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Class: Knight

Experience: 74176

Level: 157

Health: 12546

Max Damage: 6023

Gold: 37843743

Kills: 242

Deaths: 1075

Quests: 125

Chests: 579

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Gloomy Symbol of The Colossus Offhand A 44075 Rare 67436
Soldier's Half-Plate Boots of The Jackal Feet C 12935 Magical 62447
Soldier's Scale Barbute of Swiftness Head C 11347 Normal 63169
Strange Padded Leather Pauldrons of The Squid Shoulders F 100 Magical 63979
Warriors Chain Vambraces of Skill Arms C 10633 Magical 75586
Commander's Enchanted Wool Mantle of Burning Chest C 11878 Magical 71179
Gold Claymore of Skill Sword C 8180 Rare 63948
Blessed Scale Gloves of Burning[G] Hands B 4517 Magical 79900
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Guardians Enchanted Wool Slippers of Might Feet C 10390 Rare 66046
Fine Katar of The Colossus Dagger C 10080 Magical 66709
Leather Enchanted Quiver of The Tiger Offhand B 21798 Normal 72866
Wolf Skin Large Quiver of Excellence Offhand B 22143 Magical 73987
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Weird Hard Leather Sandals of Winter[G] Feet F 20 Rare 79885
Fine Dirk of Precision[G] Dagger D 1400 Normal 79886
Soldier's Wool Gloves of The Mammoth[G] Hands C 2065 Normal 79887
Blessed Scale Brigandine of Excellence[G] Chest C 2313 Rare 79888
Fine Great Bow of Precision[G] Bow D 1189 Normal 79889
Azure Poleaxe of The Mind[G] Polearm C 2331 Magical 79890
Smoldering Wand of Precision[G] Wand C 2366 Rare 79891
Powered Light Crossbow of Burning[G] Crossbow C 1780 Magical 79892
Gloomy Book of The Mammoth[G] Offhand D 2246 Normal 79893
Freezing Composite Bow of Performance[G] Bow D 1352 Rare 79894
Soldier's Enchanted Silk Slippers of Quickness[G] Feet C 2354 Magical 79896
Commander's Enchanted Silk Robe of Quickness[G] Chest D 1087 Magical 79897
Gold Poleaxe of Might[G] Polearm C 1616 Magical 79898
Jagged Long Battle Bow of Skill[G] Bow D 550 Rare 79899
Weird Scale Boots of Dexterity[G] Feet F 20 Normal 79901
Sharp Combat Staff of The Mammoth[G] Staff D 1392 Normal 79902
Flaming Great Bow of Brilliance[G] Bow B 4287 Rare 79903
Weird Enchanted Wool Skirt of Precision[G] Legs F 20 Magical 79904
Offhand Two-Handed Sword [G] Offhand D 408 Rare 79905
Fools Scale Boots of Strength Feet F 100 Normal 80869
Commander's Linen Slippers of Maiming Feet C 9514 Rare 81892
Blessed Silk Gloves of Pestilence[G] Hands C 1879 Magical 76863
Knight's Wool Mantle of Pestilence[G] Chest B 4167 Rare 82991
Soldier's Scepter of The Jackal[G] Wand D 1774 Magical 82992
Weird Morning Star of The Wolf[G] Mace E 250 Normal 82993
Strange Studded Leather Helmet of Precision[G] Head F 20 Normal 82994
Jagged Scepter of The Fox[G] Wand D 1532 Normal 82995
Soldier's Half-Plate Close Helmet of Dexterity[G] Head B 4337 Normal 82996
Steel Great Tower Shield of Brilliance[G] Offhand A 8000 Magical 82997
Flaming Falchion of Pestilence[G] Sword C 2609 Rare 82998
Weird Combat Staff of Dexterity[G] Staff E 149 Normal 82999
Commander's Padded Leather Hat of Accuracy[G] Head C 1851 Magical 83000
Gloomy Book of Skill[G] Offhand B 4064 Normal 83001
Smoldering Broadsword of Accuracy[G] Sword C 1532 Rare 83002
Offhand Two-Handed Sword [G] Offhand D 413 Magical 83003
Strange Falchion of Precision[G] Sword F 20 Rare 83004
Guardians Enchanted Linen Skirt of Precision[G] Legs C 2266 Rare 83005
