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Class: Ascendant Knight

Experience: 100289

Level: 180

Health: 21200

Max Damage: 7040

Gold: 44057444

Kills: 339

Deaths: 1051

Quests: 162

Chests: 614

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Warriors Enchanted Wool Skirt of Swiftness Legs C 10006 Magical 9349
Steel Shortsword of Burning Sword E 2000 Rare 4181
Glorious Silk Robe of The Squid Chest B 24092 Rare 20779
Holy Linen Gloves of The Leech Hands B 29290 Epic 20778
Godly Silk Shoulder Guard of The Sun Shoulders S 85500 Epic 20876
Knight's Full Plate Bracers of The Sun Arms S 91525 Epic 27241
Master's Kite Shield of Quickness Offhand Ω 1487431 49777
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Soldier's Enchanted Linen Robe of Strength Chest C 8838 Normal 4735
Static Bardiche of The Squid Polearm C 11580 Magical 7630
Cobalt Scepter of Maiming Wand B 27299 Rare 9709
Soldier's Enchanted Silk Vambraces of The Tiger Arms C 10650 Normal 11669
Jagged Heavy Crossbow of Fire Crossbow D 2763 Normal 14203
Jagged Stiletto of Quickness Dagger D 2809 Normal 15858
Warriors Full Plate Close Helmet of The Fox Head B 26495 Magical 18530
Sharp Rapier of Might Sword D 6394 Normal 20639
Blessed Linen Hood of The Wolf Head C 9489 Magical 26113
Blessed Full Plate Gauntlets of Might Hands B 25947 Rare 26165
Knight's Half-Plate Close Helmet of Warding Head A 46010 Epic 27077
Soldier's Scale Gloves of Enlightenment Hands B 25551 Rare 27110
Commander's Silk Gloves of The Mammoth Hands C 11867 Magical 28167
Grinding Long Battle Bow of Perfection Bow B 29009 Epic 28189
Silver Spear of Skill Spear D 6565 Magical 28605
Burning Siege Crossbow of Might Crossbow C 10170 Magical 28845
Freezing Siege Crossbow of Accuracy Crossbow C 10174 Rare 29688
Sharp Kris of Strength Dagger C 8759 Rare 29900
Soldier's Linen Shoulder Guard of The Mammoth Shoulders C 8001 Rare 30184
Soldier's Chain Shoulder Guard of Might Shoulders +C 8612585 Rare 32898
Commander's Full Plate Sabatons of The Mammoth Feet +B 26181620 Magical 32986
Hard Leather Small Quiver of The Mammoth Offhand C 11834 Normal 34419
Holy Light Leather Sandals of Ages Feet B 24433 Epic 34565
Knight's Poleaxe of Swiftness Polearm B 21396 Rare 35874
Glorious Enchanted Silk Mittens of Excellence Hands B 24406 Rare 36728
Pure Tomahawk of Skill Axe C 8142 Rare 40212
Mysterious Symbol of Pestilence Offhand B 26672 Rare 42658
Jagged Poleaxe of The Fox Axe E 1418 Magical 44576
Commander's Scale Plackart of Might Chest C 11040 Rare 47345
Holy Enchanted Linen Shoulder Guard of Enlightenment Shoulders B 27731 Epic 47773
Eery Symbol of Maiming Offhand A 46319 Rare 47774
Warriors Scale Pauldrons of The Jackal Shoulders B 21170 Rare 48312
Blessed Enchanted Silk Vambraces of Frost Arms C 10933 Rare 48313
Weird Full Plate Close Helmet of Swiftness Head D 2635 Magical 48513
Steel Scepter of Excellence Wand B 21881 Magical 48929
Commander's Linen Hood of The Fox Head C 10361 Rare 50236
Offhand Katar Offhand +D 2524947 Normal 51502
Demonic Orb of the Giant Offhand +A 80285900 Rare 52603
Warriors Light Leather Helmet of Frost Head C 8046 Magical 53931
Fiery Dirk of Precision Dagger C 10330 Rare 54660
Slayer's Flail of Ages Mace B 26784 Epic 55259
Blessed Scale Cuisses of The Wolf Legs B 19985 Rare 56901
Ferocious Combat Staff of Slaughter Staff B 27250 Epic 57653
Fool's Heavy Crossbow of The Jackal Crossbow +E 300000 Normal 87569
Weird Half-Plate Tassets of Accuracy Legs +E 300000 Normal 87781
Warrior's Spear of Quickness Spear C 8334 Normal 88295
Weird Full Plate Barbute of The Tiger Head +E 300000 Normal 89259
Holy Studded Leather Pants of Ages Legs A 47279 Epic 89292
Glorious Hard Leather Gloves of Accuracy Hands B 21969 Rare 89434
Prismatic Katar of Quickness Dagger C 12340 Rare 92632
Blessed Silk Skirt of Brilliance Legs C 12201 Rare 93969
Blessed Small Shield of Might Offhand C 12044 Rare 94357
Strange Splint Bracers of Fire Arms F 100 Magical 94474
Shocking Pike of The Mammoth Spear C 11744 Rare 94610
Ranger's Large Quiver of The Whale Offhand A 86941 Epic 97697
Maiden's Kris of Transcendence Dagger C 11791 Rare 99554
Strange Splint Boots of Performance Feet F 100 Rare 99739
Cleric's Symbol of The Squid Offhand A 52602 Rare 100204
Weird Half Pike of Fire Spear F 100 Rare 102750