Last Updated: 30/01/2016 21:58:08 UTC/GMT

The DXM Man

Class: Hellknight

Experience: 104133

Level: 181

Health: 18216

Max Damage: 15620

Gold: 31910864

Kills: 282

Deaths: 1127

Quests: 130

Chests: 574

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Iron Tower Shield of Quickness[G] Offhand B 4378 Normal 55233
Soldier's Scale Boots of Might[G] Feet C 1673 Normal 63200
Strange Padded Leather Pants of Frost Legs +E 300000 Normal 67195
Soldier's Hard Leather Gloves of Quickness Hands C 12338 Magical 70287
Soldier's Enchanted Silk Shoulder Guard of The Fox[G] Shoulders +B 1814400 Magical 71236
Godly Linen Mantle of Thorns Chest +A 74411200 Epic 76061
Strange Hard Leather Vambraces of Strength Arms +E 300000 Rare 73954
Gold Bastard Sword of Frost Sword +C 3259500 Rare 82044
Knight's Hard Leather Cap of Warding Head B 26893 Epic 84004
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Bronze Half Pike of The Fox[G] Spear D 1421 Normal 102910
Offhand Kris [G] Offhand D 377 Magical 102911
Burning War Staff of Pestilence[G] Staff C 2456 Magical 102912
Soldier's Enchanted Wool Vambraces of Frost[G] Arms C 1791 Normal 102913
Weird Light Leather Boots of Pestilence[G] Feet F 20 Magical 102914
Blessed Wool Slippers of Brilliance[G] Feet C 2392 Magical 102915
Strange Staff of The Jackal[G] Staff F 20 Normal 102916
Commander's Full Plate Vambraces of The Squid[G] Arms D 2082 Magical 102917
Weird Silk Mittens of The Wolf[G] Hands F 20 Normal 102918
Blessed Padded Leather Cap of The Wolf[G] Head D 1274 Rare 102919
Hard Leather Enchanted Quiver of The Mammoth[G] Offhand B 4485 Normal 102921
Jagged Long War Bow of The Fox[G] Bow C 1631 Magical 102922
Blessed Half-Plate Vambraces of Skill[G] Arms B 4161 Rare 102923
Strange Light Leather Pauldrons of The Jackal[G] Shoulders F 20 Normal 102924
Strange Light Crossbow of Strength[G] Crossbow F 20 Normal 102925
Fine Stiletto of Fire[G] Dagger D 577 Normal 102926
Strange Silk Vambraces of Fire[G] Arms F 20 Rare 102927
Offhand Sabre [G] Offhand E 260 Magical 102928
Sharp Composite Bow of The Jackal[G] Bow D 1005 Normal 102929
Gloomy Orb of The Jackal[G] Offhand A 7547 Rare 102930
Strange Splint Gloves of The Wolf[G] Hands F 20 Magical 102998