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Class: Gold Templar

Experience: 244728

Level: 206

Health: 25260

Max Damage: 30514

Gold: 88623669

Kills: 449

Deaths: 1496

Quests: 146

Chests: 713

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Warriors Full Plate of The Colossus Head C 7500 Magical 4444
Cruel Half Pike of The Leech Spear +A 37863800 Epic 57250
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Illuminated Orb of Skill Offhand B 20486 Normal 49097
Ranger's Large Quiver of Maiming Offhand B 24779 Rare 51776
Weird Linen Shoulder Guard of The Mammoth Shoulders +E 1787547 Normal 42354
Godly Silk Robe of the Giant Chest B 27723 Epic 52267
Godly Splint Vambraces of The Sun Arms Ω 2004734 43253
Soldier's Light Leather Gloves of The Jackal Hands +C 8234059 Normal 35840
Holy Book of The Fox Offhand A 43879 Magical 52604
Soldier's Enchanted Silk Slippers of The Wolf Feet C 11296 Magical 4932
Warriors Half-Plate Plackart of Brilliance Chest B 24927 Magical 55621
Soldier's Padded Leahter Body Armour of Pestilence Chest C 10668 Rare 56638
Glorious Enchanted Linen Hood of Burning Head B 18827 Rare 56735
Gold Siege Crossbow of Burning Crossbow C 11149 Magical 56911
Lord's Silk Skirt of Slaying Legs Ω 1478367 56922
Soldier's Enchanted Wool Vambraces of Swiftness Arms +C 6552000 Normal 57248
King's Scale Vambraces of The Leech Arms A 47445 Epic 57542
Pure Composite Bow of Brilliance Bow B 21634 Rare 60053
Sharp Heavy Crossbow of Dexterity Crossbow +C 5346600 Normal 60611
Glacial Halberd of Thorns Polearm C 13138 Rare 63413
Offhand Great Sword Offhand +D 1000000 Normal 63485
Slayer's War Staff of Excellence Staff C 12737 Rare 63615
Blessed Enchanted Linen Slippers of Accuracy Feet C 8931 Magical 63959
Sorcerer's Orb of Strength Offhand A 47934 Rare 67343
Hard Leather Small Quiver of The Fox Offhand +B 8285600 Normal 67537
Guardians Scale Barbute of Perfection Head Ω 1264754 68920
Prismatic Short Bow of The Mammoth Bow C 9160 Rare 69367
Holy Studded Leather Gloves of The Sun Hands +S 176244600 Epic 71709
Studded Leather Large Quiver of The Fox Offhand B 19054 Rare 73694
Lord's Poleaxe of Ages Axe B 23946 Epic 35953
Mysterious Orb of Fire Offhand +B 18860000 Normal 75069
Soldier's Linen Mittens of Thorns Hands C 11793 Rare 76256
Holy Book of Accuracy Offhand A 44959 Rare 77093
Lapis Kris of Frost Dagger +C 6738200 Rare 81100
Blessed Linen Skirt of The Fox Legs C 10308 Rare 85070
Demonic Orb of Frost Offhand A 46453 Rare 85752
Blessed Splint Boots of The Squid Feet C 12690 Rare 86681
Iron Pickaxe of Skill Axe +E 300000 Normal 87756
Sharp Bardiche of The Fox Polearm C 7514 Normal 88846
Chromatic War Staff of Warding Staff A 44002 Epic 89538
Leather Small Quiver of Excellence Offhand +C 6891500 Magical 89901
Warriors Light Leather Gloves of the Giant Hands C 10862 Rare 90178
Lord's Half-Plate Gauntlets of Slaying Hands A 40562 Epic 90598
Soldier's Enchanted Wool Mittens of The Tiger Hands C 8967 Normal 92154
Knight's Light Leather Pauldrons of The Colossus Shoulders C 12284 Rare 92155
Burning Glaive of Enlightenment Polearm C 10441 Rare 93876
Flaming Great Bow of The Jackal Bow B 18846 Rare 94543
Gloomy Orb of Swiftness Offhand +B 20011000 Normal 94834
Eery Orb of Precision Offhand A 44583 Magical 97165
Knight's Chain Bracers of The Whale Arms A 54571 Epic 97491
Prismatic Flail of Transcendence Mace +B 25841200 Rare 97644
Wizard's Symbol of Might Offhand A 43132 Rare 99011
Sharp Staff of The Jackal Staff +C 5182800 Normal 99715
Wolf Skin Enchanted Quiver of Thorns Offhand A 44055 Rare 100126
Wizard's Book of Pestilence Offhand A 55917 Rare 102413