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Silleby|Sleepy Silly WereKitty

Class: Apex Archer

Experience: 116486

Level: 185

Health: 10827

Max Damage: 26070

Gold: 16636339

Kills: 287

Deaths: 1180

Quests: 122

Chests: 642

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Knight's Wool Vambraces of Transcendence Arms C 12172 Epic 19370
Soldier's Enchanted Linen Slippers of The Mind Feet C 10067 Magical 19562
Guardians Enchanted Silk Mittens of Slaying Hands B 23074 Rare 27047
Warriors Padded Leather Cap of The Fox Head +B 8390400 Rare 56128
Hard Leather Enchanted Quiver of Thorns Offhand +A 32093100 Epic 61993
Knight's Padded Leather Pauldrons of The Squid Shoulders +B 19252000 Rare 71818
Soldier's Enchanted Silk Skirt of The Wolf Legs +B 8696800 Normal 73845
Weird Light Leather Body Armour of Accuracy Chest +E 300000 Rare 86566
Lapis Short War Bow of The Mammoth Bow +B 14646858 Magical 50355
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Glorious Half-Plate Brigandine of Fire[G] Chest +B 2000000 Rare 63816
Mysterious Orb of Performance[G] Offhand B 5402 Magical 72408
Holy Book of Accuracy[G] Offhand C 4342 Magical 72409
Strange Linen Slippers of Dexterity[G] Feet F 20 Magical 72410
Fools Silk Mittens of Strength[G] Hands F 20 Normal 72411
Iron Small Shield of Fire[G] Offhand C 1537 Magical 72412
Strange Chain Shoulder Guard of Swiftness[G] Shoulders F 20 Normal 72413
Lapis Bardiche of The Mammoth[G] Polearm D 1107 Rare 72414
Gloomy Book of Pestilence[G] Offhand D 2014 Magical 72415
Demonic Book of The Tiger[G] Offhand C 3282 Magical 72416
Hunter's Enchanted Quiver of The Mammoth[G] Offhand B 7925 Rare 72417
Blessed Light Leather Bracers of Frost Arms C 8067 Rare 72496
Weird Scale Brigandine of The Wolf Chest F 100 Magical 73073
Soldier's Tower Shield of Strength Offhand SS 229783 Epic 73270
Septic Voulge of Maiming Polearm C 11189 Magical 73665
Warrior's Spear of The Mammoth Spear C 8823 Normal 73916
Deadly Scepter of Thorns Wand B 29299 Rare 78500
Wooden Great Tower Shield of Precision Offhand +B 20072000 Normal 79152
Vicious Short Bow of Performance Bow C 8747 Rare 79333
Powered Wand of Winter[G] Wand C 2234 Magical 81096
Godly Full Plate Great Helm of Slaughter Head S 90071 Epic 83142
Blessed Enchanted Linen Slippers of Skill[G] Feet C 1891 Magical 85835
Commander's Enchanted Silk Skirt of The Mammoth[G] Legs 9 2504 Rare 15600
Glorious Scale Sabatons of Balance Feet A 38534 Epic 85951
Master's Wool Skirt of Ages Legs 12 24110 Epic 19387
Knight's Splint Boots of The Tiger Feet C 12814 Rare 86798
Steel Poleaxe of The Mammoth Polearm C 8508 Magical 86867
Offhand Two-Handed Sword Offhand D 2173 Epic 87399
Steel Light Crossbow of Burning Crossbow +C 3231500 Rare 87418
Deadly Staff of Frost Staff +C 3533500 Normal 90958
Warriors Enchanted Wool Shoulder Guard of The Mammoth Shoulders C 11091 Rare 92631
Blessed Great Tower Shield of Slaying Offhand A 89243 Rare 92854
Shimmering Dagger of Frost[G] Dagger D 1427 Magical 94862
Strange Wool Vambraces of The Jackal[G] Arms F 20 Normal 94863
Foul Poleaxe of Excellence[G] Axe D 1416 Rare 94864
Hard Leather Large Quiver of Fire[G] Offhand C 2026 Normal 94865
Fools Half-Plate Cuisses of The Mammoth[G] Legs F 20 Rare 94866
Fools Full Plate Pauldrons of The Wolf Shoulders F 100 Rare 97979
Soldier's Scale Vambraces of Enlightenment Arms +B 23155000 Rare 98607
Godly Chain Vambraces of Thorns Arms A 47928 Epic 98766
Gloomy Book of The Mammoth Offhand +B 22048000 Normal 101885
Strange Wool Mantle of Winter Chest F 100 Rare 102533
King's Light Leather Helmet of Thorns Head B 24031 Epic 102850