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Class: Elite Soldier

Experience: 98416

Level: 180

Health: 11648

Max Damage: 5600

Gold: 48965524

Kills: 275

Deaths: 1280

Quests: 130

Chests: 676

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Strange Silk Mittens of The Wolf Hands F 100 Rare 20894
Weird Enchanted Linen Slippers of Accuracy Feet F 100 Normal 28790
Glorious Half-Plate Cuisses of Enlightenment Legs A 43266 Rare 51746
Sorcerer's Symbol of Might Offhand A 43532 Rare 51423
Meteoric Poleaxe of Fire Polearm C 9061 Rare 52451
Guardians Wool Vambraces of Maiming Arms C 11844 Rare 47230
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Strange Splint Cuisses of Dexterity Legs F 100 Normal 21988
Warrior's Katar of Fire Dagger C 8199 Normal 35502
Warriors Light Leather Pants of The Tiger Legs C 10418 Magical 42989
Soldier's Full Plate Vambraces of Dexterity Arms B 19881 Normal 47824
Fools Splint Bevor of The Tiger Chest F 100 Magical 50558
Prismatic Great Bow of The Leech Bow B 27189 Epic 51421
Azure War Staff of Precision Staff C 10463 Normal 51712
Weird Studded Leather Gloves of Dexterity Hands F 100 Rare 53538
Weird Enchanted Wool Skirt of Swiftness Legs F 100 Magical 24736
Sharp Broadsword of Might Sword D 6388 Normal 19694
Steel Hatchet of Winter Axe D 1966 Magical 57020
Commander's Splint Helmet of Swiftness Head C 13128 Magical 57085
Warrior's Scepter of Frost Wand B 21058 Normal 63879
Mysterious Symbol of Dexterity Offhand B 19259 Normal 67620
Demonic Book of Strength Offhand A 46466 Rare 68027
Sparking Voulge of Swiftness Polearm C 8958 Magical 68690
Deadly Scepter of Strength Wand B 18925 Normal 69063
Glorious Linen Gloves of The Whale Hands A 42801 Epic 69300
Weird Silk Gloves of The Tiger Hands F 100 Magical 69831
Wooden Small Shield of Fire Offhand D 7150 Normal 70606
Weird Padded Leather Sandals of The Squid Feet F 100 Magical 70795
Meteoric Long Bow of Slaughter Bow C 10581 Epic 71822
Commander's Padded Leather Vambraces of The Mammoth Arms C 11930 Rare 72052
Studded Leather Enchanted Quiver of Strength Offhand B 22593 Rare 72082
Warriors Enchanted Silk Skirt of Precision Legs C 10932 Magical 72321
Glacial Combat Staff of Frost Staff C 7547 Magical 72375
Smoldering Composite Bow of Slaying Bow C 13222 Rare 72406
Knight's Full Plate Boots of Perfection Feet A 52331 Epic 73325
Lapis Qiang of The Fox Spear C 11383 Magical 73529
Blessed Enchanted Linen Skirt of The Tiger Legs C 11138 Magical 73531
Bronze Siege Crossbow of Dexterity Crossbow +C 5367000 Normal 73746
Smoldering Light Crossbow of Brilliance Crossbow C 11294 Magical 73783
Knight's Splint Pauldrons of Fire Shoulders C 12167 Rare 73919
Wooden Small Shield of Burning Offhand C 7997 Magical 73921
Warrior's Combat Staff of Quickness Staff C 10426 Rare 74335
Glorious Splint Gloves of Pestilence Hands B 27587 Rare 74412
Warriors Studded Leather Pants of Quickness Legs C 13408 Magical 74464
Soldier's Studded Leather Body Armour of The Colossus Chest C 12964 Magical 75389
Strange Broad Axe of Dexterity Axe F 100 Rare 75564
Visionary Composite Bow of Brilliance Bow C 12397 Rare 76526
Soldier's Full Plate Bracers of Skill Arms B 21647 Normal 76748
Jagged Mace of Might Mace D 2081 Normal 76970
Grinding Stiletto of The Mind Dagger C 10540 Rare 77667
Warrior's Broadsword of Excellence Sword C 7822 Rare 78623
Commander's Hard Leather Sandals of Fire Feet C 10365 Magical 78769
Knight's Splint Tassets of Warding Legs A 46481 Epic 78780
Silver Spear of the Giant Spear C 7661 Rare 79649
Holy Orb of Swiftness Offhand A 45997 Epic 80510
Soldier's Tower Shield of Perfection Offhand Ω 419176 Epic 80849
Guardians Enchanted Wool Shoulder Guard of Might Shoulders C 10454 Rare 81074
Demonic Orb of Burning Offhand A 46062 Rare 81181
Platinum Staff of Quickness Staff C 8047 Magical 81556
Offhand Broad Axe Offhand E 1253 Rare 81927
Charged Half Pike of Frost Spear D 6287 Rare 82838
Maiden's Long War Bow of The Squid Bow C 11615 Rare 83524
Septic Glaive of the Giant Polearm C 9636 Rare 85437
Meteoric Siege Crossbow of The Sun Crossbow A 45169 Epic 85575
Ranger's Enchanted Quiver of Burning Offhand Ω 1468114 86509
Wizard's Book of Enlightenment Offhand A 77730 Rare 87232
Warriors Splint Cuisses of The Mammoth Legs B 19127 Rare 88470
Weird Light Leather Pauldrons of Pestilence Shoulders F 100 Rare 88472
Illuminated Book of The Tiger Offhand +A 40691000 Magical 88601
Pure Siege Crossbow of Perfection Crossbow Ω 1453926 88676
Master's Padded Leather Sandals of Balance Feet B 27176 Epic 89031
Blessed Hard Leather Pauldrons of The Mind Shoulders B 19484 Rare 89032
Weird Short Battle Bow of The Mammoth Bow +E 300000 Normal 89071
Demonic Symbol of Excellence Offhand +A 67097600 Magical 89154
Iron Short Battle Bow of The Mammoth Bow +C 4560000 Normal 89475
Grinding Scepter of Maiming Wand B 28818 Rare 89675
Commander's Scale Pauldrons of Might Shoulders C 13330 Rare 90208
Septic Light Crossbow of The Tiger Crossbow C 9246 Rare 91178
Blazing Sabre of Transcendence Sword C 8817 Rare 91524
Strange Full Plate Brigandine of Slaying Chest F 100 Rare 91580
Blessed Full Plate Tassets of The Mind Legs A 38879 Magical 92095
Master's Full Plate Gauntlets of Thorns Hands A 43146 Epic 92555
Blessed Studded Leather Vambraces of Might Arms +B 9228000 Magical 92883
Weird Mace of Precision Mace F 100 Rare 93405
Glorious Scale Bracers of Ages Arms A 43162 Epic 93441
Septic Combat Staff of The Mammoth Staff +B 8937600 Magical 93826
Commander's Kite Shield of Performance Offhand A 37770 Rare 94158
Visionary Poleaxe of Dexterity Polearm C 9063 Rare 96089
Steel Great Tower Shield of Brilliance Offhand +A 70529600 Magical 96274
Soldier's Padded Leather Pants of The Colossus Legs C 11861 Rare 96470
Platinum Tomahawk of The Tiger Axe D 2652 Magical 100199
Platinum Katana of Winter Sword C 8537 Rare 101393