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Class: Archmage

Experience: 53846

Level: 138

Health: 7040

Max Damage: 7656

Gold: 23426213

Kills: 269

Deaths: 823

Quests: 142

Chests: 445

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Soldier's Scale Mail of Strength Legs D 3000 Normal 4353
Warriors Light Leather of Might Arms D 4500 Magical 4470
Soldier's Padded Leather of Fire Head D 2500 Normal 4563
Silver Scepter of Fire Wand B 23323 Magical 13234
Soldier's Hard Leather Body Armour of The Mammoth Chest C 11646 Magical 11908
Warriors Enchanted Silk Mittens of Precision Hands C 11264 Magical 9693
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Weird Two-Handed Sword of Quickness Sword E 10 Normal 4645
Soldier's Light Leather of The Tiger Head E 2000 Normal 4733
Weird Light Leather of Dexterity Arms E 10 Normal 4784
Warrior's Composite Bow of Dexterity Bow D 2500 Normal 5327
Fools Silk of Maiming Hands E 10 Magical 5505
Pitchfork Spear E 0 Normal 0
Strange Siege Crossbow of Dexterity Crossbow E 10 Normal 4562
Shimmering Light Crossbow of Burning Crossbow E 3000 Magical 5126
Strange Padded Leather Boots of Fire Feet F 100 Normal 4631
Volcanic Mace of Excellence Mace C 8493 Magical 7886
Weird Half-Plate Gauntlets of Fire Hands E 1374 Magical 9129
Sharp Qiang of Might Spear C 8195 Magical 9194
Smoldering Great Sword of Fire Sword 5 5000 Magical 3963
Fools Silk Mittens of Dexterity[G] Hands F 20 Normal 9546
Glacial Mace of Pestilence[G] Mace C 1969 Magical 9556
Strange Full Plate Cuisses of Frost[G] Legs F 20 Normal 9562
Sharp Light Crossbow of Skill Crossbow D 6630 Normal 11359
Steel Glaive of Strength Polearm D 2782 Magical 12607
Blazing Yari of Quickness Spear C 9992 Magical 13786
Azure War Staff of Burning Staff C 11279 Magical 4115
Blessed Scale Mail of Excellence Hands D 5500 Magical 5567
Fools Silk Mittens of Burning Hands F 100 Magical 14980
Silver Halberd of Frost Polearm C 8393 Magical 15185
Godly Wool Mittens of the Giant Hands B 28047 Epic 16058
Weird Enchanted Wool Slippers of Excellence Feet F 100 Magical 16901
Jagged Poleaxe of The Fox Polearm D 6442 Normal 17018
Deadly Katana of Precision Sword D 7154 Normal 17236
Strange Half-Plate Vambraces of Might Arms F 100 Magical 17526
Commander's Light Leather Pauldrons of The Squid Shoulders C 11507 Magical 19062
Strange Wool Hood of Fire Head F 100 Normal 20556
Blessed Hard Leather Cap of Dexterity Head C 10325 Magical 29187
Iron Hunting Bow of Frost Bow D 2550 Magical 32360
Studded Leather Small Quiver of The Mind Offhand B 21237 Rare 33912
Guardians Hard Leather Sandals of The Jackal Feet C 11766 Rare 34138
Deadly Katana of The Colossus Sword C 10468 Rare 35555
Commander's Half-Plate Great Helm of Pestilence Head +A 39396540 Magical 38168
Iron Voulge of Accuracy Polearm D 7293 Magical 41947
Fools Silk Slippers of Performance Feet F 100 Rare 42039
Blessed Great Tower Shield of Burning Offhand A 47572 Magical 42844
Knight's Half-Plate Gauntlets of Transcendence Hands B 30760 Rare 42853
Soldier's Enchanted Wool Slippers of Performance Feet C 10462 Magical 43529
Iron Tower Shield of The Wolf Offhand +B 22278287 Normal 45359
Commander's Splint Boots of Quickness Feet C 11679 Rare 47061
Jagged Great Sword of The Mind Sword C 9420 Rare 47166
Soldier's Scale Bracers of Fire Arms C 12492 Rare 47904
Weird Silk Shoulder Guard of Accuracy Shoulders +E 2588179 Normal 48923
Glorious Enchanted Linen Vambraces of Transcendence Arms B 20727 Rare 49025
Warriors Padded Leather Helmet of The Wolf Head C 10668 Rare 49161
Glacial Long War Bow of Fire Bow +C 8436569 Magical 49939
Wooden Small Shield of Quickness Offhand C 7683 Magical 51099
Iron Pike of The Fox Spear +C 7537572 Normal 52060
Commander's Enchanted Silk Slippers of The Colossus Feet B 20077 Magical 52065
Fine Long War Bow of Brilliance Bow C 10155 Magical 52193
Commander's Kite Shield of Burning Offhand A 40247 Rare 53902
Knight's Splint Cuisses of Performance Legs B 22175 Rare 54049
Weird Hard Leather Pants of Swiftness Legs F 100 Magical 54407
Weird Silk Vambraces of Swiftness Arms F 100 Rare 54633
Glorious Full Plate Pauldrons of Brilliance Shoulders A 43997 Rare 54945
Fools Wool Skirt of Brilliance Legs F 100 Rare 55247
Knight's Full Plate Close Helmet of the Giant Head B 30826 Epic 55404
Steel Half Pike of The Fox Spear D 6570 Normal 55682
Wooden Great Tower Shield of The Jackal Offhand Ω 4250760 56012
Azure Katana of The Squid Sword C 9241 Rare 56068
Soldier's Half-Plate Gauntlets of The Jackal Hands +B 21778000 Normal 56183
Soldier's Heavy Crossbow of The Mind Crossbow C 12306 Rare 56610
Warrior's Wand of Winter Wand C 11834 Magical 56928
Slayer's Adze of Slaughter Axe Ω 1302245 57155