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The Grand Potato

Class: Elite Soldier

Experience: 99537

Level: 180

Health: 16528

Max Damage: 9600

Gold: 48941027

Kills: 269

Deaths: 1535

Quests: 125

Chests: 779

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Godly Half-Plate Gauntlets of The Sun Hands SS 243565 Epic 62335
Blessed Splint Cuisses of Excellence Legs B 20438 Rare 73883
Glorious Splint Sabatons of The Tiger Feet B 20627 Rare 63581
Knight's Stutted Leather Hat of Strength Head C 11724 Rare 69137
Glorious Splint Pauldrons of Pestilence Shoulders B 23625 Rare 62850
Warriors Full Plate Cuirass of The Wolf Chest B 28823 Magical 17830
Soldier's Splint Bracers of The Wolf Arms +B 21858000 Normal 72731
Commander's Kite Shield of The Fox Offhand A 40918 Magical 74799
Divine Great Bow of Balance Bow Ω 1369320 59569
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Weird Splint Gloves of The Wolf Hands E 1256 Rare 15805
Warrior's Staff of Skill Staff D 6458 Magical 15883
Strange Scale Vambraces of Fire Arms F 100 Normal 16095
Strange Scale Sabatons of The Wolf Feet F 100 Normal 16368
Weird Hard Leather Helmet of The Jackal Head F 100 Normal 17221
Blessed Silk Slippers of Slaying Feet C 11389 Rare 17453
Bronze Heavy Crossbow of Quickness Crossbow C 7857 Rare 18243
Fine Dagger of Accuracy Dagger D 2994 Normal 18436
Soldier's Chain Gloves of Frost Hands C 10715 Normal 19102
Fools Full Plate Tassets of Skill Legs F 100 Rare 22135
Fine Great Axe of Dexterity Axe E 1434 Normal 28611
Steel Long Bow of Skill Bow D 2112 Magical 29617
Glacial Shortsword of Performance Sword D 6589 Magical 31544
Guardians Splint Sabatons of Fire Feet C 13340 Rare 35554
Iron Spear of The Wolf Spear D 7372 Normal 45677
Fool's Morning Star of Swiftness Mace F 100 Rare 46037
Weird Half-Plate Helmet of The Jackal Head E 719 Magical 49295
Offhand Dirk Offhand D 2203 Normal 49492
Fools Hard Leather Pauldrons of Might Shoulders F 100 Magical 49676
Steel Siege Bow of Accuracy Bow C 7542 Normal 49791
Weird Enchanted Wool Slippers of The Wolf Feet F 100 Normal 51848
Visionary Siege Crossbow of The Tiger Crossbow C 11290 Rare 59426
Pure War Staff of The Mammoth Staff B 23307 Rare 59635
Commander's Linen Slippers of The Colossus Feet C 11900 Magical 59641
Strange Hard Leather Cap of Strength Head F 100 Rare 60060
Hunter's Enchanted Quiver of Swiftness Offhand A 41470 Rare 60061
Fools Scale Bracers of Frost Arms F 100 Magical 61385
Illuminated Book of Quickness Offhand B 21358 Normal 62637
Brutal War Staff of the Giant Staff Ω 1247863 62735
Shimmering Dirk of The Tiger Dagger C 9211 Rare 63240
Cleric's Orb of Thorns Offhand A 83951 Rare 63247
Fool's Qiang of Enlightenment Spear F 100 Rare 63326
Guardians Enchanted Linen Vambraces of Quickness Arms C 12017 Rare 63443
Glacial Siege Crossbow of Accuracy Crossbow C 9258 Rare 63502
Fools Wool Mittens of The Jackal Hands +E 300000 Normal 63526
Pure Combat Staff of Might Staff C 11712 Rare 64757
Weird Silk Vambraces of The Mind Arms F 100 Rare 65874
Cobalt Tomahawk of Fire Axe D 7321 Rare 66032
Shimmering Half Pike of Quickness Spear C 7518 Magical 66704
Gold Short Bow of The Squid Bow C 7871 Rare 66910
Weird Splint Vambraces of Skill Arms +E 300000 Normal 67267
Hard Leather Enchanted Quiver of The Fox Offhand B 20526 Normal 67597
