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Class: Duelist

Experience: 99654

Level: 180

Health: 9786

Max Damage: 4500

Gold: 59234115

Kills: 350

Deaths: 1674

Quests: 171

Chests: 828

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Fools Hard Leather of Warding Hands E 10 Epic 3722
Glorious Hard Leather of The Squid Arms C 10500 Rare 4833
Warriors Scale Bevor of Might Chest C 12469 Magical 8743
Fools Padded Leather Pants of Dexterity Legs F 100 Normal 8100
Warriors Splint Sabatons of The Mammoth Feet C 13028 Magical 8539
Glacial Stiletto of Skill Dagger E 4000 Rare 3745
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Smoldering Heavy Crossbow of Maiming Crossbow C 10477 Magical 6707
Fine Bardiche of The Jackal Polearm D 7175 Normal 8141
Fools Padded Leather of The Wolf Chest E 10 Magical 4897
Soldier's Padded Leahter Body Armour of Might Chest C 8429 Normal 6957
Azure Broad Axe of The Tiger Axe D 2617 Normal 12248
Fools Silk Vambraces of The Jackal Arms F 100 Normal 13641
Sharp Hunting Bow of Fire Bow D 7282 Normal 13908
Strange Hide of Swiftness Feet E 10 Normal 3606
Holy Enchanted Silk Skirt of Slaughter Legs A 40658 Epic 16347
Sharp Flail of The Colossus Mace C 12900 Magical 18100
Soldier's Studded Leather Bracers of Accuracy Arms C 9085 Magical 19415
Maiden's War Staff of Thorns Staff B 21781 Rare 19853
Soldier's Scale Pauldrons of The Mammoth Shoulders C 11930 Magical 20282
Weird Scale Cuisses of Precision Legs F 100 Normal 21050
Maiden's Stiletto of The Jackal Dagger C 8126 Magical 21114
Jagged Wand of Fire Wand D 7471 Magical 21368
Commander's Linen Vambraces of Winter Arms C 8920 Magical 25955
Illuminated Symbol of Accuracy Offhand B 19743 Normal 34378
Commander's Shield of Dexterity Offhand B 23650 Rare 35116
Blessed Chan Skirt of The Wolf Legs +B 21456262 Magical 40721
Blessed Hard Leather Cap of Fire Head C 11509 Rare 41655
Wooden Shield of Accuracy Offhand +C 8970253 Normal 42848
Warriors Full Plate Bracers of The Jackal Arms B 27281 Rare 42903
Platinum Dirk of Frost Dagger C 7911 Magical 44360
Freezing Morning Star of The Jackal Mace C 10054 Rare 44929
Weird Padded Leather Helmet of Fire Head F 100 Normal 45176
Demonic Book of Accuracy Offhand A 43461 Rare 46354
Warriors Scale Pauldrons of The Tiger Shoulders B 20625 Magical 46636
Warrior's Dagger of Precision Dagger D 7287 Magical 47168
Fools Enchanted Wool Robe of The Jackal Chest F 100 Magical 47531
Glorious Linen Slippers of Frost Feet C 11597 Rare 48584
Jagged Wand of Burning Wand C 8232 Rare 48944
Strange Splint Gloves of Burning Hands F 100 Magical 49596
Guardians Splint Boots of The Jackal Feet C 13227 Rare 50239
Bronze Staff of The Fox Staff D 7361 Magical 51794
Commander's Chain Hauberk of Slaying Chest B 22705 Rare 52063
Weird Splint Pauldrons of Dexterity Shoulders F 100 Normal 52259
Knight's Splint Sabatons of Dexterity Feet C 13167 Rare 52262
Glorious Hard Leather Pauldrons of Enlightenment Shoulders Ω 1391473 54159
Offhand Katar Offhand +D 635100 Magical 54162
Commander's Wool Shoulder Guard of The Squid Shoulders +B 9376000 Magical 54241
Steel Small Shield of The Wolf Offhand C 10183 Rare 55695
Meteoric Half Pike of Thorns Spear C 11540 Rare 56435
