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Class: Peasant

Experience: 15743

Level: 100

Health: 0

Max Damage: 0

Gold: 7539733

Kills: 207

Deaths: 827

Quests: 150

Chests: 383

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Smoldering Broadsword of Quickness Sword D 5500 Rare 3987
Jagged Siege Crossbow of Strength Crossbow E 2000 Magical 4079
Steel Battle Axe of Quickness Axe E 2000 Normal 4082
Steel Light Crossbow of Winter Crossbow E 2000 Magical 4259
Smoldering Kris of The Mind Dagger D 4500 Magical 4576
Warriors Padded Leather of The Mammoth Feet D 7000 Rare 4771
Warriors Hide of Swiftness Head D 5500 Magical 4791
Maiden's Wand of Maiming Wand D 6000 Epic 4814
Blessed Light Leather of Winter Feet D 6500 Rare 4836
Iron Siege Crossbow of Frost Crossbow D 2500 Normal 4870
Warrior's Hunting Bow of Skill Bow D 6491 Normal 5079
Fools Linen Gloves of The Jackal Hands F 100 Magical 5554
Weird Scale Vambraces of The Colossus Arms E 1420 Magical 7654
Fine Flail of Dexterity Mace C 8676 Normal 9795
Knight's Padded Leather Pauldrons of the Giant Shoulders C 12602 Epic 10778
Chilling Scepter of Strength Wand B 23712 Magical 11834
Fools Hard Leather Pants of Frost Legs F 100 Normal 13435
Bronze Short War Bow of Strength Bow C 8538 Normal 14097
Strange Padded Leather Boots of Might Feet F 100 Normal 14702
Cruel Yari of The Sun Spear A 47291 Epic 15439
Sharp Heavy Crossbow of Precision Crossbow C 7584 Normal 15535
Strange Padded Leather Pants of Swiftness Legs F 100 Normal 16122
Soldier's Splint Cuisses of The Mammoth Legs C 11760 Normal 17549
Fools Light Leather Cap of Precision Head F 100 Normal 21498
Soldier's Silk Shoulder Guard of Strength Shoulders C 7638 Normal 23214
Strange Full Plate Sabatons of The Wolf Feet F 100 Normal 24212
Warrior's Scepter of Skill Wand B 21451 Magical 26970
Fools Studded Leather Gloves of The Mammoth Hands F 100 Normal 29519
Weird Scale Bracers of Skill Arms E 661 Normal 31248
Offhand Great Axe Offhand +D 2898649 Normal 42761
Weird Enchanted Linen Slippers of Fire Feet +E 1875409 Normal 42882
Knight's Silk Vambraces of Skill Arms C 11669 Rare 43552
Knight's Full Plate Boots of Balance Feet Ω 1241452 43553
Fiery Great Bow of The Fox Bow C 11728 Rare 44689
Lord's Scale Barbute of Slaying Head B 23899 Epic 45964
Weird Studded Leather Bracers of Swiftness Arms F 100 Normal 47165
Sapphire Scepter of The Sun Wand S 93794 Epic 47255
Guardians Splint Pauldrons of Accuracy Shoulders C 11316 Rare 47448
Weird Siege Crossbow of Winter Crossbow D 1896 Magical 47562
Blessed Studded Leather Pants of Skill Legs C 11253 Rare 47715
Warriors Chain Hood of The Wolf Head +B 11363484 Magical 48001
Strange Wool Hood of Fire Head F 100 Magical 48238
Holy Padded Leather Vambraces of The Whale Arms Ω 1760063 48922
Fool's Siege Crossbow of The Mammoth Crossbow F 100 Normal 49104
Hard Leather Small Quiver of Burning Offhand C 11493 Rare 49288
Warrior's Wand of Brilliance Wand C 12182 Rare 49719
Fine Heavy Crossbow of The Mammoth Crossbow C 8040 Normal 50212
Weird Enchanted Silk Slippers of Quickness Feet F 100 Rare 51648
Blazing Staff of Excellence Staff C 8616 Rare 53219
Blessed Padded Leather Pants of The Colossus Legs C 13272 Rare 53322
Azure Dirk of Burning Dagger C 9971 Rare 54181
Brutal Staff of Slaughter Staff B 20772 Epic 54308
Weird Enchanted Silk Shoulder Guard of Skill Shoulders F 100 Normal 54867
Holy Full Plate Brigandine of Thorns Chest A 50765 Epic 55672
Shocking Scepter of Slaughter Wand A 41143 Epic 56008
Weird Studded Leather Gloves of Accuracy Hands F 100 Rare 57127
Bronze Stiletto of Fire Dagger +D 1166400 Normal 57541