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Class: Peasant

Experience: 15183

Level: 100

Health: 0

Max Damage: 0

Gold: 9804556

Kills: 113

Deaths: 745

Quests: 103

Chests: 373

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Soldier's Padded Leather Hat of Skill Head C 8340 Normal 4313
Soldier's Wool Robe of Brilliance Chest C 9663 Magical 4449
Fools Chain Bracers of Might Arms F 100 Normal 5104
Fools Light Leather Sandals of The Colossus Feet F 100 Magical 9298
Silver Poleaxe of The Mind Axe D 7089 Magical 9366
Soldier's Chain Shoulder Guard of Strength Shoulders C 9434 Magical 10516
Fine Flail of Quickness Mace C 8945 Normal 11634
Jagged Short War Bow of The Mammoth Bow C 7835 Normal 16019
Smoldering Morning Star of Precision Mace C 9876 Magical 17519
Fools Full Plate Cuirass of The Mammoth Chest F 100 Normal 17775
Warriors Silk Shoulder Guard of The Wolf Shoulders C 11276 Magical 18434
Lapis Long War Bow of The Jackal Bow C 12791 Magical 21109
Warrior's Poleaxe of Might Polearm C 8617 Magical 24576
Bronze Siege Crossbow of Skill Crossbow C 8726 Normal 28896
Bronze Half Pike of The Wolf Spear D 7099 Normal 29759
Warriors Half-Plate Sabatons of Winter Feet B 19455 Magical 29774
Blessed Splint Pauldrons of Ages Shoulders B 25698 Rare 30006
Fool's Heavy Crossbow of Dexterity Crossbow F 100 Normal 30066
Master's Enchanted Linen Shoulder Guard of Slaughter Shoulders B 23048 Epic 42146
Commander's Enchanted Wool Mittens of the Giant Hands C 10295 Rare 43178
Fools Hard Leather Pauldrons of Precision Shoulders F 100 Rare 43248
Warrior's Glaive of The Jackal Polearm C 8691 Normal 43342
Vicious Mace of The Colossus Mace C 11748 Rare 44126
Cobalt Glaive of The Wolf Polearm C 10644 Rare 44271
Warriors Full Plate Cuirass of Enlightenment Chest A 39716 Rare 44452
Massive Combat Staff of The Leech Staff B 27095 Epic 44621
Warrior's Qiang of The Squid Spear C 10320 Rare 45693
Vicious Flail of Precision Mace C 11090 Rare 47309
Soldier's Padded Leather Hat of The Fox Head C 9629 Rare 47551
Blessed Light Leather Gloves of Ages Hands B 23296 Rare 47900
Soldier's Half-Plate Sabatons of Dexterity Feet +B 11292888 Normal 48593
Hard Leather Large Quiver of Excellence Offhand C 12537 Rare 49035
Blessed Light Leather Pauldrons of The Mammoth Shoulders C 10201 Rare 49051
Hard Leather Small Quiver of The Mammoth Offhand +B 11848007 Normal 50505
Master's Half-Plate Gauntlets of Ages Hands A 45848 Epic 53190
Strange Wool Shoulder Guard of the Giant Shoulders F 100 Rare 55028
Leather Large Quiver of Swiftness Offhand C 11473 Normal 55301
Jagged Wand of The Jackal Wand +C 4708800 Normal 56133
Warlock's Orb of Pestilence Offhand A 83774 Epic 56527
Guardians Half-Plate Cuirass of Maiming Chest B 23407 Rare 56775
Sorcerer's Orb of Fire Offhand A 45848 Rare 56966
Godly Enchanted Silk Mittens of Transcendence Hands +A 66768000 Epic 57503