 Normal 96091
Strange Hard Leather Bracers of Strength Arms F 100 Rare 96786
Mysterious Symbol of Accuracy Offhand B 19959 Normal 97225
Powered Siege Bow of Winter Bow C 11131 Rare 98069
Blessed Linen Gloves of The Mind Hands C 11557 Magical 101717