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Class: Ninja

Experience: 99427

Level: 180

Health: 9504

Max Damage: 8960

Gold: 49870844

Kills: 256

Deaths: 1502

Quests: 111

Chests: 776

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Soldier's Enchanted Silk Hood of The Wolf Head C 10408 Normal 6721
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Weird Hard Leather Boots of Frost Feet F 100 Normal 11089
Azure Pike of The Tiger Spear C 9456 Magical 13419
Bronze Staff of The Tiger Staff D 7129 Normal 17224
Strange Chain Vambraces of The Tiger Arms F 100 Normal 17703
Fools Full Plate Brigandine of Swiftness Chest F 100 Normal 18047
Knight's Scale Cuisses of Skill Legs B 22257 Rare 19321
Weird Chan Skirt of Might Legs F 100 Normal 19802
Jagged Mace of The Wolf Mace D 2681 Normal 20350
Soldier's Studded Leather Body Armour of Fire Chest C 10076 Magical 21009
Warrior's Longsword of Strength Sword C 7898 Normal 26179
Massive Heavy Crossbow of Enlightenment Crossbow O 1344204 30364
Fools Hard Leather Pauldrons of Winter Shoulders F 100 Magical 43769
Steel Scepter of The Wolf Wand B 19827 Normal 48147
Weird Silk Slippers of The Tiger Feet F 100 Rare 52196
Knight's Light Leather Sandals of the Giant Feet C 9423 Rare 52620
Commander's Full Plate Vambraces of The Wolf Arms B 27198 Rare 54509
Weird Enchanted Linen Mittens of Enlightenment Hands E 731 Rare 54696
Deadly Spear of Slaying Spear C 10082 Rare 55260
Demonic Orb of Ages Offhand A 76342 Rare 56166
Weird Linen Shoulder Guard of The Jackal Shoulders F 100 Rare 56789
Sharp Wand of Skill Wand C 9381 Normal 57700
Soldier's Splint Helmet of Winter[G] Head C 2001 Rare 67850
Strange Scale Gloves of Might[G] Hands F 20 Magical 67851
Pitchfork Spear F 0 Normal 0
Static Mace of Strength Mace +C 4554000 Magical 67846
Volcanic Longsword of Maiming Sword C 8882 Rare 67975
Azure Staff of Might Staff +C 3697000 Normal 68921
Slayer's War Staff of Transcendence Staff B 18909 Epic 69015
Mysterious Book of The Wolf Offhand B 25615 Rare 69594
Weird Enchanted Wool Mantle of The Squid Chest E 705 Rare 69825
Bronze Flail of Frost Mace C 8777 Normal 70096
Blessed Splint Tassets of Maiming Legs B 23494 Rare 71044
Soldier's Half-Plate Tassets of The Wolf Legs B 21014 Magical 71560
Godly Full Plate Bevor of Enlightenment Chest S 98305 Epic 71613
Maiden's Wand of The Wolf Wand C 11935 Rare 71877
Maiden's Broad Axe of Fire Axe +D 641400 Magical 72561
Volcanic Katar of Precision Dagger C 7650 Rare 72732
Powered Siege Bow of Accuracy Bow C 9401 Rare 73019
Static Hatchet of Excellence Axe D 7160 Rare 73774
Weird Spear of Dexterity Spear +E 300000 Normal 74468
Blessed Kite Shield of The Mind Offhand A 44279 Epic 75239
Soldier's Wool Mittens of The Wolf Hands C 9176 Normal 75558
Fools Scale Gloves of Might Hands F 100 Rare 75701
Fools Scale Tassets of Accuracy Legs F 100 Rare 76289
Steel Poleaxe of Winter Polearm C 8765 Rare 76293
Offhand Falchion Offhand E 1292 Rare 76564
Commander's Chain Gloves of The Squid Hands B 21193 Rare 77499
Weird Enchanted Linen Mittens of Swiftness Hands F 100 Rare 77771
Commander's Enchanted Wool Slippers of The Mind Feet C 13467 Rare 78020
Sharp Light Crossbow of Skill Crossbow D 6830 Normal 79738
Jagged Spear of Performance Spear D 2980 Rare 79851
Pure Kris of Balance Dagger B 27975 Epic 80152
Godly Half-Plate Great Helm of Slaying Head A 77574 Epic 80700
Knight's Hard Leather Pauldrons of The Whale Shoulders A 53063 Epic 81731
Sharp Voulge of The Wolf Polearm +C 6345500 Normal 81804
Septic Glaive of Frost Polearm +C 4799400 Magical 83393
Azure Sabre of Swiftness Sword C 8853 Rare 85167
Weird Light Leather Boots of Frost Feet F 100 Rare 85623
Blessed Chain Shoulder Guard of Frost Shoulders C 10713 Magical 85677
Guardians Hard Leather Pants of Skill Legs C 11991 Rare 85679
Guardians Hard Leather Cap of Slaughter Head B 23010 Epic 87011
Cleric's Book of Transcendence Offhand A 54300 Rare 87262
Platinum Composite Bow of Accuracy Bow C 8501 Rare 87426
Grinding Wand of Precision Wand C 10686 Rare 87570
Sapphire Stiletto of Balance Dagger B 27724 Epic 88011
Fools Hard Leather Cap of Dexterity Head +E 300000 Normal 88047
Knight's Enchanted Wool Skirt of Dexterity Legs C 11941 Rare 88330
Soldier's Silk Mittens of The Fox Hands +C 6790000 Rare 89542
Godly Shield of Slaying Offhand A 45055 Epic 89543
Grinding Qiang of Dexterity Spear C 9815 Rare 90038
Fools Full Plate Cuisses of Strength Legs +E 300000 Normal 90261
Soldier's Enchanted Linen Slippers of Performance Feet C 9909 Magical 91179
Fools Enchanted Silk Skirt of Swiftness Legs F 100 Normal 91664
Powered Longsword of The Fox Sword C 8787 Magical 91760
Azure Combat Staff of Slaying Staff C 11743 Rare 92153
Fools Enchanted Linen Hood of Burning Head F 100 Rare 92827
Toxic Poleaxe of Balance Polearm +A 41043800 Epic 92828
Soldier's Short War Bow of Maiming Bow C 12607 Rare 93008
Strange Half-Plate Pauldrons of Dexterity Shoulders F 100 Rare 94476
Wolf Skin Small Quiver of Performance Offhand B 18844 Magical 96892
Visionary Siege Crossbow of Winter Crossbow C 12104 Rare 97045
Demonic Orb of The Squid Offhand A 53226 Rare 97340
Chromatic Katar of Warding Dagger Ω 1540414 97729
Glorious Enchanted Wool Slippers of Swiftness Feet B 20583 Rare 97837
Soldier's Padded Leather Sandals of Strength Feet D 7252 Rare 97902
Strange Studded Leather Cap of Quickness Head +E 300000 Normal 98001
Weird Light Leather Body Armour of Skill Chest F 100 Normal 98355
Master's Small Quiver of Slaughter Offhand A 49032 Epic 99771
Hard Leather Small Quiver of Frost Offhand C 10402 Normal 100196
Iron War Staff of The Wolf Staff +C 7251300 Normal 102379