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Class: Arch Paladin

Experience: 149634

Level: 196

Health: 15390

Max Damage: 11628

Gold: 79743601

Kills: 371

Deaths: 1520

Quests: 150

Chests: 812

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Soldier's Splint Cuirass of The Mammoth Chest C 11457 Normal 4540
Soldier's Scale Mail of The Fox Feet D 3000 Normal 4501
Strange Silk Skirt of Quickness Legs F 100 Normal 7121
Commander's Full Plate Great Helm of Swiftness Head B 26609 Magical 13782
Strange Linen Mittens of Might Hands F 100 Magical 10370
Holy Hard Leather Vambraces of Warding Arms Ω 1293081 54236
Steel Great Tower Shield of The Whale Offhand Ω 911842 Epic 43718
Cobalt Great Axe of the Giant Axe Ω 1407596 63606
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Warrior's Qiang of The Wolf Spear C 9502 Magical 14617
Sharp Qiang of The Tiger Spear C 10338 Normal 16443
Jagged Pickaxe of The Wolf Axe E 1315 Normal 17548
Blessed Splint Tassets of The Tiger Legs B 21309 Magical 26403
Massive Shortsword of Transcendence Sword C 12644 Epic 28715
Fool's Broad Axe of Precision Axe F 100 Rare 29137
Chilling Wand of Excellence Wand C 10714 Rare 29347
Guardians Linen Slippers of The Sun Feet O 1429334 29484
Soldier's Enchanted Wool Mantle of Transcendence Chest C 13443 Rare 29518
Warriors Enchanted Silk Shoulder Guard of The Fox Shoulders C 13061 Rare 30130
Glorious Studded Leather Bracers of Slaughter Arms O 1680499 30234
Jagged Great Axe of Pestilence Axe D 2096 Rare 30405
Static Wand of The Colossus Wand +B 21628202 Magical 31334
Sorcerer's Book of The Whale Offhand O 2141055 33875
Mysterious Orb of Precision Offhand B 24717 Epic 34502
Maiden's Staff of Strength Staff D 6896 Rare 34922
Offhand Cutlass Offhand E 1265 Rare 35031
Warriors Enchanted Linen Shoulder Guard of The Fox Shoulders C 11363 Rare 37041
Wooden Shield of Pestilence Offhand C 11307 Rare 42618
Toxic Qiang of Enlightenment Spear B 25560 Epic 42700
Warriors Splint Plackart of Accuracy Chest C 11752 Magical 42763
Bronze Wand of The Fox Wand C 10364 Rare 43441
Guardians Enchanted Linen Mittens of The Squid Hands B 22484 Rare 43890
Blazing Short Battle Bow of Burning Bow C 9012 Magical 44392
Illuminated Book of Winter Offhand B 30171 Magical 44551
Glorious Hard Leather Cervelliere of Ages Head +A 61402163 Epic 44787
Warrior's Scepter of Maiming Wand B 26335 Rare 44789
Guardians Light Leather Vambraces of Strength Arms C 9949 Rare 45736
Warriors Full Plate Gauntlets of Dexterity Hands B 26673 Rare 47506
Weird Composite Bow of Quickness Bow +E 1809525 Normal 47537
Lapis Battle Axe of Winter Axe D 7175 Rare 48408
Strange Light Leather Body Armour of Strength Chest +E 2725162 Normal 48887
Flaming Combat Staff of Balance Staff B 29040 Epic 49323
Offhand Poleaxe Offhand D 2117 Normal 49747
Foul Qiang of The Whale Spear A 48146 Epic 50208
Master's Half-Plate Sabatons of Balance Feet Ω 1298020 50218
Fine Short Battle Bow of Swiftness Bow +C 7552390 Normal 50397
Knight's Kite Shield of Quickness Offhand A 42507 Rare 50879
Blessed Hard Leather Boots of Brilliance Feet B 22263 Magical 51222
King's Half-Plate Cuirass of The Leech Chest A 42553 Epic 51811
Gloomy Book of Skill Offhand B 26850 Magical 52220
Eery Symbol of The Mind Offhand A 46520 Rare 52418
