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Class: Druid

Experience: 24483

Level: 109

Health: 7008

Max Damage: 3344

Gold: 15955109

Kills: 202

Deaths: 862

Quests: 124

Chests: 459

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Weird Half-Plate of Slaying Head E 10 Rare 1082
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Pitchfork Spear E 0 Normal 0
Azure Spear of Swiftness Spear E 2000 Normal 4043
Weird Long Bow of Skill Bow E 10 Normal 4055
Weird Pike of The Fox Spear E 10 Normal 4056
Strange Glaive of Swiftness Polearm E 10 Magical 4057
Powered Two-Handed Sword of The Wolf Sword D 3500 Magical 4118
Maiden's Battle Axe of Burning Axe D 4500 Rare 4150
Bronze Flail of Dexterity Mace D 3000 Magical 4238
Commander's Chain Mail of The Fox Feet D 6000 Magical 4439
Iron Qiang of The Tiger Spear E 2000 Normal 4517
Strange Rapier of The Mammoth Sword E 10 Normal 4759
Strange Chain Mail of The Tiger Hands E 10 Magical 4844
Soldier's Hard Leather of The Mammoth Head D 4500 Magical 4861
Soldier's Full Plate of Skill Shoulders C 6500 Magical 3342
Weird Studded Leather Vambraces of Frost Arms F 100 Normal 4703
Azure Pickaxe of Might Axe D 1941 Normal 7947
Deadly Katar of Might Dagger C 7771 Normal 8275
Weird Enchanted Wool Shoulder Guard of Frost Shoulders F 100 Normal 8914
Fools Enchanted Wool Hood of The Mind Head F 100 Rare 8915
Azure Battle Axe of Skill Axe D 2206 Normal 9389
Savage Halberd of The Whale Polearm A 45935 Epic 9477
Knight's Scale Boots of Swiftness Feet C 11562 Rare 10034
Charged Dirk of The Squid Dagger C 10824 Magical 10637
Strange Scale Barbute of Pestilence Head F 100 Magical 10902
Fool's Light Crossbow of Skill Crossbow F 100 Normal 14703
Azure Katar of Fire Dagger C 7932 Rare 15459
Fools Wool Skirt of Brilliance Legs F 100 Rare 15731
Strange Enchanted Wool Shoulder Guard of The Tiger Shoulders F 100 Magical 16055
Fools Scale Boots of The Fox Feet F 100 Normal 17195
Gold Stiletto of Pestilence Dagger C 10185 Magical 18289
Fools Full Plate Pauldrons of Maiming Shoulders F 100 Magical 19570
Fool's Scepter of Might Wand F 100 Normal 21434
Visionary Combat Staff of Precision Staff C 9087 Rare 22540
Fools Full Plate Cuirass of The Tiger Chest F 100 Normal 23946
Steel Pickaxe of Skill Axe E 1258 Normal 26452
Weird Full Plate Sabatons of The Jackal Feet E 1306 Normal 28862
Weird Chan Skirt of The Mammoth Legs E 695 Rare 29517
Sparking Mace of Fire Mace D 6658 Rare 29884
Divine Pickaxe of Slaughter Axe B 21803 Epic 30081
Sharp Adze of the Giant Axe D 2748 Rare 30426
Fools Half-Plate Gauntlets of Winter Hands F 100 Rare 30842
Warriors Studded Leather Body Armour of The Mind Chest B 20850 Rare 31684
Master's Padded Leather Boots of the Giant Feet B 21669 Epic 32108
Commander's Enchanted Silk Shoulder Guard of Maiming Shoulders +B 13252082 Rare 33991
Studded Leather Large Quiver of The Tiger Offhand B 20224 Rare 35361
Soldier's Hard Leather Gloves of Accuracy Hands C 11078 Magical 35515
Glorious Scale Bracers of Thorns Arms A 40721 Epic 36123
Blessed Studded Leather Pants of Burning Legs C 13143 Rare 42527
Steel Shield of Brilliance Offhand B 20701 Rare 42972
Vicious War Staff of Enlightenment Staff B 24092 Rare 44974
Fools Light Leather Pants of Slaying Legs F 100 Rare 45995
Soldier's Chain Boots of Skill Feet +C 7080785 Magical 47842
Warriors Light Leather Sandals of Maiming Feet C 8512 Rare 47967
Strange Full Plate Helmet of The Colossus Head F 100 Magical 48117
Smoldering Light Crossbow of Strength Crossbow C 7509 Rare 48311
Blessed Chain Vambraces of Fire Arms C 11616 Magical 51610
Weird Light Crossbow of Burning Crossbow E 721 Rare 54377
Warriors Full Plate Close Helmet of Winter Head B 26176 Magical 55685
Warriors Light Leather Pauldrons of The Mind Shoulders C 11257 Magical 56816
Steel Short Battle Bow of Accuracy Bow D 6939 Rare 56873
Gold Broadsword of Might Sword D 7168 Magical 57047
Fools Splint Cuisses of Accuracy Legs F 100 Normal 57141