Chilling Glaive of Might Polearm D 7397 Rare 56860
Fools Light Leather Boots of Enlightenment Feet F 100 Rare 56879
Soldier's Full Plate Sabatons of Strength Feet C 12651 Normal 57176
Glacial Siege Crossbow of Precision Crossbow C 8992 Rare 57529
Volcanic Short War Bow of Transcendence Bow C 12202 Rare 59663
Hard Leather Enchanted Quiver of The Wolf Offhand B 18955 Normal 60055
Commander's Silk Robe of Pestilence Chest C 11316 Magical 60366
Fools Enchanted Silk Shoulder Guard of The Jackal Shoulders +E 300000 Normal 60581
Fools Padded Leather Hat of The Fox Head F 100 Rare 60673
Illuminated Symbol of Swiftness Offhand +B 20947000 Normal 60842
Slayer's Heavy Crossbow of Thorns Crossbow B 20876 Rare 61312
Fine Dirk of The Mind Dagger C 9307 Magical 61478
Glorious Scale Sabatons of The Squid Feet B 26745 Rare 62246
Holy Symbol of the Giant Offhand A 50283 Rare 62291
Weird Hard Leather Body Armour of Burning Chest F 100 Rare 62744
Holy Full Plate Vambraces of The Leech Arms A 76141 Epic 62973
Fools Half-Plate Bevor of The Fox Chest F 100 Magical 62974
Strange Scale Helmet of Thorns Head F 100 Rare 63175
Weird Enchanted Wool Skirt of Performance Legs F 100 Rare 63306
Foul Voulge of the Giant Polearm C 13082 Epic 63471
Eery Orb of Ages Offhand A 56833 Rare 63475
Offhand Dagger Offhand +E 300000 Normal 63537
Holy Orb of The Squid Offhand A 47241 Rare 63714
Master's Hard Leather Pauldrons of Warding Shoulders A 40429 Epic 63748
Deadly Poleaxe of The Wolf Polearm +C 6984600 Normal 64114
Glorious Splint Vambraces of The Tiger Arms B 26405 Rare 65240
Soldier's Flail of The Tiger Mace C 12340 Rare 65513
Knight's Enchanted Linen Shoulder Guard of The Tiger Shoulders C 12703 Rare 66419
Visionary Battle Axe of The Mammoth Axe D 6857 Rare 70070
Knight's Padded Leather Gloves of The Sun Hands A 46260 Epic 71504
Weird Padded Leather Pauldrons of Fire Shoulders F 100 Rare 71505
Glorious Padded Leather Bracers of The Colossus Arms B 24308 Rare 72262
Offhand Tomahawk Offhand E 1311 Normal 72263
Cobalt Light Crossbow of The Colossus Crossbow C 13355 Rare 73451
Fools Linen Hood of Winter Head F 100 Rare 73850
Godly Half-Plate Cuisses of Enlightenment Legs A 88533 Epic 74750
Holy Orb of Fire Offhand A 45967 Rare 74890
Steel Short Bow of The Mammoth Bow D 2625 Magical 75805
Deadly Heavy Crossbow of Strength Crossbow C 8261 Rare 76297
Cleric's Symbol of Burning Offhand A 49656 Rare 78933
Illuminated Orb of Accuracy Offhand +B 20707000 Normal 79447
Sorcerer's Book of Accuracy Offhand A 49613 Rare 81179
Blessed Light Leather Body Armour of Precision Chest C 8883 Magical 81180
Weird Hard Leather Gloves of Enlightenment Hands D 1994 Rare 84032
Offhand Pickaxe Offhand +E 300000 Magical 84033
Lapis Tomahawk of Might Axe D 2689 Rare 84894
Fools Hard Leather Vambraces of The Jackal Arms F 100 Normal 91434
Glacial Heavy Crossbow of Performance Crossbow C 10160 Rare 92524
Azure Short Bow of Excellence Bow D 6378 Rare 92770
Static Tomahawk of Transcendence Axe C 8928 Rare 93333
Weird Light Leather Vambraces of The Fox Arms F 100 Magical 95328
Fools Wool Mittens of Excellence Hands F 100 Rare 97607
Fools Silk Vambraces of The Mammoth Arms F 100 Normal 98352