Knight's Splint Gloves of Thorns Hands B 28050 Epic 52443
Wizard's Orb of Pestilence Offhand A 51768 Epic 52638
Godly Half-Plate Cuisses of Ages Legs S 84357 Epic 53127
Mysterious Book of Pestilence Offhand B 27312 Epic 54211
Strange Hard Leather Body Armour of Precision Chest +E 300000 Normal 54791
Foul Long Battle Bow of The Sun Bow A 47666 Epic 56094
Blessed Half-Plate Pauldrons of Frost Shoulders B 21615 Rare 57014
Knight's Linen Vambraces of The Wolf Arms C 10262 Rare 17155
Lapis Morning Star of Dexterity Mace C 10453 Rare 58492
Merciless Staff of Slaying Staff B 21137 Epic 58577
Cobalt Scepter of The Leech Wand A 45033 Epic 60121
Godly Book of Thorns Offhand S 94110 Epic 60174
Glorious Full Plate Gauntlets of The Fox Hands A 41109 Rare 60215
Weird Siege Crossbow of Swiftness Crossbow D 2205 Rare 60361
Holy Symbol of Slaying Offhand +S 96350400 Rare 60413
Commander's Studded Leather Gloves of The Colossus Hands B 24317 Rare 61384
Iron Shield of Accuracy Offhand +B 9202400 Normal 62502
Commander's Enchanted Linen Robe of Burning Chest +B 8240800 Magical 62876
Hard Leather Large Quiver of Dexterity Offhand C 10580 Magical 63255
Steel Kris of Strength Dagger D 6679 Normal 63372
Weird Half-Plate Brigandine of Skill Chest +E 300000 Normal 63464
Bronze Hatchet of Swiftness Axe D 2164 Normal 64716
Platinum Broad Axe of Fire Axe +D 564300 Magical 66317
Soldier's Splint Barbute of The Squid Head C 13129 Rare 66423
Gloomy Orb of Quickness Offhand B 19635 Normal 66846
Commander's Enchanted Wool Skirt of Quickness Legs C 11679 Magical 68148
Septic Battle Axe of Might Axe D 4500 Magical 4553
Weird Chain Vambraces of Slaying Arms E 672 Rare 72684
Gold Kris of Swiftness Dagger C 9111 Rare 72814
Ranger's Small Quiver of Thorns Offhand B 26582 Rare 73749
Lord's Mace of Slaughter Mace Ω 1520411 74086
Warrior's Staff of Maiming Staff C 8302 Rare 74244
Soldier's Small Shield of Might Offhand C 11617 Rare 75981
Strange Silk Mittens of The Jackal Hands F 100 Rare 78770
Fools Wool Slippers of The Tiger Feet F 100 Rare 79929
Gold Flail of The Squid Mace C 12041 Rare 80097
Strange Light Leather Sandals of The Squid Feet F 100 Magical 80099
King's Scale Sabatons of The Sun Feet A 56791 Epic 80759
Meteoric Half Pike of The Sun Spear B 30595 Epic 81158
Gold Poleaxe of Winter Polearm C 9837 Magical 83821
Strange Full Plate Bracers of Strength Arms F 100 Magical 86667
Knight's Stutted Leather Hat of The Sun Head A 47585 Epic 87514
Cobalt Combat Staff of Ages Staff B 23753 Rare 87738
Blessed Full Plate Brigandine of Fire Chest B 21265 Magical 88673
Shimmering Staff of The Mammoth Staff C 8861 Rare 89433
Gloomy Book of Strength Offhand B 19986 Normal 89730
Deadly Scepter of Skill Wand +B 19376000 Normal 92658
Powered Light Crossbow of Excellence Crossbow +C 4695000 Magical 92984
Blessed Light Leather Helmet of The Wolf Head C 9470 Rare 93334
Eery Symbol of Performance Offhand A 47248 Magical 93719
Cleric's Symbol of Fire Offhand A 44480 Rare 93792
Prismatic Siege Crossbow of Transcendence Crossbow B 23725 Rare 97734
Powered Kris of Ages Dagger B 19947 Rare 99481
Holy Orb of Excellence Offhand A 45099 Rare 100089
Godly Enchanted Wool Skirt of Transcendence Legs A 44381 Epic 100358
Eery Book of Dexterity Offhand A 44861 Rare 100651