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Class: Ranger

Experience: 98229

Level: 180

Health: 12754

Max Damage: 7840

Gold: 42911803

Kills: 251

Deaths: 1217

Quests: 109

Chests: 626

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Soldier's Light Leather Sandals of Dexterity Feet D 2754 Rare 55623
Glorious Chain Shoulder Guard of The Jackal[G] Shoulders C 3907 Rare 78257
Master's Splint Cuisses of Slaughter Legs B 28860 Epic 56140
Hard Leather Enchanted Quiver of The Fox Offhand +B 20823000 Normal 79850
Soldier's Half-Plate Cuirass of The Fox Chest +B 18762000 Normal 89611
Weird Full Plate Vambraces of Winter Arms D 2930 Rare 93305
Weird Padded Leather Cap of Precision Head +E 300000 Normal 99797
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Fools Enchanted Linen Shoulder Guard of Swiftness Shoulders F 100 Normal 12332
Weird Full Plate Sabatons of Skill Feet E 736 Magical 14563
Powered Claymore of The Jackal Sword C 10418 Rare 15708
Fiery Staff of The Jackal Staff C 9263 Magical 17356
Sharp Poleaxe of The Squid Axe D 6851 Magical 17953
Soldier's Full Plate Cuisses of The Tiger Legs B 23884 Magical 18118
Soldier's Pike of Dexterity Spear C 8796 Magical 18242
Fool's War Staff of The Jackal Staff F 100 Normal 19428
Fool's Hatchet of Precision Axe F 100 Normal 19470
Weird Half-Plate Vambraces of The Colossus Arms D 2050 Magical 19675
Jagged Short Battle Bow of Excellence Bow D 6585 Magical 19965
Strange Scale Bracers of Might Arms F 100 Normal 20829
Bronze Staff of Might Staff D 2570 Normal 27576
Septic Half Pike of Winter Spear C 9613 Magical 30920
Fool's Wand of Skill Wand F 100 Normal 32901
Illuminated Symbol of Strength Offhand B 22277 Normal 45996
Weird Half-Plate Bevor of Precision Chest D 1988 Rare 51478
Knight's Light Leather Pants of The Colossus Legs C 11875 Rare 53037
Guardians Enchanted Linen Slippers of Might Feet C 10292 Rare 53472
Slayer's Bardiche of The Mammoth Polearm C 9970 Rare 55998
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Guardians Studded Leather Pants of Accuracy Legs C 11692 Rare 53022
Eery Book of Ages Offhand A 52829 Rare 49786
Steel Dagger of The Fox Dagger D 7355 Magical 32903
Shimmering Staff of Pestilence[G] Staff C 1914 Magical 78245
Blessed Chain Shoulder Guard of the Giant Shoulders C 13117 Rare 55141
Glorious Scale Plackart of Fire Chest B 21139 Rare 79735
Septic Flail of The Colossus Mace B 20491 Rare 80452
Mysterious Orb of Frost Offhand B 24418 Magical 51154
Weird Hatchet of The Jackal Axe F 100 Magical 82893
Soldier's Kite Shield of The Fox Offhand B 25047 Rare 84144
Septic Half Pike of The Fox Spear C 10078 Rare 84272
Septic Staff of Transcendence Staff C 10709 Rare 85371
Strange Linen Hood of Slaying Head F 100 Rare 85434
Offhand Cutlass Offhand +E 300000 Rare 86138
Knight's Splint Bevor of The Squid Chest B 25814 Rare 57651
Warriors Hard Leather Body Armour of Performance Chest C 12926 Rare 86568
Commander's Hard Leather Sandals of The Jackal Feet C 11042 Rare 86736
Cleric's Orb of Maiming Offhand 36 1618612 86761
Strange Morning Star of The Jackal Mace +E 300000 Rare 86944
Steel Great Sword of Dexterity Sword C 8216 Normal 87036
Blessed Great Tower Shield of The Squid Offhand A 88860 Rare 87088
Leather Enchanted Quiver of Performance Offhand B 22173 Rare 87094
Fools Enchanted Silk Shoulder Guard of Might Shoulders +E 300000 Normal 88079
Strange Splint Tassets of Quickness Legs F 100 Rare 88080
Smoldering Cutlass of the Giant Sword C 9778 Rare 89068
Weird Enchanted Wool Skirt of Strength Legs F 100 Magical 89260
Flaming Heavy Crossbow of Ages Crossbow B 24969 Rare 90149
Warrior's Long War Bow of Skill[G] Bow C 1929 Normal 78258
Strange Enchanted Linen Mantle of Skill Chest +E 300000 Normal 85864
Cobalt Halberd of Thorns Polearm B 24185 Epic 91639
Soldier's Hard Leather Helmet of Strength Head +C 6777400 Normal 91979
Knight's Qiang of Frost Spear C 12453 Rare 92012
Weird Half-Plate Sabatons of Fire Feet F 100 Normal 92407
Charged Staff of Frost Staff D 7272 Rare 92657
Warriors Wool Mantle of Winter Chest C 11402 Rare 93303
Steel Wand of Quickness Wand +C 6435800 Magical 93989
Blessed Chain Vambraces of The Jackal Arms C 11806 Magical 78241
Deadly Heavy Crossbow of Precision Crossbow +C 5359800 Normal 94691
Powered Hatchet of Excellence Axe D 2822 Magical 94996
Commander's Chain Boots of Swiftness Feet C 10100 Rare 95217
Mysterious Symbol of Accuracy Offhand B 26532 Epic 95937
Guardians Studded Leather Vambraces of The Mammoth Arms B 20448 Rare 96008
Steel Siege Crossbow of The Tiger Crossbow +C 6286000 Normal 97173
Lapis War Staff of Burning Staff C 11670 Magical 98221
Fools Full Plate Close Helmet of Burning Head F 100 Rare 98253
Offhand Kris Offhand D 2214 Magical 99122
Fools Hard Leather Vambraces of The Mammoth Arms F 100 Rare 99263
Knight's Studded Leather Cap of The Squid Head B 22315 Rare 53346
Strange Chan Skirt of The Squid Legs F 100 Rare 100290