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Class: Gold Templar

Experience: 100821

Level: 180

Health: 21420

Max Damage: 5320

Gold: 37635700

Kills: 268

Deaths: 956

Quests: 120

Chests: 587

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Strange Full Plate Bevor of Strength Chest +E 300000 Normal 85202
Iron Tower Shield of The Mammoth Offhand B 19815 Normal 76004
Soldier's Full Plate Tassets of Brilliance Legs B 26879 Rare 93330
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Azure Wand of Quickness Wand C 10765 Normal 62609
Bronze Siege Crossbow of Might Crossbow C 8828 Normal 62781
Leather Enchanted Quiver of Precision Offhand C 11332 Normal 63385
Soldier's Silk Skirt of Might Legs C 8329 Rare 65929
Soldier's Padded Leahter Body Armour of Accuracy Chest C 8621 Normal 66193
Fool's Flail of The Squid Mace F 100 Magical 66705
Steel Great Tower Shield of The Fox Offhand B 18803 Normal 66778
Azure Qiang of The Jackal Spear C 9131 Normal 67207
Warrior's Wand of The Wolf Wand C 11131 Normal 69399
Weird Siege Crossbow of Swiftness Crossbow D 2030 Normal 69679
Azure Mace of Brilliance Mace C 9916 Magical 71670
Fiery Siege Crossbow of Fire Crossbow C 10241 Magical 72418
Deadly Morning Star of Fire Mace C 8433 Normal 73115
Sharp Light Crossbow of The Tiger Crossbow C 8339 Magical 76041
Wolf Skin Small Quiver of The Mind Offhand B 21725 Magical 76525
Gloomy Symbol of Dexterity Offhand B 20143 Normal 77206
Warrior's War Staff of Brilliance Staff C 11903 Magical 77326
Steel Small Shield of The Jackal Offhand C 10558 Normal 77582
Gold Siege Crossbow of Fire Crossbow C 8866 Magical 78132
Strange Scale Barbute of Quickness Head F 100 Normal 78625
Steel Katana of Might Sword D 2851 Magical 79379
Smoldering Staff of Might Staff C 8397 Magical 79403
Hard Leather Large Quiver of Excellence Offhand C 12735 Magical 79589
Gold Mace of The Mind Mace C 10367 Rare 83854
Platinum Poleaxe of Excellence Polearm C 9913 Magical 84755
Soldier's Studded Leather Cap of The Colossus Head C 12403 Magical 85426
Smoldering Poleaxe of Accuracy Polearm C 9765 Magical 85460
Fool's Siege Crossbow of The Squid Crossbow F 100 Rare 85465
Gloomy Orb of Accuracy Offhand B 19688 Normal 85466
King's War Staff of Transcendence Staff B 27237 Epic 85468
Offhand Great Sword Offhand D 2847 Epic 86294
Maiden's Light Crossbow of Performance Crossbow C 8680 Rare 86594
Illuminated Book of The Mammoth Offhand B 28080 Rare 86712
Soldier's Half-Plate Close Helmet of The Wolf Head B 22315 Normal 86796
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Wizard's Symbol of Maiming Offhand A 49765 Rare 87123
Soldier's Silk Shoulder Guard of Frost Shoulders +C 4919400 Normal 87362
Wizard's Orb of Maiming Offhand A 53848 Rare 87393
Fools Padded Leather Boots of The Colossus Feet F 100 Rare 87540
Strange Scale Tassets of Precision Legs F 100 Normal 87541
Offhand Falchion Offhand +E 300000 Magical 87719
Weird Full Plate Sabatons of The Mammoth Feet E 1359 Rare 87812
Knight's Half-Plate Brigandine of The Whale Chest A 52183 Epic 88565
Glorious Half-Plate Barbute of Maiming Head B 24036 Rare 88730
Steel Kite Shield of The Mammoth Offhand +B 21453000 Normal 89211
Strange Padded Leather Sandals of Might Feet F 100 Magical 89600
Commander's Linen Gloves of The Jackal Hands C 10278 Rare 89870
Commander's Hard Leather Bracers of Pestilence Arms B 19922 Rare 90262
Cobalt Combat Staff of The Colossus Staff B 21664 Rare 90442
Weird Enchanted Linen Shoulder Guard of Ages Shoulders E 1255 Rare 90576
Soldier's Linen Mittens of Quickness Hands C 8900 Normal 90753
Lapis Combat Staff of Skill Staff +C 6832700 Magical 90789
Knight's Silk Robe of Precision Chest C 11573 Rare 91407
Toxic Great Bow of Enlightenment Bow B 28026 Epic 91950
Warriors Enchanted Wool Mittens of Transcendence Hands C 12190 Rare 92011
Grinding Wand of Perfection Wand A 43090 Epic 92184
Chromatic Light Crossbow of The Leech Crossbow B 23474 Epic 92314
Warriors Padded Leather Hat of The Jackal Head C 11850 Rare 92635
Soldier's Half Pike of Frost Spear C 7827 Rare 93274
Iron Combat Staff of The Tiger Staff C 8340 Rare 93606
Demonic Symbol of Excellence Offhand A 49049 Rare 93824
Strange Light Crossbow of Accuracy Crossbow F 100 Magical 93855
Warriors Half-Plate Plackart of Frost Chest B 23136 Rare 94829
Fool's Scepter of Burning Wand F 100 Rare 95303
Strange Flail of The Squid Mace E 1377 Magical 95809
Godly Great Tower Shield of The Whale Offhand Ω 1010955 Epic 96115
Vicious Short War Bow of Slaying Bow B 21966 Rare 96174
Illuminated Orb of The Jackal Offhand +B 19927000 Normal 96821
Merciless Tomahawk of The Whale Axe A 46954 Epic 83217
Strange Light Leather Body Armour of Accuracy Chest F 100 Magical 97609
Hunter's Large Quiver of The Mammoth Offhand B 30636 Rare 98933
Weird Chain Shoulder Guard of Excellence Shoulders F 100 Rare 101259
Sorcerer's Book of Maiming Offhand A 50101 Rare 102977