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Class: Sorcerer

Experience: 20350

Level: 105

Health: 7260

Max Damage: 3485

Gold: 16147654

Kills: 162

Deaths: 1159

Quests: 144

Chests: 546

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Soldier's Enchanted Silk Mantle of Fire Chest C 9800 Normal 47242
Jagged Pike of Quickness Spear D 6610 Normal 47517
Jagged Poleaxe of The Wolf Polearm D 7140 Normal 48589
Ranger's Small Quiver of Swiftness[G] Offhand B 4237 Rare 49163
Weird Studded Leather Pants of Performance Legs F 100 Rare 53580
Visionary Mace of Quickness Mace C 9527 Rare 53932
Warrior's Cutlass of The Wolf Sword C 8959 Normal 56948
Fine Heavy Crossbow of Brilliance Crossbow C 9196 Magical 79953
Septic Scepter of The Wolf Wand B 24872 Magical 80016
Mysterious Symbol of Skill Offhand B 19338 Normal 80608
Fools Studded Leather Body Armour of Fire Chest F 100 Normal 80765
Gloomy Orb of Skill Offhand B 21131 Normal 80923
Weird Hard Leather Sandals of Burning Feet F 100 Magical 80927
Jagged Long Bow of The Wolf Bow D 1906 Normal 81152
Weird Studded Leather Bracers of Skill Arms F 100 Rare 81558
Soldier's Linen Shoulder Guard of Might Shoulders D 7415 Normal 81667
Cobalt Shortsword of Pestilence Sword C 10372 Rare 82869
Prismatic Long Battle Bow of Swiftness Bow C 12282 Rare 83344
Eery Symbol of The Mammoth Offhand A 41622 Rare 83592
Strange Light Leather Vambraces of Swiftness Arms F 100 Normal 83856
Illuminated Symbol of The Squid Offhand A 43161 Rare 83898
Blessed Enchanted Wool Vambraces of Dexterity Arms +C 6727700 Magical 84116
Offhand Sabre Offhand +E 300000 Normal 85196
Studded Leather Small Quiver of Strength Offhand C 11746 Magical 85682
Sorcerer's Orb of Performance Offhand A 47415 Rare 86145
Sorcerer's Symbol of The Squid Offhand A 53992 Rare 87152
Azure Light Crossbow of Dexterity Crossbow +C 3328500 Normal 87390
Wolf Skin Large Quiver of Swiftness Offhand B 24328 Magical 87980
Iron Shield of The Fox Offhand +B 11915100 Normal 88051
Commander's Small Shield of Quickness Offhand B 24187 Rare 88534
Master's Full Plate Bracers of the Giant Arms A 44015 Epic 88895
Steel Katar of Precision Dagger D 7090 Rare 88896
Azure Combat Staff of Fire Staff C 8391 Rare 89152
Guardians Chan Skirt of Skill Legs B 20026 Rare 89315
Guardians Full Plate Helmet of The Whale Head +S 165604000 Epic 90723
Static Qiang of Maiming Spear C 11695 Rare 91327
Fool's Siege Bow of Pestilence Bow F 100 Rare 91469
Bronze Long Battle Bow of Might Bow +C 3290500 Normal 92401
Holy Book of Thorns Offhand A 54368 Rare 92981
Grinding Kris of Slaughter Dagger B 20112 Epic 93300
Guardians Wool Gloves of Warding Hands B 27738 Epic 93745
Guardians Full Plate Tassets of Fire Legs B 29620 Rare 93935
Warrior's Morning Star of Burning Mace C 9514 Rare 95064
Toxic Qiang of Transcendence Spear B 24020 Epic 95189
Guardians Half-Plate Vambraces of The Colossus Arms B 28885 Rare 95518
Warriors Light Leather Sandals of The Mind Feet C 9511 Magical 95834
Soldier's Chain Vambraces of Swiftness Arms C 11077 Magical 96566
Gloomy Book of The Fox Offhand A 39693 Magical 96629
Weird Splint Bracers of The Wolf Arms E 1388 Normal 96976
Blessed Enchanted Silk Mittens of The Squid Hands B 21036 Rare 97452
Strange Scale Helmet of The Squid Head F 100 Magical 97866
Blessed Hard Leather Gloves of Fire Hands C 13017 Rare 97868
Commander's Studded Leather Gloves of The Fox Hands B 19927 Magical 98655
Fools Light Leather Pauldrons of Performance Shoulders +E 300000 Magical 98770
Sharp Halberd of Might Polearm C 7708 Normal 100681
Fools Splint Gloves of Transcendence Hands F 100 Rare 100700
Soldier's Chain Shoulder Guard of Fire Shoulders C 8918 Rare 102134
Sharp Wand of Strength Wand C 9571 Magical 102238
Powered Morning Star of The Mammoth Mace C 10300 Rare 102857
Holy Hard Leather Cervelliere of Thorns Head A 41799 Epic 103057
Strange Hard Leather Pants of Performance Legs F 100 Rare 103218