Last Updated: 30/01/2016 21:58:08 UTC/GMT


Class: Peasant

Experience: 15033

Level: 100

Health: 0

Max Damage: 0

Gold: 4176183

Kills: 132

Deaths: 587

Quests: 126

Chests: 310

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Strange Enchanted Wool Mantle of Precision Chest F 100 Normal 6883
Blessed Chain Vambraces of Might Arms C 10549 Rare 7208
Commander's Studded Leather Vambraces of The Mammoth Arms C 13257 Magical 7920
Commander's Light Leather Sandals of Maiming Feet C 7501 Magical 8315
Weird Scale Cuisses of Swiftness Legs E 678 Normal 9730
Static Siege Crossbow of Maiming Crossbow C 11466 Rare 11168
Strange Flail of Maiming Mace E 681 Magical 11968
Strange Enchanted Wool Shoulder Guard of The Tiger Shoulders F 100 Normal 15973
Jagged Bardiche of Frost Polearm D 1921 Normal 17472
Soldier's Half-Plate Cuisses of Dexterity Legs B 19902 Normal 19634
Strange Padded Leather Helmet of Might Head F 100 Normal 20971
Weird Composite Bow of The Jackal Bow E 1401 Normal 24373
Soldier's Scale Boots of The Wolf Feet C 10351 Normal 26887
Commander's Full Plate Bevor of Strength Chest A 39604 Magical 44655
Strange Full Plate Boots of Precision Feet F 100 Normal 52140
Warriors Silk Shoulder Guard of Fire Shoulders C 10233 Rare 53593
Soldier's Full Plate Barbute of Accuracy Head +B 10801800 Normal 53678
Leather Large Quiver of Accuracy Offhand +C 6329400 Normal 53872
Studded Leather Enchanted Quiver of The Mammoth Offhand B 26608 Magical 56588
Lord's Full Plate Bevor of The Sun Chest Ω 2232462 56985
Burning Long Bow of The Mind Bow C 7601 Rare 57344
Weird Full Plate Great Helm of Winter Head +C 3646000 Magical 57345