Commander's Padded Leather Gloves of The Colossus Hands B 20071 Rare 68545
Archer's Small Quiver of Enlightenment Offhand B 29347 Rare 70368
Lapis Long War Bow of The Squid Bow B 21211 Magical 70369
Brutal Flail of Slaughter Mace B 26086 Epic 71929
Guardians Full Plate Cuirass of Might Chest B 26335 Rare 71955
Knight's Studded Leather Body Armour of Precision Chest C 11784 Rare 72085
Fools Half-Plate Bascinet of Strength Head F 100 Rare 72498
Shocking Mace of Ages Mace B 22910 Rare 73020
Offhand Great Sword Offhand D 2903 Magical 73475
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Guardians Silk Hood of Perfection Head A 47733 Epic 76184
Commander's Small Shield of Performance Offhand B 23812 Magical 76203
Static Great Axe of Transcendence Axe C 8824 Rare 76434
Mysterious Symbol of The Jackal Offhand B 19206 Normal 76945
Steel Voulge of The Tiger Polearm +C 5164200 Normal 77535
Vicious Poleaxe of Precision Polearm C 10000 Rare 78584
Soldier's Enchanted Linen Skirt of Performance Legs C 9746 Magical 78985
Mysterious Book of Accuracy Offhand B 26945 Rare 79178
Septic Half Pike of Transcendence Spear C 11332 Rare 79878
Commander's Hard Leather Pants of Brilliance Legs B 22155 Magical 80241
Fools Studded Leather Body Armour of Brilliance Chest F 100 Magical 81289
Hard Leather Enchanted Quiver of Accuracy Offhand +B 20385000 Normal 81978
Fools Full Plate Bracers of Swiftness Arms +E 300000 Normal 83197
Strange Full Plate Brigandine of The Tiger Chest F 100 Rare 84140
Lord's Silk Hood of Ages Head B 27759 Epic 84363
Fools Linen Mantle of Quickness Chest F 100 Rare 85222
Flaming Staff of The Mind Staff C 13154 Rare 85224
Strange Half-Plate Cuisses of The Jackal Legs F 100 Rare 85983
Iron Great Axe of Quickness Axe D 2071 Normal 87573
Ferocious Mace of Warding Mace B 27222 Epic 87981
Iron Scepter of Swiftness Wand B 19288 Normal 88071
Holy Scale Pauldrons of Balance Shoulders A 48286 Epic 88675
Warrior's Dagger of Maiming Dagger C 8764 Magical 88865
Soldier's Wool Shoulder Guard of Skill Shoulders D 6727 Rare 89030
Commander's Padded Leather Bracers of Precision Arms C 10404 Magical 89182
Weird Chan Skirt of Performance Legs E 730 Rare 89581
Fools Chain Shoulder Guard of Skill Shoulders F 100 Rare 90329
Guardians Splint Brigandine of The Mind Chest B 21348 Rare 90506
Ranger's Small Quiver of Accuracy Offhand B 18905 Epic 90692
Soldier's Enchanted Linen Shoulder Guard of The Mammoth Shoulders C 10184 Magical 90730
Commander's Chain Bracers of The Colossus Arms B 22591 Magical 90992
Soldier's Scale Tassets of Winter Legs B 20041 Rare 91430
Glorious Scale Cuirass of Enlightenment Chest B 26622 Rare 91431
Weird Scale Cuirass of Excellence Chest F 100 Rare 91750
Hunter's Large Quiver of The Mind Offhand A 42148 Rare 92525
Brutal Claymore of Perfection Sword A 39135 Epic 92712
Pure Pike of Thorns Spear B 23007 Epic 93564
Ferocious Mace of Thorns Mace B 22921 Epic 94890
King's Enchanted Linen Skirt of Slaying Legs Ω 1413987 96380
Strange Shortsword of Accuracy Sword +E 300000 Normal 97768
Blessed Scale Barbute of Winter Head C 12292 Magical 97787
Strange War Staff of Skill Staff +E 300000 Normal 99555
Soldier's Scale Boots of Frost Feet C 7880 Normal 99880
Holy Orb of Quickness Offhand A 48105 Rare 102784