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Class: Hellknight

Experience: 100585

Level: 180

Health: 17010

Max Damage: 7600

Gold: 41209512

Kills: 284

Deaths: 989

Quests: 142

Chests: 551

Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Foul Flail of Burning[G] Mace B 4493 Rare 13455
Godly Linen Mittens of The Whale Hands S 83590 Epic 20935
Blessed Hard Leather Boots of The Wolf Feet C 11716 Magical 24561
Commander's Splint Cuirass of Fire Chest C 13117 Rare 47897
King's Linen Shoulder Guard of Warding Shoulders Ω 1401924 90662
Soldier's Half-Plate Helmet of The Wolf Head +B 10700100 Normal 94212
Mysterious Book of Accuracy Offhand +B 20088000 Normal 87598
Name Type/Slot Quality Value Rarity ID
Soldier's Scepter of The Jackal[G] Wand B 3827 Magical 13657
Soldier's Light Leather Cap of Swiftness Head C 8343 Normal 14386
Fine Long War Bow of Strength Bow C 8196 Normal 20878
Powered Katar of The Fox Dagger C 8932 Rare 31292
Static Claymore of The Jackal Sword C 11864 Magical 42845
Warrior's Mace of Might Mace D 7340 Normal 44262
Powered Glaive of Burning Polearm C 8873 Magical 47319
Hard Leather Small Quiver of Frost Offhand C 10439 Magical 50429
Shimmering Scepter of The Colossus Wand B 28576 Magical 50434
Mysterious Symbol of The Fox Offhand B 25238 Epic 51495
Commander's Padded Leahter Body Armour of Swiftness Chest C 11764 Magical 12416
Warriors Half-Plate Helmet of Frost[G] Head C 1675 Rare 13638
Leather Large Quiver of The Colossus[G] Offhand C 2530 Magical 51782
Weird Padded Leahter Body Armour of Strength Chest F 100 Rare 53350
Soldier's Hard Leather Bracers of Strength Arms +C 6827800 Normal 53731
Powered Shortsword of Enlightenment Sword C 10270 Rare 53733
Mysterious Orb of Ages Offhand A 46851 Rare 53734
Leather Large Quiver of Strength Offhand C 10463 Magical 54348
Soldier's Studded Leather Bracers of The Fox Arms C 11912 Rare 54653
Blessed Scale Pauldrons of The Mind Shoulders B 23657 Rare 55124
Chilling Staff of The Mind Staff C 9761 Magical 55769
Lord's Full Plate Close Helmet of the Giant Head A 44773 Epic 55932
Studded Leather Enchanted Quiver of Skill Offhand B 21233 Rare 56905
Flaming Broadsword of Brilliance Sword C 11298 Rare 57069
Soldier's Splint Pauldrons of The Jackal Shoulders C 10482 Normal 57502
Soldier's Wool Hood of Swiftness Head C 10028 Rare 31205
Soldier's Full Plate Pauldrons of Accuracy Shoulders B 18818 Rare 81184
Shimmering Katar of Burning Dagger C 8831 Rare 83036
Commander's Splint Cuisses of Fire Legs C 11999 Rare 85231
Strange Flail of Frost Mace F 100 Rare 85232
Steel Kite Shield of The Jackal Offhand B 23962 Epic 85262
Weird Hard Leather Pauldrons of The Mammoth Shoulders F 100 Rare 85923
Warrior's Halberd of The Fox Polearm C 10411 Rare 86600
Offhand Adze Offhand E 696 Rare 87089
Human Skin Enchanted Quiver of Pestilence Offhand A 47192 Epic 87180
Foul Glaive of Burning Polearm C 10708 Rare 87460
Commander's Light Leather Helmet of The Fox Head C 9664 Rare 87595
Strange Enchanted Wool Skirt of The Squid Legs F 100 Rare 87740
Platinum Siege Crossbow of Excellence Crossbow C 10508 Magical 88109
Fools Studded Leather Gloves of Pestilence Hands F 100 Magical 89442
Blessed Chan Skirt of Swiftness Legs B 19492 Rare 89674
Glorious Splint Bracers of Slaying Arms B 29957 Rare 89957
Offhand Dirk Offhand +D 660900 Normal 90961
Lord's Claymore of the Giant Sword B 21958 Epic 91786
Soldier's Splint Helmet of Winter Head C 10591 Rare 91812
Brutal Mace of The Fox Mace C 11209 Rare 91841
Fools Studded Leather Helmet of Accuracy Head +E 300000 Normal 93768
Warriors Studded Leather Cap of The Mind Head B 22244 Rare 93853
Warriors Padded Leather Pauldrons of Dexterity[G] Shoulders C 1803 Magical 24406
Illuminated Symbol of Skill Offhand B 28264 Rare 43681
Glorious Enchanted Wool Skirt of Skill[G] Legs C 2479 Rare 14158
Mysterious Orb of Strength Offhand Ω 1448243 94570
Illuminated Book of Excellence Offhand B 30957 Rare 94994
Knight's Padded Leather Sandals of Swiftness Feet C 10904 Rare 95095
Illuminated Orb of Might Offhand B 27370 Epic 95570
Smoldering Mace of Swiftness Mace C 10102 Rare 96303
Iron Kite Shield of The Mammoth Offhand B 23270 Rare 97343
Mysterious Symbol of Fire Offhand +B 22449000 Normal 99601
Blessed Half-Plate Pauldrons of Dexterity Shoulders B 19936 Rare 99692
Strange Half Pike of Excellence Spear F 100 Rare 101064
Weird Spear of Might Spear +E 300000 Normal 103005
Commander's Studded Leather Pants of Excellence Legs C 12237 Magical 103086
Illuminated Symbol of Swiftness Offhand B 21531 Normal 103087