Weird Padded Leather Hat of Fire[G] Head F 20 Normal 83006
Iron Small Shield of Frost[G] Offhand C 1697 Magical 83007
Illuminated Orb of The Fox[G] Offhand D 1969 Normal 83008
Weird Light Leather Bracers of The Tiger[G] Arms F 20 Normal 83009
Warrior's Light Crossbow of The Tiger[G] Crossbow C 1556 Normal 83010
Strange Half Pike of Swiftness[G] Spear F 20 Normal 83030
Guardians Scale Sabatons of Swiftness[G] Feet C 2358 Rare 83031
Powered Scimitar of Ages[G] Sword C 1621 Rare 83032
Fool's Glaive of Winter Polearm F 100 Magical 83476
Vicious Claymore of The Colossus Sword C 12938 Rare 83718
Mysterious Orb of The Whale Offhand S 84540 Epic 84431
Soldier's Hard Leather Helmet of Burning Head C 10636 Magical 85039
Prismatic Light Crossbow of Enlightenment Crossbow B 19073 Rare 85311
Warrior's Half Pike of Precision Spear D 6727 Magical 85507
Glorious Silk Skirt of Pestilence Legs B 21048 Rare 86169
Offhand Broad Axe Offhand E 1373 Epic 86385
Mysterious Symbol of Skill Offhand +A 29834400 Rare 87127
Illuminated Book of Balance Offhand A 51966 Epic 87422
Blessed Light Leather Pauldrons of Skill Shoulders C 8963 Rare 87451
King's Studded Leather Bracers of the Giant Arms B 23144 Epic 87637
Merlin's Symbol of Quickness Offhand S 95035 Epic 88265
Smoldering Scimitar of The Colossus Sword C 10865 Rare 88422
Blessed Padded Leather Hat of Winter Head C 11546 Rare 89232
Jagged Voulge of Frost Polearm +D 1177600 Normal 89290
Master's Half-Plate Sabatons of Slaughter Feet B 27477 Epic 89322
Strange Wool Vambraces of The Mammoth Arms +E 300000 Normal 89441
Slayer's Wand of Ages Wand B 24602 Rare 89869
Blessed Enchanted Silk Shoulder Guard of Winter Shoulders C 12387 Magical 90784
Steel Great Tower Shield of The Colossus Offhand A 88392 Rare 90785
Prismatic Scepter of The Wolf Wand B 29703 Rare 90853
Charged Wand of The Jackal Wand C 10747 Magical 90963
Chromatic Long Bow of The Whale Bow Ω 1343348 91157
Soldier's Enchanted Wool Robe of Brilliance Chest C 10507 Rare 92131
Warrior's War Staff of The Tiger Staff C 11367 Magical 92821
Maiden's Pike of Burning Spear C 9091 Rare 92834
Soldier's Composite Bow of Enlightenment Bow B 19027 Rare 93257
King's Scale Vambraces of Slaughter Arms A 37871 Epic 94382
Lapis Heavy Crossbow of The Jackal Crossbow +B 8552000 Magical 94773
Freezing Glaive of The Tiger Polearm C 8645 Magical 94970
Warriors Full Plate Close Helmet of The Tiger Head B 26037 Rare 95062
Fine Voulge of The Jackal Polearm C 8379 Rare 96699
Steel Scepter of Fire Wand +B 21639000 Rare 96922
Blessed Enchanted Linen Mittens of Frost Hands C 9308 Magical 97454
Illuminated Book of Frost Offhand B 28048 Rare 97903
Leather Enchanted Quiver of The Fox Offhand B 22262 Magical 98463
Freezing Kris of Accuracy Dagger C 8429 Magical 98629
Master's Linen Gloves of The Leech Hands B 23255 Epic 98740
Lapis Long Bow of Quickness Bow C 7944 Rare 98981
Platinum Hatchet of Might Axe D 2246 Magical 99958
Iron Short Battle Bow of The Jackal Bow C 8736 Rare 100411
Azure Combat Staff of Pestilence Staff C 10033 Rare 100860
Wolf Skin Enchanted Quiver of Burning Offhand B 27285 Epic 101042
Strange Linen Shoulder Guard of Fire Shoulders F 100 Rare 101795
Weird Light Leather Gloves of The Jackal Hands +E 300000 Normal 101851
Weird Scale Cuisses of Precision Legs F 100 Rare 102608
Commander's Enchanted Linen Vambraces of The Colossus Arms C 13008 Rare 103031
Strange Silk Mittens of The Mammoth Hands F 100 Rare 103053